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  1. UN: Violence Kills at Least 1,119 Iraqis in March (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “The United Nations says violence killed at least 1,119 Iraqis in March, a sharp increase from the previous month, as the Islamic State group stepped up attacks on civilians while suffering defeats on the battlefield.

    The U.N. mission to Iraq, known as UNAMI, said in a statement Friday that 1,561 Iraqis were wounded last month.

    The figures include 575 civilians killed and another 1,196 wounded. The other casualties were Iraqi security forces.

    The worst-hit area was the capital, Baghdad, with 259 civilians killed and 770 wounded, followed by the northern Ninevah province, which is almost entirely controlled by IS, with 133 killed and 89 wounded.

    In February, there were 670 Iraqis killed and 1,290 wounded.”

  2. Armenia: Heavy Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, Helicopter Hit (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “The Armenian Defense Ministry says heavy fighting has broken out with Azerbaijani forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, a section of Azerbaijan that is under the control of local ethnic Armenian forces and the Armenian military.

    Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan told The Associated Press on Saturday that the fighting was taking place along the entire “line of control” that separates Nagorno-Karabakh from the rest of Azerbaijan. In a separate posting on Facebook, he said there were losses on both sides and that an Azerbaijani helicopter was hit.

    There was no immediate comment from Azerbaijan authorities.

    Nagorno-Karabakh has been controlled by Armenia’s military and local forces since a war ended in 1994. Years of negotiations under the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have brought little progress in resolving the dispute.”

    • Azerbaijan Says 12 of Its Soldiers Killed in Fighting (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

      “At least 30 soldiers and a boy were reported killed as heavy fighting erupted Saturday between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

      The fighting was the worst outbreak since a full-scale war over the region ended in 1994. Since then, mountainous Nagorno-Karabakh — officially part of Azerbaijan — has been under the control of local ethnic Armenian forces and the Armenian military.

      Armenian forces also occupy several areas outside Nagorno-Karabakh proper. The sides are separated by a demilitarized buffer zone, but small clashes have broken out frequently.

      Each side blamed the other for Saturday’s escalation.

      In a statement, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said 12 of its soldiers “became shahids” — Muslim martyrs — and said one of its helicopters was shot down.

      The statement also claimed that more than 100 Armenian forces were killed or wounded and that six tanks and 15 artillery positions were destroyed.

      Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan told his national security council that 18 Armenian soldiers were killed and 35 wounded.

      Armenia earlier claimed to have inflicted heavy damage on Azerbaijani forces, but did not immediately give figures. A statement from the Nagorno-Karabakh defense ministry claimed more than 200 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed, but there was no corroboration for that figure.

      “This is the most wide-scale military action that Azerbaijan has tried to carry out since the establishment of the 1994 cease-fire regime,” Sargsyan said.

      David Babayan, a spokesman for Nagorno-Karabakh’s separatist president, said a boy of about 12 was killed and two other children were wounded in a Grad missile barrage by Azerbaijani forces.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin urged all sides to cease firing and “show restraint,” Russian news agencies quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying. Russia’s foreign and defense ministers contacted their Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts in hopes of stabilizing the situation, the ministries said.

      “The situation along the entire length of the line of opposition between Karabakhi and Azerbaijani armed forces continues to be extremely difficult,” Armenian defense ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan told The Associated Press.

      U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement saying that the United States “condemns in the strongest terms the large scale ceasefire violations” along the Nagorno-Karabakh buffer zone.

      “We urge the sides to show restraint, avoid further escalation, and strictly adhere to the ceasefire,” Kerry said. He called on both sides to enter into “immediate negotiations” on a comprehensive settlement of the conflict under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

      Years of negotiations under the OSCE have brought little progress in resolving the territorial dispute.

      The negotiation efforts are led by a troika of envoys from the United States, Russia and France. On Saturday, the envoys jointly issued a statement calling on the sides “to stop shooting and take all necessary means to stabilize the situation on the ground.”

      Armenian forces also occupy several areas outside Nagorno-Karabakh.

      The Armenian Defense Ministry said Azerbaijan used aircraft, tanks and artillery to try to make inroads into Nagorno-Karabkh and that “Azerbaijani authorities bear all responsibility for the unprecedentedly supercharged situation.”

      The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said the fighting began when Armenian forces fired mortars and large-caliber artillery shells across the front line. Ministry spokesman Vagif Dargyakhly told The Associated Press that more than 120 shots were fired, some of which hit civilian residential areas.”

  3. Refugee who walked through the Channel Tunnel will face trial (express, Apr 2, 2016)

    “AN African migrant who walked into Britain through the Channel Tunnel will face prosecution, a judge ruled today.

    Abdul Haroun will stand trial for the obscure charge of “obstructing an engine or carriage using a railway” under the Malicious Damage Act 1861.

    Lawyers for the 40-year-old from Sudan wanted to have the case against him thrown out claiming “abuse of process”….”

  4. Prisoner, 25, knifed to death in a chapel ‘within the Muslim section’ of a Category C prison in brutal lunchtime attack (dailymail, Apr 2, 2016)

    “A prisoner was stabbed to death in a chapel ‘within the Muslim section’ of a Category C prison in a brutal lunchtime attack today.

    Madala Washington, 25, was named by the Ministry of Justice as the victim of the knifing during lunch period at Coldingley Prison in Bisley, Surrey.

    Rumours circulated this afternoon the attack took place in the prison’s Muslim section while staff inside the prison said he was killed in a chapel, believed to be multi-faith.

    An air ambulance, police and paramedics rushed to the Category C jail for men after the alarm was raised and warders said that frantic efforts were made to resuscitate Washington before he was pronounced dead almost an hour later…”

  5. Renewed fighting in Lebanon Palestinian refugee camp kills one (reuters, Apr 2, 2016)

    “One person was killed and others injured late on Friday in a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon after a dispute erupted into gunfire between rival political groups for the second time this week, Reuters witnesses and state media said.

    The outbreak of violence comes after two men were shot dead in the same camp on Monday because of tensions between members of the mainstream Palestinian faction Fatah and a hardline Islamist group.

    Fatah member Hussein Othman was killed in Friday’s fighting between groups of armed men from rival factions, Lebanon’s National News Agency said.

    Gunfire erupted again Saturday morning after having died down during Friday night, a Reuters witness said.

    Ain al-Hilweh camp, near the southern Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, has regularly seen factional disputes spiral into deadly violence.

    Lebanon’s Palestinian camps mainly fall outside the jurisdiction of the Lebanese security services.”

  6. State Dept suspends review into ‘top secret’ Clinton emails

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has suspended its internal review into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or her top aides mishandled emails containing information now deemed ‘top secret.”

    Spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday the department had paused the review to avoid interfering with an ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server while she was America’s top diplomat. She said the decision was made after the department sought the FBI’s advice on how to proceed with the review and received word that it should follow its standard practice. Trudeau said the department’s standard practice is to place internal reviews “on hold while there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation underway.”

    An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment.

    “Of course, we do not want our internal review to complicate or impede the progress of their ongoing law enforcement investigation,” Trudeau told reporters. “Therefore, the State Department at this time is not moving forward with our internal review.” Trudeau said the department would “reassess next steps” in the internal review process once the FBI completes its probe.

    • Huma Abedin on her emails being out there: ‘terrifying’

      By Eliza Collins

      04/01/16 05:47 PM EDT

      Huma Abedin hasn’t freshly read any of her email exchanges with Hillary Clinton that have been released by the State Department, but the longtime Clinton aide said it is “terrifying” to know that the messages are out there.

      “It’s something I can’t really think about, but I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails. But I’m sure I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them,” Abedin, who served as one of Clinton’s top aides at State, said in an interview with the podcast “Call Your Girlfriend.”

      The State Department publicly released thousands of emails from Clinton, including many messages to her aides, after it was discovered that she used a private email server during her four-year tenure as secretary of state. Clinton has said that, looking back, it wasn’t the best decision, but that she did not violate any rules or laws. The FBI is investigating the unusual server setup.

      In the interview, Abedin was also asked about the infamous fax emails in which she is trying to coach Clinton through using a secure fax machine. Abedin said the exchange showed “a little bit of her frustration because it wasn’t working, and my frustration that she couldn’t figure it out or whatever it was.”

      Read more:
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  7. U.S. plans third patrol near disputed South China Sea Islands

    (Reuters) – The U.S. Navy plans to conduct another passage near disputed islands in the South China Sea in early April, a source familiar with the plan said on Friday, the third in series of challenges that have drawn sharps rebukes from China.

    The exact timing of the exercise and which ship would travel inside a 12-nautical mile limit around a disputed island was not immediately clear.

    The United States has conducted what it calls “freedom of navigation” exercises in recent months, sailing near disputed islands to underscore its right to navigate the seas. U.S. Navy officials have said they plan to conduct more and increasingly complex exercises in the future.

    The U.S.S. Stennis carrier strike group is currently operating in the South China Sea. The next freedom of navigation exercise is unlikely to be conducted by a carrier like the Stennis, but rather by a smaller ship, the source said.

    Experts predict the next U.S. challenge to the various claims in the South China Sea could occur near Mischief Reef, a feature claimed by the Philippines and which was submerged at high tide before China began a dredging project to turn it into an island in 2014.

    Mischief Reef is now the site of one of three military-length airfields China has built on man-made islands in the Spratly Islands archipelago.

  8. Mass grave found in Syria’s Palmyra after city recaptured from Islamic State: state media

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian troops found a mass grave containing around 40 bodies in Palmyra city, captured from Islamic State last Sunday, Syrian state news agency SANA said on Friday.

    SANA said the grave, which contained many women and children, was in the north-eastern edge of Palmyra. Some of the bodies had been beheaded.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which monitors the five-year-old Syrian conflict through a network of sources on the ground, said that Islamic State had killed a number of people at an earlier time and buried them on the outskirts of the city.

  9. Turkey: Protesters rally against construction of refugee camp in Dikili

    Dozens of protesters gathered in Ataturk Square in Dikili, Izmir region, to show their opposition to the planned building of a refugee camp planned in the area, Saturday, after reports emerged of the plans earlier in the week.

    Protesters waved Turkish flags and held banners to demand the cancellation of the project, as they claim that Dikili and the surrounding area is not an appropriate location for a refugee camp. Among the protesters present was the Governor of Dikili Mustafa Tosun.

  10. Greece: Idomeni residents block road in protest at refugee camp

    Residents of Idomeni and the surrounding area blocked a road leading to the nearby refugee camp on Saturday to demonstrate against the site’s continued existence.

    On Thursday this week, local farmer Lazarus Oulis also protested against the refugee camp by ploughing an area of his land where refugees had set up their tents.

    SOT, Xanthoula Soupli, the president of the local community (Greek): “I have already told you what has changed here. The cultivation season has started. People have lost their daily lives, they are locked in their houses all the time, they cannot walk around Idomeni’s central square which is important for us. Because for me daily life is that my mother or my aunt or any mother with her children, can walk around freely in the village of Idomeni without having to watch all the time and everywhere the refugees and migrants. Of course we supported them from the beginning, we opened our houses, we were next to them, but it is impossible for a village of 100 inhabitants to deal with 14,000 refugees and migrants.”

  11. Greece: Pregnant woman hospitalised as refugees gather at Chios harbour

    Around 800 people escaped from a refugee ‘hotspot’ camp on the island of Chios on Friday evening before heading to the harbour, where they gathered to seek passage to the mainland port of Piraeus. A pregnant woman who was waiting at the harbour had to be taken to hospital by paramedics after she fainted.

    Many of the refugees at the Chios hotspot are subject to the EU-Turkey agreement on resettling asylum seekers who arrive in Greece after March 20. Under the deal, the refugees will be returned to Turkey if their asylum requests are rejected.

    • Greece: Overcrowded refugee bus departs Piraeus for Eleonas camp

      Dozens of Afghan refugees piled on to an overcrowded bus in Piraeus, Saturday, to depart for the Eleonas refugee camp. In the coming days, hundreds of refugees will have to leave the port city or face being forced to do so by Greek authorities.

      Greek authorities started the transportation process on Thursday, putting on buses from Piraeus to other refugee registration centres.

    • Greece: Refugees calling for open borders block E75 road

      Refugees blocked the E75 road close to Polykastro, at a petrol station whose facilities have been used as refugee camp for several months, Saturday.

      Some of the refugees chanted their slogans in the middle of the road to block the traffic of trucks and other vehicles, while other chose to sleep on the pavement. A group of volunteers joined them in their protest, chanting and playing music to cheer refugees up.

    • UK: Clashes and arrests as activists disrupt far-right march in Dover

      Clashes occurred between antifascist activists and police officers as they stopped them from reaching the far-right groups protesting against refugees and the European Union (EU) in Dover.

      Some antifa activists were arrested by police as they tried to disrupt the protest. Meanwhile, far-right activists marched through the city waving British ‘Union Jack’ and English flags, along with fascist-related signs as the Celtic cross, and chanting slogans such as “no more refugees!”

  12. Cruise For 1,700 School Kids Ends In Tragedy As Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl

    Five men, including two believed to be accessories to murder, have been arrested on suspicion of gang raping a girl on-board a special, high school kids-only pleasure cruise in Sweden.

    Four men aged between 18 and 19 were arrested when the luxury MS Galaxy landed after its cruise to Finland on Wednesday, with a fifth arrested yesterday. They are all accused of gang-raping an unidentified woman, and face charges of aggravated rape.

    The prosecutor has given no more detail about the crime or the victim, and was initially even reluctant to disclose that it was a woman who had been raped.

    Although the politically-correct Swedish police have gone to their usual lengths to obscure the identities and nationalities of the suspected perpetrators, a mistake by Sweden’s largest newspaper has revealed the men to be migrants.

    A film crew from newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed a number of students boarding the ship as it prepared to sail earlier this week for a feature on the cruise.

    Of the 1,700 young people who sailed they by chance ended up interviewing two of the attackers.

  13. Spain: Courses on Islam in Public Schools
    A Gateway to Radical Islam?

    The Spanish government has published new guidelines for teaching Islam in public preschools and primary and secondary schools.

    The guidelines are being touted as a way to prevent Muslim children and young people from being drawn into terrorism by exposing them to a “moderate” interpretation of Islam.

    On closer inspection, however, the guidelines — drafted by the Islamic Commission of Spain and approved by the Ministry of Education — are aimed at stirring religious fervor and promoting Islamic identity among young Muslims in Spain.

    The new plan, which is the most ambitious in all of Europe, amounts to a government-approved program to establish a full-fledged Islamic studies curriculum at public schools nationwide, at a time when Christian religious symbols are being systematically removed from Spanish public schools by official enforcers of secularism.

    Although Spanish taxpayers are being expected to pay for the religious education of up to 300,000 Muslim students between the ages of 3 and 18, it remains unclear whether Spanish authorities will have any oversight of the teaching of Islam in public schools. The government has agreed to allow local Muslim organizations to draft the course syllabi, choose the textbooks, and even determine who will teach the classes.

    Spain’s Ministry of Education quietly published the guidelines in the official state gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado) on March 18. The curriculum for teaching Islam in Spanish public preschools can be found here; in public primary schools here; and in public secondary schools here.

    The guidelines, which envision the teaching of every aspect of Islamic doctrine, culture and history, are interspersed with “politically correct” terminology — the documents are rife with buzzwords such as coexistence, diversity, equality, human rights, inclusion, integration, intercultural education, interreligious dialogue, moderation, pluralism, religious liberty, respect and tolerance — but the overall objective is clear: to inculcate young people with an Islamic worldview.

    According to the guidelines, preschoolers (ages 3- 6) are to learn the Islamic profession of faith, the Shahada, which asserts that “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” The Shahada is the gateway into Islam: one becomes a Muslim by repeating the Shahada three times in front of a witness.

  14. DAILY MAIL – Neo-Nazis bring Dover to a standstill and clash with police after marching through the town chanting ‘no more refugees’ a day after #refugeeswelcome was projected onto white cliffs

    The march by the East Kent Alliance and a counter protest from Kent Anti Racism Network has taken place in Dover
    Supporters of far-right groups, including the English Defence League and National Front, clashed with riot police
    Officers make arrests after coach loads of protesters headed to the Kent town for anti-immigration, anti-ISIS protest
    Only yesterday the words #refugeeswelcome were projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover ahead of neo-Nazi march

    • Over 100 arrested in Brussels at unsanctioned right-wing, Muslim and anti-fascist demos

      Police were forced to separate anti-Islamic demonstrators and Muslim youths in the notorious Brussels district of Molenbeek, home of the organizers of last week’s airport and metro attacks, as the entire Belgian capital was rocked by unsanctioned protests.

      Amid security concerns about repeat acts of terror, and following volatile demonstrations last weekend, all political gatherings were banned by the Brussels regional administration for Saturday.

      But up to 400 right-wing activists, many of them members of football fan groups, gathered in a Brussels suburb before marching towards Molenbeek, where about 40 percent of the population are Muslim.

      As the group, under a banner proclaiming “This is our country!” arrived, they began shouting anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant slogans, as shopkeepers began to shutter their stores.

      But soon local youths, predominantly of North African origin, started to gather in an impromptu counter demonstration. A video on YouTube shows several running down the streets, shouting the slogan “Let’s kill the Nazis!”

  15. USA – Erdogan of Turkey says U.S. presidential candidates target Muslims in election

    Islamophobia is on the rise in the United States and U.S presidential candidates have targeted Muslims during the election campaign, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday.

    Speaking at the opening of a Turkish-sponsored mosque and religious complex outside Washington, Erdogan also said recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris paled in comparison to what Turkey had endured.

    • RT – USA: Erdogan accuses US presidential candidates of using anti-Muslim rhetoric

      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in the opening ceremony of the Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque in Lanham, Maryland on Saturday.

      During his speech he accused US presidential candidates of targeting Muslims. They are using “labels against the Muslims openly and on a continuous basis,” he said.

  16. Azerbaijan: Footage shows Azerbaijani troops killed in Nagorno-Karabakh clashes

    The self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s (NKR) Defence Army published a video, Saturday, purporting to show dead Azerbaijani troops and lost equipment belonging to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Footage also shows damage to the surrounding area after fighting broke out in the area on Friday.

    The Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan has already confirmed the death of at least 12 soldiers. It also reported the loss of a Mi-24 helicopter and a tank which also belonged to the military due to the fighting.

  17. Integration Is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism
    It’s not cultural integration, but religious disintegration.

    There is a famous photo of Anjem Choudary, the head of multiple banned organizations calling for imposing Sharia law on the UK whose follower was responsible for the Lee Rigby beheading, getting drunk as a young law student. Friends recall “Andy” smoking pot and taking LSD, sleeping around and partying all the time. Andy was really well integrated, but he still turned back into Anjem.

    While the proliferation of segregated Muslim areas, no-go zones in which English, French or Dutch is the foreign language, is a major problem, it is a mistake to think that “integration” solves Islamic terrorism.

    It doesn’t.

    The Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings seemed integrated. Nobody noticed anything wrong with Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernardino shooter, or Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber. They weren’t lurking in a no-go zone. They had American friends, an education and career options if they wanted them. They didn’t want them. And that’s the point.

    Bilal Abdullah was a British-born doctor who tried to carry out a terrorist attack at Glasgow International Airport. He wasn’t marginalized, jobless or desperate. He had a cause.

  18. Will Obama Protect Hillary from Prosecution?
    FBI investigation of Clinton’s e-mail scandal comes to a critical turning point.

    Hillary Clinton was fond of saying during her presidential campaign, “No individual too big to jail.” That is, until she realized her catchy phrase could be applied to her own travails with the FBI. Hillary then substituted the word “executive” for “individual,” seemingly ruling out in her mind jail time for such lofty public figures as herself.

    We shall soon see whether Hillary is too big to be brought to account for her reckless handling of classified information on her private e-mail system. “Lesser” mortals such as Gen. David Petraeus have been criminally prosecuted for offenses far less serious than Hillary’s continuing abuse of her position during her tenure as Secretary of State.

    The FBI is reportedly nearing the final stages of its investigation, after having finished their examination of Hillary’s private e-mail server. IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system, was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in return for his cooperation. He has reportedly provided valuable information on the details of the system. “Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Clinton’s] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized,” an intelligence source close to the case told Fox News.

    Armed with this information, the FBI and Department of Justice prosecutors are said to be preparing to set up interviews with Hillary Clinton’s top aides and Hillary herself in the near future.

  19. The Mullahs’ War on America’s Financial System
    Why the U.S. must act before it’s too late.

    Left-wing politicians keep making the argument that the US is becoming a friend in the eyes of Iranian leaders, particularly after the nuclear deal and the lifting of United Nations economic sanctions, thanks to the Obama administration. But the reality on the ground is totally different from this wishful thinking.

    The ruling mullahs of the Islamic Republic are complementing their physical attacks against America by increasing, at an unprecedented level, their targeting of major banking and financial systems of the United States. They are emboldened and fear no repercussions.

    Nevertheless, Iran’s rapid advancement and investment in its cyber welfare capabilities does not seem to raise any concern in the administration.

    The speedy advancement of Iran’s cyber program is crucial, as it only began a few years ago. The Islamic Republic began heavily investing in its social media, Internet and cyber welfare capabilities after the protests that erupted in the 2009 contested election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iranian leaders became cognizant of the significance of social media in galvanizing people and advancing political interests.

    Outlets such as Halal Internet, national Internet, mehr (used instead of Youtube), and surveillance programs were increased. Reportedly, Iran obtained advanced surveillance software to monitor the population, mainly from China. The Islamic Republic invested more than $1 billion in cyber infrastructure and technology, as well as recruiting more than 100,000 personnel.

    • I haven’t read the entire artricle yet but if it isn’t mentioned in the article Iran and North Korea are the nations that are suppose to be responsible for the Super Bills, $100.00 counterfeit bills that can’t be told from the real thing. They first surfaced in Europe in the 1980s when one French bank noticed that they had several $100.00 bills with the same serial number. These bills are the reason that the US is changing the color and design of our bills on a regular bases.

  20. Poland: Merkel picture burns as right-wingers protest EU refugee policy

    Around 1,000 far-right activists gathered in Wroclaw to protest the European Union’s policy on refugees and regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

    SOT, Dominik Mucha, Patriots from Olawa member (Polish): “The European Union imposes its standards and their rights, we in Poland have our hands tied. We get orders from above. Former Prime Minister Tusk still has got his hands on us.”

    SOT, Dominik Mucha, Patriots from Olawa member (Polish): “In Poland there are many poor families who are seeking housing, why not help them instead of helping some refugees there? Refugees are given priority. But Poles want to live and work normally.”

    SOT, Piotr Rybak, chairman of Outraged Movement (Polish): “Today, the government and the European Union launches terrorists on us. Islamists will never assimilate with our Polish nation and our culture . We will not allow Mr. Soros and this whole clique of US acts against the Polish nation, against Christianity. We will defend Christianity Poland and Europe, because that is our purpose. John Paul II said, ‘let the spirit come upon this land and renew the face of the earth’ and we’ll do it!”

  21. USA – At Least 20 Stung by Swarm of Bees at Arizona Mosque

    A huge swarm of bees surrounded people at the Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, in a terrifying moment caught on video.

    At least 20 people were stung Friday, Phoenix Fire Department spokeswoman Ardell Deliz told ABC News.

    One person — a 24-year-old man — was transported to the hospital in stable condition, Deliz said.

    Firefighters rushed to the scene and sprayed the area with a foam that calms the insects, but Deliz said it took at least a few hours until a bee keeper could come remove them.

    The Muslim Community Mosque did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Bees Attack Multiple People At The Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix

  22. Protests Against Migrants’ Presence in Greece and Turkey (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “A plan to send back migrants from Greece to Turkey sparked demonstrations by local residents in both countries Saturday, two days before the deal brokered by the European Union is set to be implemented.

    At the same time, migrants stranded at a makeshift camp in this small town on Greece’s border with Macedonia staged a protest demanding that the border be opened and that they be allowed to continue their journeys to central and northern Europe.

    The migrants’ continued presence led several dozen local residents to stage a protest Saturday morning. They blocked a road for about an hour to demand the evacuation of more than 11,000 stranded migrants to “transit centers” across the Greek mainland.

    “The police know what they must do … they must be issued orders,” said Georgios Georgantas, a lawmaker with the conservative opposition New Democracy party, who joined the protesters. He called for the “immediate” evacuation of the Idomeni camp “using violence, if necessary.”

    Idomeni residents alleged that some migrants had broken into empty homes in the town and said they no longer felt safe.

    In the coastal Turkish town of Dikili, hundreds demonstrated against the prospect of hosting people expelled from the nearby Greek islands, especially Chios and Lesbos, where there were over 5,000 migrants on Saturday morning.

    Turkey is due to receive the first batch of returned migrants and asylum seekers on Monday. A plan to build a reception center in Dikili is unpopular with locals.

    “We definitely don’t want a refugee camp in Dikili,” said the town’s mayor, Mustafa Tosun…”

  23. Syria Cease-Fire at Risk as Heavy Fighting Erupts (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Syria’s partial cease-fire appeared to be unraveling Saturday as fierce fighting between government forces and opposition fighters, including members of the al-Qaida affiliated Nusra Front, erupted outside the country’s second largest city of Aleppo and other parts in the country’s north.

    At least 25 pro-government and 16 opposition fighters died in the clashes south of Aleppo, where the Nusra Front and rebel militias captured a village overlooking a major highway, a Britain-based monitoring group told The Associated Press.

    The fighting was the most serious in the area since the cease-fire, engineered by the U.S. and Russia, took effect Feb. 27. The violence in the north, along with heavy government airstrikes that killed more than 30 civilians near Damascus this week, threatened to completely dissolve the truce, which had sharply reduced overall violence across the war-ravaged country.

    The rebel advances also risk drawing Russia back into the conflict after it shored up the government’s position through a fierce bombing campaign that wound down nearly three weeks ago. The opposition’s advances threaten to reverse some of the gains made by the government during the Russian campaign.

    Russia’s Defense Ministry voiced complaints about cease-fire violations in Syria, saying that the Nusra Front has taken control over opposition groups around Aleppo…”

    • Nusra Front, Syrian rebels attack government forces near Aleppo, gain ground (reuters, Apr 2 2016)

      “Syrian rebels and the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front have mounted an offensive against Syrian government forces and on Saturday took a strategic hill south of Aleppo from government control, a monitoring group said.

      The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the offensive began on Friday, and Syrian government and allied forces were fighting to take back control of the territory and repel further attacks.

      A fragile “cessation of hostilities” truce has held in Syria for over a month as the various parties try to negotiate an end to Syria’s five-year-old civil war.

      But the truce excludes Islamic State and Nusra Front, and air and land attacks by Syrian and allied forces continue in parts of Syria where the government says the groups are present.

      Friday’s attack began with three suicide bombings carried out by Nusra Front south of Talat al-‘Iss hill. Rebel and Nusra Front forces then took control of the hill, the Observatory and a Nusra Front statement said.

      Nusra Front said in the statement it ambushed government forces as they withdrew toward the town of Hadhar to the east….”

  24. Fire Breaks out at Large Mall Under Construction in Qatar (abcnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “A fire broke out Saturday at an $825-million mall under construction near a stadium where Qatar plans to host some of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, authorities said. There were no reported injuries, though the mall said some 14,000 laborers and staff had been evacuated.

    Qatar’s Interior Ministry said on Twitter that firefighters battled a blaze at a mall under construction near the Al-Rayan Sports Club on the western outskirts of Doha, the country’s capital. That’s where developers are building the Mall of Qatar, a massive shopping center under construction since 2012 that was scheduled to open later this year.

    Video on social media showed a thick black cloud of smoke rising over the mall…”

  25. Turkey violence: Five soldiers, one police dead in Nusaybin bomb (BBC, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Five Turkish soldiers and one special forces police officer have died in a bomb attack in the country’s south-eastern Mardin province, reports say.

    Turkey’s Dogan news agency said Kurdish rebel group the PKK was responsible.

    The victims were said to be taking part in an anti-PKK military operation in the city of Nusaybin, which has been under curfew since mid-March.

    Authorities say the PKK has dug trenches and put up barricades around Nusaybin.

    The attack comes just two days after seven police officers were killed and 27 others wounded in a car bomb attack on a police bus in the main south-eastern city of Diyarbakir.

    Turkish authorities on Saturday said they had detained the suspected perpetrator of the Diyarbakir bomb, which was claimed by the military wing of the PKK…”

  26. Anti-mosque banner at Aussie Rules game condemned (BBC, Apr 2, 2016)

    “The Australian Football League (AFL) has condemned fans who hung up an anti-mosque banner during a game in Melbourne on Friday.

    The banner – seen during the game between Collingwood and Richmond – also featured the insignia of the United Patriots Front, a far right group.

    It was eventually taken down and the fans responsible removed.

    The AFL has previously seen racism rows over the widespread booing of an Aboriginal player.

    AFL chief Gillon McLachlan said the banner was “divisive, ignorant and deeply offensive”.

    Collingwood president and TV host Eddie McGuire said he was “sick to death” of people using the sport to promote “vile hatred”.

    Mr McGuire apologised in 2013 after making a joke about indigenous player Adam Goodes on a radio show.

    Last year, Mr Goodes took time out of the game after being repeatedly booed, which he said was racially motivated.

    Muslims make up about 2% of Australia’s population.

    Last November, a survey suggested that Australian Muslims experienced three times the average amount of racism faced by other groups.”

  27. Guards killed in attack on Libyan oil field by suspected IS militants: spokesman (reuters, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Two guards were killed in an attempted attack on an oil field in eastern Libya by suspected Islamic State militants on Saturday, a guards spokesman said.

    Ali al-Hassi said guards had repelled the attack on Bayda field, about 250 km (155 miles) south of the major oil terminals of Es Sider and Ras Lanuf. A security official from the nearby town of Maradah said the militants were in a convoy of about 10 vehicles.

    Militants loyal to Islamic State have carried out repeated attacks in the area, but have not taken control of any oil facilities.”

  28. ‘Out’ leads by 4 percentage points ahead of Britain’s EU referendum: poll (reuters, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Support for Britain to leave the European Union stood at 43 percent, ahead of support to stay within the 28-member bloc, which stood at 39 percent, according to an online survey taken by pollster Opinium for the Observer newspaper.

    The poll of 1,966 adults, who were interviewed ahead of a referendum to stay in the European Union on June 23, found that 18 percent of respondents were undecided.”

  29. Spanish LGBT Association Calls for Decriminalizing Homosexuality in Morocco (moroccoworldnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “The Spanish LGBT association “Lambda DDHH Valencia,” has recently launched a campaign on twitter with the hashtag #stop489 to call for decriminalizing homosexuality in Morocco.

    In Morocco, the penal code prohibits homosexuality as a criminal offense. Such illegal activity that can be punishable by 6 months to 3 years of imprisonment, as well as a fine of MAD 120 to MAD 1200.

    After the circulation of a video online in which two men who were perceived to be a homosexual couple were assaulted and forced them to go home naked, Lamba DDHH Valencia, as well as other international human rights organizations, raised concerns on the right of homosexuals in Morocco.

    The Spanish LGBT association said that “many organizations, international associations and groups have denounced the cruelty that demonstrates Moroccan society against the LGBT community,” particularly “the total lack of humanity on the part of the Moroccan justice that sentenced the victims and let the perpetrators go unpunished.”

    According to Moroccan media, the two attackers were sentenced to two months of suspension. One of the victims, conversely, was sentenced to four months in prison.

    Lamba DDHH Valencia added that, “homophobia is lived every day in Moroccan streets. Homosexuals are forced to conceal their sexual orientation and many suffer from attacks by those around them, including their families.” The organization also noted that many Moroccans will flee to Spain in order to find “the freedom to love.”

    “We meet a lot of men and Moroccan women who come to hide from the homophobia and are seeking a place where they feel safe to be themselves and love who they want to love,” the association said…”

  30. Video: Angry Mob Attacks Alleged Witch in Rabat (moroccoworldnews, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Rabat – A video posted on YouTube shows a group of people, mostly young, attacking the house of an alleged witch in Sale, Rabat’s twin city.

    According to Le360, the woman is accused of having cast a spell on a local resident, using a cat.

    The angry crowd shouted “witch, go away!” in front of the alleged sorceress, and attempted unsuccessfully to break into her house.

    The crowd wanted to force the witch “to release the victim from the evil spell she cast on him,” and demanded that she leave their neighborhood.

    According to the same source, the alleged sorceress has cast a spell on one of their neighborhoods by “putting his photo inside the mouth of a cat and sealed it.”

    The police intervened to disperse the crowd and prevented people from physically assaulting the alleged witch.”

  31. Police kill ‘Islamist militant’ in shootout in Greater Cairo: Sources (ahram, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Egyptian security forces shot dead a militant reportedly affiliated with Islamist group Ajnad Misr on Saturday in the working-class district of Warrak in Greater Cairo, security sources told Al-Ahram Arabic.

    Police were approaching the man’s flat in order to arrest him, the sources said, but were met with gunfire.

    Eyewitnesses told Al-Ahram that the man had rushed to the top of his five-floor building when he saw police approaching, and began firing.

    Two policemen were injured in the resulting exchange of fire, including a lieutenant from Central Security Forces and anofficer from National Security.

    The 39-years-old alleged militant, who reportedly used an automatic firearm against the police and had an extra magazine, was a married man and a father for four.

    Identified as “Mostafa M.” by Al-Ahram, he was reportedly involved in many terror operations by Ajnad Misr…”

  32. Conscript, citizen dead as bomb detonated in Egypt’s North Sinai Arish (ahram, Apr 2, 2016),-citizen-dead-as-bomb-detonated-in-Egypt.aspx

    “A bomb detonated in Egypt’s North Sinai city of Arish, leaving a police conscript and another citizen dead, the spokesperson for Egypt’s interior ministry, General Abu-Bakr Abdel-Karim, said in a statement.

    The explosion resulted in the injury of another police conscript from the power management department.

    “The bomb detonated while security forces were sweeping the area by Al-Bahr Street near Arish’s third department,” the statement read.

    No party has yet claimed responsibility for the incident. ..”

  33. Gunmen kidnap Malaysian ship crew (emirates247, Apr 2, 2016)

    “Gunmen have kidnapped four Malaysians from a ship off the east coast of Sabah state in waters where Abu Sayyaf militants are known to operate, local media reported on Saturday.

    If the Philippine group is confirmed to be behind the kidnapping, it would be their second such hostage-taking in as many weeks and comes amid an uptick in such attacks.

    Sabah police commissioner Abdul Rashid Harun told Malaysia’s official news agency Bernama that authorities were still investigating if the kidnapping on Friday occurred in Malaysian or international waters….”

  34. Large-scale military operation to kick off in Nangarhar (khaama, Apr 2, 2016)

    “A large-scale military operation is scheduled to be launched in eastern Nangarhar province.
    Spokesperson for the provincial governor said that the operation would kick off before armed opponents start their spring offensive.

    Ataullah Khogyani told Azadi Radio that the operation would be carried out in Khogyani, Achin, Chaparhar, Haska Mina, Bati Kot and some other districts.

    This comes amid fears that Taliban would rampant their activities after the failure of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) efforts to bring them to the negotiation table with government.

    The group set withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, prisoners release and removal of its members from the sanction or blacklist as their pre-conditions for sitting with government.

    QCG was formed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States and China after peace talks with Taliban halted following the confirmation of the demise of the group’s supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.”

  35. Before he leaves office, I predict Obama will carry out this particularly treasonous action…
    Written by Allen West on March 31, 2016

    I went back and checked out to whom President Obama granted his first interview back in January of 2009. Was it to the BBC, Reuters, Associated Press? Nah, it was to Al Arabiya. And this statement by the new president Barack Obama, reported by CBS News, January 28, 2009 says it all: “In his first sit-down interview — which he symbolically granted to pan-Arab satellite network Al Arabiya — Mr. Obama said, “Iran has acted in ways that’s not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region… But I do think that it is important for us to be willing to talk to Iran, to express very clearly where our differences are, but where there are potential avenues for progress.”

    “If countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us,” added the president. CBS News’ Leily Lankarani in Tehran reports Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has turned that comment around on Washington. “If there is any clenched fist in the world, it is the fist of the U.S.A.,” Hasan Ghashghavi told a group of journalists Wednesday during a visit to Japan.”

    I also went back and watched the two speeches Obama gave in Turkey before the general assembly and in Cairo, Egypt at the university where he requested members of the Muslim Brotherhood be front and center in the audience. Obama certainly did extend a hand, but no one unclenched their fist — certainly not Iran.

    As reported by Reuters yesterday, “Iran’s top leader on Wednesday said missiles were key to the Islamic Republic’s future, offering support to the hardline Revolutionary Guards that have drawn criticism from the West for testing ballistic missiles.

  36. Why Is the US Funding a Hamas-Linked Charity — Again?
    The US has given $270K to Islamic Relief Worldwide, a group which was banned in Israel for funding Hamas & in the UAE for Muslim Brotherhood links.

    The US Department of Health and Human Services recently gave a grant of $270,000 to a Muslim Brotherhood linked charity, according to The Daily Caller.

    Islamic Relief Worldwide, a UK based charity and the largest Islamic Charity in the world, has been banned in Israel and the United Arab Emirates for dispersing funds to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Last month it received the money for its work in Kenya, specifically aimed at promoting “global health security as an international priority” as part of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s global health security partner engagement initiative.

    While the specific program the US government is funding may be perfectly innocuous, the charity itself is not.

    “The IRW is one of the sources of Hamas’s funding and a means for raising funds from various countries in the world” Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said in July 2014. “We do not intend to allow it to function and abet terrorist activity against Israel.”

    In 2006 Israel arrested and deported Iyaz Ali, IRW’s Gaza branch project director, for working “to transfer funds and assistance to various Hamas institutions and organizations.”

    In 2014 Islamic Relief Worldwide announced they had conducted an independent audit which found no ties to terrorism whatsoever.

  37. FBI Tipped Off Dutch Police One Week Before Brussels Attack
    Fresh revelations have revealed security incompetence leading up to the Brussels attacks. New evidence suggests Belgium PM was a target.

    Thue FBI warned Dutch police about two of the Brussels attackers one week before they blew themselves up, Reuters reported. The Islamic State attacks killed 35 people on March 22.

    Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui were two brothers who took part in the attacks. Ibrahim had been deported to the Netherlands from Turkey in July 2015for attempting to reach Syria and join the Islamic State, according to Turkey.

    He was not detained or deported to Belgium on his arrival.

    The FBI shared the information with Dutch police about the Bakraoui brothers on March 16. This information was passed on in a meeting between Dutch and Belgian authorities the next day, the Dutch interior minister said.

    In the wake of attacks a string of failures by security services have come to light, including poor communication between security agencies in different European countries.

    The Islamic State jihadists had also collected information about the home of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. Building plans and photos were found on a computer dumped in a rubbish bin, according to the BBC.

  38. Minnesota Man Threats to Blow Up Walgreens
    Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton, 23, said he was part of a terrorist org. He made threats to a man he accused of being with his girlfriend.

    A Minnesota man has been charged with three felony counts of making terroristic threats after threatening to shoot up a Walgreens.

    Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton, 23 allegedly made the threats on Sunday while in an altercation with a man he accused of having a relationship with his girlfriend. Initially he is said to have threatened the man with a bottle, but after the pair were told to leave by a store manager, he said he had a gun and would “shoot up the place” and that he was part of a terrorist organization and would “blow up” the store.

  39. Turkish Gov’t Children’s Magazine Promotes Martyrdom
    A cartoon published by the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs shows a father extolling the virtues of Islamic martyrdom to his son.

    A cartoon published by the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs shows a father extolling the virtues of Islamic martyrdom to his son.

    The issue of the children’s magazine is meant to promote dialogue between parents and children. In the cartoon, a father asks his son, “Do you want to be a martyr?” The son replies, “Of course I want to be a martyr. Who doesn’t want to go to heaven?”

    The son then explains that “heaven is happy with martyrs” and that much praise is heaped upon the martyr making him wish that he could have been martyred 10 times. The cartoon ends with the son saying, “I wish I could be killed as martyr.”

    According to the Turkish news outlet Cumhuriyet, the magazine has met harsh criticism. Psychologist and Professor Dr. Serdar Degirmencioglu, a critic of Turkey’s Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented, “Religiosity has, in recent years, turned into a literal political tool. They do not even hide it. The Ministry of Religion was provided more money than several other ministries combined and continues intensive work for religious children.”

    He added, “They want to use the drawings to transfer the message of martyrdom to children because they think it will be more attractive. ‘Martyrs suffer,’ ‘sins forgiven’ it says. So it’s a painless death and a promise of heaven.”

  40. USA: Armed activists disrupt anti-Islam protest in Dallas

    A group of armed activists from the Huey P. Newton Gun Club joined with local residents to protest against an anti-Islam rally taking place in front of a mosque in Dallas, Saturday.

  41. Sheriff Clarke on Police Patrolling Muslim Communities for Radicals: ‘Sure, And We Already Are’
    By Michael W. Chapman | March 31, 2016 | 11:55 AM EDT

    Asked if he supported Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) proposal for police patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods to monitor for Islamic radicalization, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said, “sure,” and added that “we already are” doing such patrols and in New York City in particular, police are looking for “hot spots,” for “evidence of radicalization.”

    On Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. on Wednesday, host Stuart Varney asked Sheriff Clarke, “Ted Cruz has said, after the Brussels attack, he’s in favor of patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in America. You’re a cop. You would do the patrolling, you’d organize the patrolling. Would you do it?”

  42. Morocco – Angry Mob Attacks Alleged Witch in Rabat

    According to Le360, the woman is accused of having cast a spell on a local resident, using a cat.

    The angry crowd shouted “witch, go away!” in front of the alleged sorceress, and attempted unsuccessfully to break into her house.

    The crowd wanted to force the witch “to release the victim from the evil spell she cast on him,” and demanded that she leave their neighborhood.

    According to the same source, the alleged sorceress has cast a spell on one of their neighborhoods by “putting his photo inside the mouth of a cat and sealed it.”

    The police intervened to disperse the crowd and prevented people from physically assaulting the alleged witch.
    MOROCCO – House of Moroccan Witch Destroyed After She Sewed the Mouth of a Little Cat

    Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A huge mob of around 300 people, consisting mostly of young students, in the city of Salé, located on the right bank of the Bou Regreg river, on the opposite side of Morocco’s capital Rabat, destroyed the main gate, windows, garage, and various belongings in the house of an old woman after they discovered that she sewed the mouth of a little cat for charlatanry purposes.

    According to locals, the witch forced the little cat to swallow a spell, before she sewed the little animal’s mouth.

    The mob initially started protesting peacefully yesterday in front of her house, located in the Oued Ed-Dahab neighborhood in Salé, only shouting “Siri Fhalek Ya Shouwafa,” which translates in English to “Go Away From Our Neighborhood, You Witch.”

    But then afterwards, as adrenaline pumped in, the mob turned hysteric and started destroying the main gate, garage, windows, and other stuff of the witch’s belongings located in the garage[check featured video above].

    At some point of time, the mob was scared after hearing a noise emanating from the house, which lead everybody to hurry outside of the destroyed garage, only to return back to destroy more belongings seconds later.

    The authorities came at the scenes right after they were alerted, by some locals, of the ongoing protest, which triggered the mob to stop destroying other belongings.

  43. GERMANY DUISBURG – Muslims March In Streets Shouting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall CONQUER You!” – That’s Assimilating?

    Turkish Muslim nationalists marched through the streets of Duisburg, West Germany on Easter Sunday. They claimed to be marching against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KKK). Those are communists and they are a militant left-wing Kurdish separatist group.

    400 Muslim fascists were shouting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!” This is the Grey Wolves Pan-Turkist group… they have a very long rap sheet of terrorist violence and political assassinations attached to their name. Fascism is criminalized in Germany, but authorities appear to tolerate it from Turkish migrants. Police were forced to use batons and pepper spray to subdue the nationalists after they clashed with Kurdish activists. Great… you have radical Islamists and communists now battling it out in the streets of Germany.

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