Two explosions at Brussels Airport Belgium – Train station

11 dead 20 injured (unconfirmed)

Sky news:

Two loud explosions have been heard at a Brussels airport which is being evacuated amid reports of several casualties.

Video and images on social media showed smoke rising from an airport building, shattered windows and confused and shocked passengers fleeing the terminal to safety.


Passengers flee the terminalIG

Passengers flee the terminal

Unconfirmed reports have said 11 people are dead and at least 20 people are injured.

Multiple injuries have been reported and medics are racing to the scene.

The large explosions have taken out glass windows at the entrance and much of the airport’s ceiling has collapsed.

The cause of the two blasts, which occurred at around 8am this morning at an American airline check-in desk, are unknown at this stage.

There are unconformed reports that a bomb had been placed next to a check-in desk.

The blasts occurred four days after the arrest in Brussels of a suspected participant in November militant attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Belgian police had been on alert for any reprisal action.

Daily Mail:

At least eleven people have died and several people injured after two explosions rocked Brussels Airport in a suspected terror attack.

Witnesses said they ‘felt the shockwaves’ of the blasts which are believed to have centred on the American Airlines check-in desk at 8am (7am GMT).

Photographs from inside the arrivals hall showed the floor was covered in fallen roof tiles and dust as bloodied people hobbled out of the airport. Others injured were photographed lying on the floor.

Video also shows terrified passengers running for their lives out of the terminal.

In the aftermath of the explosions thousands of people waiting for flights this morning were penned inside the terminal as police sealed off the shattered arrivals hall.

People already checked-in were then slowly evacuated through emergency exits – but were told to leave all their hand luggage as police checked bags for more explosives.

Scroll down for video 

A soldier walks through debris after two explosion rocked a terminal building at Brussels Airport


Videos and photos of train station here


Photo of people near blast


Apparently Belgium is shutting down all public transport. Last time their was a threat they closed Antwerp for 3 days. They mayas well just shut down the country since they won’t fight back.

: second suicide bomber reportedly behind blast at metro station

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28 Replies to “Two explosions at Brussels Airport Belgium – Train station”

  1. Thanks to the stupid self loathing leftist political elite, who imported the Muslims from the Middle East, 2 explosions at Brussels airport, reports of more than 10 dead
    Once the political elites are hit and they themselves experience death maybe, just maybe they will not be that eager to be suicidal. Guess what? They will come out with that perpetual backlash, BULLSHIT, after every terror attack! Which never happens, since 911. Donald Trump speaks sense.

  2. NBC reports from Belgium 15 murdered at Metro 13 at airport; France’s PM “We are at War.” Reports security teams with dogs at US subway systems.

    • He already said that they were engaged in a “merciless war” after the Paris attacks; He’s going to have to come up with something new soon. Incidentally, I wonder how his “war” is progressing: what are the anticipated 2016 levels of Muslim immigration to France, for instance?

      • The left has been pushing that meme since the 1970s, this kept us from treating the home grown terrorists as rebels and traitors.

  3. The response of the elites is all noise and fury, signifying nothing.

    Pathetic security theatre designed to reinforce among the sheep not the idea that the state will keep them safe but that the state is to be feared more than the terrorists.

  4. The only thing more tragic than the death of innocents is the vacuous, useless, cheating generalities uttered by French president Hollande just now. High and empty words like “Internationalism” and “Unity” rather than something like; “we’re rounding up everyone with any remote connections…”

    They need Orban.

    • He is a pathetic, spineless and impotent caricature of a leader. Sadly, all too representative of Western leaders in general, in this twilight of our civilization.

  5. I am amazed at that British journalist reporting from the escalator. The blood hasn’t stopped dripping from the ceiling yet, and already he’s covering for his beloved Muslims. Then he breaks right down and admits that some people might think the attack is “terrorism”, but who can know for sure…?

    • Well, he did not read latest from Amaq Agency (news agency connected to ISIS)
      “Brussels – Amaq Agency: Islamic State fighters carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices on Tuesday, targeting an airport and a central metro station in the center of the Belgian capital Brussels, a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State.

      Islamic State fighters opened fire inside Zaventem Airport, before several of them detonated their explosive belts, as a martyrdom bomber detonated his explosive belt in the Maalbeek metro station. The attacks resulted in more than 230 dead and wounded.”
      So it is “official”, so to say.

  6. The long hot summer begins, these attacks are the opening bell on a new round of attacks designed to force the Europeans to surrender and let the Moslems run everything while the Europeans are second class citizens in their own countries.

  7. Magyar TV:
    -we’re at war.
    -Abdeslam went to Budapest a few times
    -Brussels flights canceled
    -All of this is retaliation for catching Abdeslam because they’re afraid he’s going to talk
    -There’s a terrorist network in Europe and when a guy like Abdeslam is caught it disturbs the network
    -bureaucracy interfering with fighting terrorism
    -You cannot defend against this kind of terrorism
    -Things will change in Hungary
    Because of Brussels bombings more police will be put at airports, metro and railway stations
    -Doubling street patrols
    -Back in Brussels dogs are looking for possible unexploded bombs
    -70 years of good life has softened Europeans
    -everyone afraid of traveling
    -Orban: sends condolences to families of the dead
    -Two Hungarians injured in hospital
    -Hungary at 2nd terror alert level
    -Hungarian government holds as most important to protect Hungarians everywhere
    -Brussels: 34 dead, 20 in metro, 14 in airport, 136 injured
    -Hospitals emptied of those not critical to make room for bombing victims
    -Guards doubled at Belgian nuclear plants
    -Worst day since ww2 for Belgium
    -50000 migrants backed up in Greece because no countries want to let them in
    -authorities were 100 percent sure that an attack like this was imminent, but didn’t expect the attack to be this big
    -Italy, France and Holland raising terror alerts

  8. The BBC reports that the terrorists shouted a “couple of words in Arabic” before self detonating.

    The family is still trying to figure out what last words a man would shout before committing murder-suicide.

    If you know, inform the BBC.

    A Muslima interviewed on BBC, held to the current political truth espoused by the authorities on Islam and Muslims -“there are good and bad people in every religion”.

    Previous current truths on murderous Islam

    1.This has nothing to do with Islam

    2. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.

    3. The jihadis misinterpret the Koran.

    4. The Jihadis take the violent suras out of context.

    5. Only an Islamic scholar can interpret the Koran

    6. There are 1.6 bn Muslims in the world – its only a tiny minority who are violent.

    7. Lone wolf. Or is it lone wolves.

  9. From the ‘Arab Spring’ to the ‘ISIS Spring, sadly even this violent terrorist carnage will do little to change the attitude or the will of the feckless, spineless and balless ‘leaders’ of many EU countries. Oh yes we will hear the same condemnations, hand wringing, and sympathetic phrases, pleas for ‘calm’, but it will be business as usual. Heaven forbid that a figure in the political class make a statement that will disparage Islam or the Muslim community. Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) will prevail. The Jihad is working as planned, destroy the economy, the civil order,the daily lives of the citizenry and the ability of the government to be in control.

  10. That’s what she wanted, and she wants more of it. She will say whatever she has to say in order to get 20 millions barbarian thugs in Germany and obliterate the German nation.

    BTW, I have been automatically banned from tundra tabloids because I wrote about the duplicity of the Jewish lobby all over the world. They want a racially pure Israel, 0 immigration, and they want to flood Europe with a billion barbarians, lest we are all Holocaust deniers.

    • You should stop singling out Israel and Jews like that, the same attitude that Soros has is shared by many people in Europe, Canada and the United States, can you honestly say that the current brave and far-sighted Prime Minister of Israel is the same as Soros?

      First of all Israel is primarily a Jewish state and there is nothing wrong in that at all, they have Muslim citizens and they have Christian citizens, hell my nephew on my wife’s side lives in Tel Aviv and he is going to marry a Jewish woman.

      The Jews are singled out for hatred in the Qu’ran, because they rejected Mohammed as a prophet, this resulted in them being exterminated from the Arabian peninsula during Mohhamed’s life time and persecuted ever since by Muslims. And are you even aware of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’s connections with Himmler for example.

      Yes left wing Jews are utterly insane, but they are as insane as left wing Europeans or left wing Americans etc. Soros for example does not live in Israel, in fact he hates Israel, now please do us all a favour, engage your grey matter and work out that there is nothing wrong with Israel and the Jewish wish to live in a small country primarily made up of Jews, hell I want to live in a Europe primarily made up of Christians, I just want as few Muslims as possible because they follow a xenophobic religion, simple as….

    • If ‘the Jewish lobby’ wants a ‘racially pure Israel’ then why is it that Jewish Israelis range from white to black? I concur with DaffersD’s response to your predictable post (there’s always one). Apart from it’s Arab minority (moslem and christian) Israel has minority communities descended from – among others – Vietnamese, Persian Bahai’s, Lebanese Christians, African moslems and African-Americans.

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