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5 Replies to “Greek farmer describes the advantages of having tens of thousands of people march through his fields.”

  1. We ought to see more of these citizens.
    They’re telling us what’s going to happen to us. Are all the independent journalists on Soros payroll?
    What can we do to help?

  2. There will be no compensation either from Greece or the EU for this farmer. The refugees on the other hand……

  3. This is why Golden Dawn is gaining so many recruits. The politicians in all nations have abandoned their duty to the citizens of their nations and have decided to join in the campaign to destroy Western Civilization so their nightmare of a one government world can come true. It was Christianity and nationalism that stopped the last wave of Islamic conquest and it will be both that stop this one.

  4. The environmental and economic damage done by the verminous horde is of no importance to the political class at the ‘Throne In Brussels’ the seat of the EU dictatorship.

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