Major attack against Paris stopped, more and more: Links 3 on March 30 – 2016

1. Officials: Over 4, 000 migrants rescued off Sicily since Sunday

2. Greek port overflows with migrants where SIX THOUSAND are now forced to sleep on top of one another at ferry terminal as number of daily arrivals jumps 

Arrivals of refugees and migrants to Greece from Turkey rose sharply today just days after the European Union and Turkey struck a deal intended to cut off the flow of new arrivals.

Greek authorities recorded 766 new arrivals in the last 24 hours, up from 192 the previous day. Most arrived on the northeastern Aegean island of Lesbos.

Italy reported an even larger jump in arrivals yesterday, when officials there said 1,350 people were rescued from boats taking the longer migration route over the Mediterranean as the weather warmed up.

Staggering: Nearly 6,000 people remain stuck at the country's biggest port of Piraeus port near Athens, having arrived there on ferries from Greek islands close to Turkey before the deal

Staggering: Nearly 6,000 people remain stuck at the country’s biggest port of Piraeus port near Athens, having arrived there on ferries from Greek islands close to Turkey before the deal

3. There seems to be a lot more to the story about the group of middle eastern men shouting allah ackbar and shooting up the California desert 

(Basically just visit the news site in link above on this one)

4. Some nations do not recognize the liberation of the ruins at Palmyra

(I think its easy to tell who isn’t serious about fighting the Islamic State. One way to tell, is if the country’s leaders refer to it as “ISIL”, “ISIS” or “Daesh” instead of what it is. The Islamic State.

5. A couple of great excerpts from a Paul Weston speech for ACT For an America chapter on his US tour recently.

6. Imminent plot to attack Paris thwarted as man with “unprecedented amount of weapons and explosives” is arrested

More here

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, M., Gates of Vienna, Richard, and all who sent in materials. Much more still in the queue.


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  1. 4/ Here’s more from Memri:
    President Assad: Negotiating With Present Opposition Delegation Is Pointless; The Way To End The Crisis Is Through Military Victory

    On March 25, 2016, the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to the Syrian regime and to Hizbullah, posted statements made by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad at the Arab and Islamic Assembly for Supporting the Resistance Option, held in Damascus on March 19-20. According to the daily, Assad rejected any possibility of reaching a political solution with the opposition delegation of the Syrian High Negotiations Committee (HNC) to the Geneva talks, saying that the real way to resolve the crisis is by defeating “terrorism” on the battlefield. It should be noted that Assad has clarified in the past that a terrorist is anyone bearing arms against the regime and that the HNC delegation, which includes representatives of armed opposition groups, is a delegation of “traitors and terrorists.”

    These statements – made while indirect talks were taking place in Geneva between the Syrian regime and opposition delegation, mediated by UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura and sponsored by the U.S. and Russia – show that Assad is sticking to the hardline position he took before the start of the recent round of indirect negotiations, which commenced in Geneva on March 14. This raises doubts regarding the seriousness of the regime and the effectiveness of the talks. The same hardline position has also been evident in statements by Syrian regime officials before and during the talks. For example, on March 12, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu’allem said that the issues of the presidential elections and of President Assad’s status in the interim stage would not be discussed in the talks at all, and that the interim stage would involve no change in Assad’s status.

    It should be mentioned that, several hours after the publication of the Al-Akhbar report about Assad’s speech, his office denied the statements that had been attributed to him. The denial may stem from concerns about possible international criticism of his statements, in particular from Russia, who is a sponsor of the Geneva talks.

    The following are translated excerpts from Assad’s speech as reported by Al-Akhbar.

  2. Sorry – not the overnight links thread, but this is kind of important, in my never-humble-opinion:

    It was the kidnapping that the world ignored. Denied by the authorities, overshadowed by other atrocities, hidden by its remote location, the abduction of about 400 women and children in the Nigerian town of Damasak remains unsolved and shrouded in mystery a year later.
    It was the biggest-ever kidnapping by the Islamist radicals of the Boko Haram group, yet it was neglected by politicians and activists who focused instead on the heavily publicized abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok in 2014.

    While it is Chibok that continues to mesmerize the global spotlight, Boko Haram has abducted at least 2,000 girls and women since the beginning of 2014, turning them into cooks, fighters and sex slaves, according to an Amnesty International report last year. More recently, there have been fears that some of the abducted girls were forced to become suicide bombers.
    Now a new report by Human Rights Watch has documented the worst of those kidnappings: The Damasak abduction in March of last year, in which at least 300 elementary school students were among the estimated 400 captives.
    When the first shocking reports began to filter out of the remote northeastern town, which the group took control of last year, the Nigerian government denied that anyone had been kidnapped. The denial went unchallenged because the town was too dangerous for journalists to visit, with Boko Haram fighters still roaming in the district. So the details of the abduction were never confirmed.

  3. Halal=evil, and when it comes to controlling our food supply, we have to be extra vigilant:

    What the sticker says, though, is apparently taking place in the USA and Canada where Campbell’s Soup and other companies have paid the Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) for their halal certification, in France, where it is claimed that 60% of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called “halal tax” is the organization’s main source of funding. In the UK, major supermarket chain Morrisons is not only indirectly but even directly giving money to the Islamic National Zakat Foundation. I’ll explain what that is about in a minute.

  4. Trans-Jordan – the ‘Palestinian’/Arab portion of Israel in the two-State solution we have now….aka Jordan….

    Recently, ISIS launched a large-scale offensive to expand its presence inside the Dara’a Governorate, seizing several villages from the Free Syrian Army’s “Southern Front Brigades” near the Israeli and Jordanian borders. ISIS was able to achieve their first real breakthrough at the strategic town of Taseel when they forced the Free Syrian Army and their allies to abandon their posts and completely withdraw from the area. With their backs against the wall, the Free Syrian Army and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham are doing their best to forestall ISIS’ advance; however, it is becoming incredibly difficult, given the sheer size of the terrorist group’s forces. | Al-Masdar News

  5. Please, remember the Islamic regulation of ‘slavery’ and the modern-day equivalent, ‘foreign workers’, who are treated as slave labour by their Muslim overlords:

    Migrant workers suffer ‘appalling treatment’ in Qatar World Cup stadiums, says Amnesty
    Amnesty report accuses Fifa and Qatari authorities of ongoing indifference to systemic abuse of workers on stadiums that will host the 2022 World Cup

  6. A Russian Special Operations Forces officer reportedly called a strike onto himself when he was compromised and surrounded by ISIS militants near Palmyra, where a fierce battle between the Syrian army and terrorists is in full swing.
    Russian anti-terror op in Syria
    “A Russian special operations forces [SOF] officer was killed near a town of Palmyra while guiding Russian warplanes to IS [previously ISIS/ISIL] targets,” a military source at Russia’s airbase Khmeimim told Interfax news agency on Thursday.

    The source added that the special forces operator was on a mission near Palmyra for at least a week, detecting the terrorists’ most important targets and providing coordinates for Russian warplanes to strike.

  7. In the 1920s, Christians constituted up to 30 percent of Syria’s population and had lived there for 2000 years. Popular belief holds that the apostle Paul converted on the road to Damascus, and a small segment of Christians from the town of Maaloula still speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke.

    More recently, 10 percent of Syria’s 22 million population were Christians.

    Two weeks ago, Sec. of State John Kerry formally declared a “genocide” designation regarding the treatment of Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, after an extensive push with bills in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

    Only days before, Congress voted unanimously to make the designation.

    Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, thousands of Christians and other minorities have been forced from their homes both by Islamist rebels fighting Bashar Al Assad’s regime and Islamic State militants.

    In areas controlled by ISIS, Christians have been given three options—to convert to Islam, to pay a minority tax or jizya or to face death.

  8. A wing of a far-right party in Germany is readying a proposal to ban the “construction and operation” of mosques. The plan was articulated in a 45-page policy document put forward by members of a Bavarian branch of the Alternative for Germany, or AfD, a far-right, anti-immigration party that had an impressive showing in regional elections earlier this month.

    The draft policy, titled “Courage to take responsibility,” states that “Islam does not belong to Germany” and argues that mosques lead to “the spread of Islamic teachings directed towards the removal of our legal order,” according to the Deutsche Welle news agency.

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