The Acid Test

There is, among those of us who fight Islamic and leftist totalitarianism and global manifest destiny, a kind of acid test of acceptable affiliation. Its an easy one really. Those of us with whom we choose to affiliate must recognize Israel under the same set of criteria they would any other nation on Earth. This means they must not be antisemitic, as typically anti-Israel people apply an impossibly high standard to Israel in order to demonize and delegitimize it when it inevitably fails that impossible standard.

The most probable reason for doing so, is it is a Jewish and liberal state more or less based on a free market system in the same way the rest of Western states are more or less free market.

This makes it unacceptable to Muslims, who must rule the world by sharia and doubly so because their scripture commands the extermination of Jews and Israel as a Jewish state and Jews were the first to reject the founder of Islam, Mohammed,’s alleged divine right to rule.

It also makes it unacceptable to socialists/communists who initially had hoped for a secular communist state of Israel which would live in harmony with its Muslim neighbors. Of course this required them not to be Muslims but just some other kind of communist, but reality never stopped a communist from killing to create a Marxist utopia.

Here is a brilliant example of a true rational liberal from Australia. A new Senator named James Paterson. An excerpt from his maiden speech given on March 15 2016

Lets contrast that with this official US government map of the region:

Notice anything missing? Tiny Gaza is listed, but not the official, 6,000,000 people strong, world-leader in patents etc. state of Israel.

As time goes by, and more and more of those who fight on behalf of a free and classical civilization get frustrated and frightened, the tendency to blame the Jewish people for this problem, the one that Merkel and Obama and others can easily be seen to be the prime movers along with financiers such as George Soros etc. grows like a cancer.

Yes, there are Jewish leftists who follow multicultural policy like the useful idiots they are. Then you have truly pernicious Jewish activists such as Barbara Lerner Spectre, who truly is all that the antisemites claim the jews are, and has been referred to as “God’s gift to the Ku Klux Klan”.

But it must be understood that neither Babs Lerner nor George Soros are connected by anything actually Jewish other than ethnicity perhaps. And to blame their Jewishness for their actions would be identical to blaming the communist millions-of-killed by Mao Zedong on his being Chinese.

There is a mountain of Jewish activists working for freedom and Jeffersonian liberalism. They just don’t make a big deal out of their Jewish heritage as it shouldn’t matter. In fact its typically the leftists who form groups like “Jews against Trump” because they don’t have a real argument and stick to vectors of attack via ethnic identity for the sake of cultural Marxism. Just like feminist groups and Black Lives Matter etc. etc.

There is no scriptural basis for the destruction of Greek thought and English legal thought in Jewish history nor in any other component of Jewish doctrine. (I speak here of course, of real Jewish doctrine not forgeries or imputed texts written by historical Nazis of one stripe or another)

Here is one example of a liberal Jewish man fighting for all our rights to freedom. He is likely Jewish but only refers to his time proudly serving the United States in the armed services as his credentials and not what gene pool he happens to be from.

For every Babs Lerner, there are a thousand like Aaron Wiess in the video above.. How do I know? I work with dozens of them, fighting for all our rights to freedom of speech and all that entails. And it is my great honour to do so.

And this brings me to the thing about which, I want to apply a powerful spotlight.

For those that remember the attack by religious Muslims, probably from Pakistan’s ISI against India via the attacks in Bombay Nov. 2008, there was a notable aspect to it.

The terrorists, being in fact, terrorists, intended to do as spectacular an attack as they were able to do with the limited number of people and ordnance they could smuggle into India via light water craft. The bigger the attack, the more terror. But they chose to use a significant portion of those resources to go after a Chabad house at the other side of the city in order to kill Jews. This meant that the strategic objective had more than one component. Had they not done that, they may have been able to significantly increase the number of dead and amount of damage and terror caused.

The exact same thing for the attacks against Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Significant resources went into killing people at a delicatessen on the other side of Paris. Frankly most terrorist attacks in the West have a component of murdering Jewish people. So we can see where the dividing line is.

Now lets look at the inverse case.

We have a historic and monumental speech by Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban.

In it, he quite clearly states that importing antisemitism into Hungary (meaning Muslims who are ideologically obliged to it) is unacceptable.

Lets think about the strategic resources spent on such a statement in this speech.

Hungary has a political party, Jobbik, that are actual Nazis.

This is not a fringe party. They have seats in Parliament. They have influence and a following. For Orban to make this statement

“We shall not import to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and synagogue-burning anti-Semitism.” (7 mins 31 seconds on video)

must be taken very seriously. He spent real political capital to say this in the exact same way that terrorist groups spent resources to do the opposite.

In this, Orban has established himself firmly as a true liberal in the Jeffersonian sense. He has earned our respect and passed the acid test at potentially great cost to himself. He could be much more popular and have a larger mandate if he went the other way perhaps,  or by just not saying that one line.

And so I put it to suicide-Jews out there who still rest on sanctimony and leftist feel-good politics and demonize what the left and leftist media tells you to demonize without thought and without research, you must support this man and all who think like him should you wish your children to enjoy sharing the oxygen in the atmosphere, and if you wish your grandchildren to see adulthood.

This is it.

Your last chance, Children of Israel, to recognize who genuinely holds your basic interests at heart.

I suggest that the opportunity to support such as he is taken.

Carpe diem.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

H/T to Oz-Rita 

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  1. 1. Hugs for yucki.

    2. Brilliant, Eeyore, brilliant. With your assumed permission I will steal this for my little blog.

    3. You may call me ignorant, but could someone please tell me, what is the “Safe act” that this young Vet and Law Enforcement officer, Aaron Weiss is speaking about?

    4. I envy the Hungarians for a Leader like Orban. No wonder that Merkel, Erdogan, Obama and assorted slime hate him. This speech must be distributed as wide and often as possible.

    I recently had the pleasure to hear Mark Steyn speak in OZ and while his whole speech was fascinating (gee this guy has charisma I tell yas), the message I took home is:
    “Share the danger! speak out ! to your wife, to your neighbour, etc. You may lose some, but you will also find that many think like you”.

    • It was a gun control act, it was suppose to outlaw firearms that looked like military firearms. Since the 2nd amendment was written to ensure that the people as a whole had enough firepower to fight back against a tyrannical government attempts to remove military look alike rifles is particularly dangerous. So far the Supreme Court has outlawed many of the laws like that but with Scalia dying a lib appointed to the Supreme Court would mean they would find laws like that legal.

      OT missed you the last few days.

      • FYI, most American vets don’t like being disarmed, they have spent too much time in nations with bad governments to trust in the good faith of any politician.

        • The intelligent ones that weren’t in nations like that listened to and learned their paranoia second hand instead of suddenly discovering it was a survival trait that had to be developed quickly.

            • There is a plaque at the VA with a quote from an anonymous author:

              A Veteran is someone who once wrote a check to the United States, the check said, everything including my live if necessary.

              Aaron Wiess thinks that check is still valid.

  2. Where in the Torah is there a defense of freedom of expression and dissent? Take a look at the Ten Commandments. Do you find the basis of freedom there? Or do you find threats and anti-intellectualism? How about the banning of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for daring to acquire knowledge and self-consciousness? Judaism is the foundation for Christianity and Islam, so it is responsible for creating the irrationalism of all three branches of Abrahamic religion.

    • Try reading the Bible and the Koran, you will discover that Islam isn’t based on Judaism or Christianity. Mohammad stole some of the stories and then bastardized them to fit his agenda.

      • Exactly. There is no real relationship between one and the other as there is no real relationship between Orville and Wilbur Right and the 19, 911 hijackers. But there is between my comparison and the Bible and Koran.

  3. The fault line of the 21st century is nationalism (exemplified by Israel, Victor Orban etc) vs globalism (exemplified by Cultural Marxism, Islamism, Big Money etc). The former believes, more or less, that a nation ought to have the right to a homeland(in state form) of their own where they can determine their path as a people, and what’s more, this is actually the optimal state of affairs for the world because all else being equal, you tend to have more in common with those of your own nation than with outsiders.

    I think this is an often overlooked reason for hatred of Israel(especially among the western intelligentsia). How can the elites denude the peoples of the west of any sense of nationality when Israel is there, sticking out like a sore thumb, demonstrating that yes, a people can have a state whose raison d’etre is to serve as their homeland, and no, it doesn’t inexorably lead to endless wars of expansion, disenfranchisement of minorities and killing puppies?

    The other problem with Israel is that it illustrates perfectly precisely the opposite about what globalist mass-immigration advocates have been telling westerners for decades: that the newcomers’ culture doesn’t matter. Once the Somalis touch down in Toronto, they’ll breath in that magic Canadian air and stop mutilating their daughters’ labia. Of course, if this were true, then as soon as the diaspora Jews of the First Aliyah arrived in Ottoman Palestine, they should have become just as violent, misogynistic, and stupid as their neighbours. At the very least, their descendants should have “integrated” to local Arab standards in a generation or two at most. Instead, their descendants built universities (the real kind, not the al-Ahzar kind) and elected a woman PM! So if living in the midst of the Muslim world doesn’t turn isolated Jewish communities into Muslims, then why would living in the western world turn Muslims into Westerners? At best, to paraphrase Christopher Caldwell, they might come to expect a Third World life at a First World standard of living.

    The globalists in the Islamic world views Israel in the same way, but though a different-coloured, religious lens. Little Israel, surrounded by hostile Muslim states, not only survives but thrives. It creates a dangerous counterexample to the idea that the only way forward is submission to Allah.

    Now the globalists are trying desperately to cast Orban, and to a lesser extent, the rest of the Visegrad 4, in the exact same light, because if everything the elites taught us about nationalism were true, Hungary should be invading Romania and Slovakia right now to retake territory lost in the Treaty of Trianon. Poland should be invading the Ukraine and Lithuania in a fit of revanchist rage as it tries to recreate its commonwealth of the 17th century, which spanned from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Imagine not just one counterexample to all their propaganda, but five. Of course it’s easier now with the Europeans because the Nazi label can be used, and try as they did, the globalists just couldn’t get it to stick to the Israelis, which is why they had to settle for the nearly as absurd apartheid label instead. What if perfectly respectable, law-abiding Germans start to express the desire that they too have a state whose sole reason for existing is the maintenance and preservation of the German culture and people, and that policies that run contrary to these goals, like the importation and subsidized reproduction of millions of Muslims, ought not to be undertaken? Then the globalist professors might not be able to get state grants to preach grievance politics to millions of non-Germans, German companies might have to keep paying their workers what Germans expect, and German youths might start to shrug off the idea of buying some overpriced iphone or pair of shoes because they know that their identity is based on something much deeper than any act of conspicuous consumption can provide. And of course the hijra would grind to a halt and Dar-al Islam would have to expand the old-fashioned way, and I suspect that the Muslim leaders know they just aren’t up to the task, not against a rejuvenated Western people who see themselves as inheritors of an ancient legacy.

    The hatred of Trump flows from a similar place. His popularity flows from the his appeal to nationalist sentiment which has been verboten to westerners for decades. The globalists are scared that their eradication of nationhood may not be as far along as they thought it was, and they understand that even if Trump fails, in the long term, the genie is out of the bottle, and that anyone can succeed to a certain extent by using his playbook, even if they aren’t a billionaire.

    Perhaps Merkel thought that she was committing the coup-de-grace to nationalism when she flung open the gates to the invaders. I hope this is the point where the globalists have overplayed their hand and the world finally wakes up.

    • Lynx, You give some fascinating perspectives, food for thought.

      “…Perhaps Merkel thought that she was committing the coup-de-grace to nationalism when she flung open the gates to the invaders. I hope this is the point where the globalists have overplayed their hand and the world finally wakes up.”

      To the sounds of penny dropping: Perhaps Merkel has sounded the death knell to something nasty just as IS have decapitated the myth of “islam is a religion of love and peace”.

    • Very good, yes Merkel and her ilk have over played their hands and this is going to be the death knell to the multicultural meme. That is the good that is being done, the evil is that it will take a lot of blood and treasure to remove the results of the meme, but in the end Western Civ will once again reign proudly in western nations.

    • Nationalism grew out of the Renaissance and was pat of what pushed Europe so high, yes evil things were done in the name of nationalism but so were great things. Now the left wants us to return to the Dark Ages so they can fee superior to everyone else. Go to the like about the protesters blocking the road to the Trump Rally. That look of utter contempt on the Latina’s face is showing what she thinks of laws and the people who dare to disagree with her. Physicall she is good looking but emotionally, intellectually and morally she is as ugly as they come.

      Can’t you just see her picking who should live and who should die at a death camp?

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