Polish PM says no more migrants

I am hoping to subtitle a video of her statement of policy, a decisive, logical and effective step towards solving this problem for Poland anyway, but meanwhile, thanks to Green Infidel, we have a translation of the actual statement:

After the attacks in Brussels, the Polish government is sharpening its stance concerning the acceptance of immigrants from the Middle East – “I do not see a possibility, for immigrants to come to Poland at this moment” – underlined Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, in a conversation with Superstacja TV.

 – “The previous government declared, that it will take part in the acceptance of immigrants. It agreed for several thousand people to be taken in by Poland, on its own free will” – prime minister Beata Szydlo said in a conversation with Grzegorz Jankowski.

– “28 EU member states agreed to tackle this problem using resettlement. However, I will state very clearly: I do not see a possibility, for migrants to come to Poland” – underlined the Prime Minister

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  1. Great,but it is perfectly alright for us to be up to our arses in poles,for our high streets to have a hotchpotch of shop signs that we can not understand,for our jobs to be stolen from us and pushed onto the dole,i thought that the germans were arrogant,but the poles give arrogance a whole new meaning.

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