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6 Replies to “Stunning clip of life for women and other people in the terrorist capital of Raqqa Islamic State”

  1. This is what our leaders are bringing to the west, they would rather see us live this way then in freedom under classical liberal principles.

  2. UK Police: Be ‘Kind’ And ‘Use The Internet Safely’ Or
    ‘You May Receive A Visit’
    Glasgow Police have threatened social media users, ordering them to be “kind” and not “hurtful” unless they want to “receive a visit… this weekend”.


    But if an Imam praises and glorifies murder, its freedom of speech.
    The political elite are desperate to keep the dam shored up. Surely it will burst sometime.

  3. FOX News – Is Putin bringing in more firepower to Syria?

    US col Steve Warren :« Nobody will get to Raqqa any time soon -»

    […] The Americans back the Syrian Democratic forces …even more important than retaking Raqqa the Pentagon and WH are focusing on killing the leader of ISIS….

  4. What I found most disturbing was that she claimed the foreign IS fighters were the most brutal.

    Make no mistake, when the UN makes its play for world domination you won’t be facing off against soldiers from your own nation. They will be foreigners of the worst stripe.

    Meanwhile your own soldiers will be sent to oppress and murder people of a different nation.

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