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6 Replies to “An encouraging bit of street theater from Austrian youth (Generation Identitaire Austria)”

  1. Absolutely brilliant seeing these young people on the streets. Our ageist world will only take the protest of the young seriously.

  2. We need more of this. I am very surprised that these young patriots were not dragged off to prison for expressing the thoughts that no doubt are in everyone’s minds. The biggest battle today against the Mooselims is for free speech. Everything hinges on our most basic and important freedom to think and express ourselves freely. All over the world we see a new category of “thought crime” which is what they call anyone who complains about the national suicide that is being forced on our countries by the likes of Frau Merkel and her ilk. In the USA there is one man speaking out bravely and forcefully and that is Donald Trump. He is the only one who is not afraid to speak the truth and for that the Establishment of both parties is trying to shut him down. We are facing the same fate as Europe if he is not elected this November. It will be slower in coming, but it will come nevertheless. God bless our friends in Europe of the resistance.

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