France notices there are jihadis amongst them, Trump supporters fight back, loads more: Links 1 on March 20 – 2016

1. Hindus for Trump’: Reliable Indian-American Democrats rally behind

Indian-Americans, the third-largest ethnic group in the U.S., can usually be counted on to pull the lever for Democrats in national elections.

But 2016 is anything but the usual election. Indian-Americans this year are said to be trending overwhelmingly for GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

American Hindus are strongly supporting Donald Trump. /AP

American Hindus are strongly supporting Donald Trump. /AP

Prior to this election year, as many as 65 percent of Indian-Americans leaned Democratic, making them the Asian-American subgroup most likely to identify with the party, according to a recent study.

This year, however, is a different story as several groups of Indian-Americans, a majority of them Hindus, have formed political action committees (PACS) and created online communities and pages in support of Trump.

2. Anti-Trump provocateurs pepper sprayed in NYC

3. Kerfuffle at Trump rally

4. Turkish MP wishes death on Israelis injured in suicide bombing in Istanbul, showing that Turkey in fact really does belong in Europe. 

Netanyahu seeks official apology; nasty tweet by ruling party’s Irem Aktas also riles Turks; her Twitter account is closed

March 19, 2016, 7:28 pm 13

Irem Aktas (Screen capture Twitter)

Irem Aktas (Screen capture Twitter)

An official from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party was reportedly fired Saturday after saying she hoped Israeli tourists injured in Saturday’s deadly suicide bombing in downtown Istanbul had died.

5. Greece commits suicide by bucket brigade

6. Police detain fascist ANTIFA in Germany

7.  Watch protesters blocking road at Donald Trump Rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona

8. Turkey blames Islamic State for Istanbul bombing

(I guess the crocodile doesn’t eat you last when you feed him. He eat you whenever he feels like it)

The suicide bomber who killed four people in Istanbul’s main shopping street belonged to so-called Islamic State (IS), the interior minister says.

Efken Ala named the man as Mehmet Ozturk. He told reporters that five people had been questioned so far.

Mr Ala announced a review of security measures and curfews in seven Turkish provinces.

Three Israelis – two with Israeli-US nationality – and an Iranian died in the attack. Another 36 were injured.

Eleven Israelis were among the injured. Two Irish citizens, one national each from Germany, Iceland, Dubai and Iran were also injured.

(Hmmm this attack seems to have very specific victims. Not a lot of Turks or Muslims among them. Hmm)

9. Meanwhile, France is sending more troops to its borders after the arrest of Abdeslam.

(OK so France seems able to learn from history. Could someone please explain to Hollande about the Battle of Tours?)

10. Trump supporter (maybe) lays a beating on a protester 

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Shabnam A., Richard, and all who sent in news links and opeds. There is more in the machinery today. Stay tuned.

Here is the Orban speech of March 15th in German and Czech. Please feel free to send the link to all you know who may know others that have contacts in those countries and communities.

Here is a fun poll showing how Janissary Trudeau is wildly popular this long after his election. Its worth a read, it reminds one of being a teenager and reading a fanzine. Then click your answer in the poll at the bottom and click enter.


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7 Replies to “France notices there are jihadis amongst them, Trump supporters fight back, loads more: Links 1 on March 20 – 2016”

  1. Not long ago a Muslim with a rifle shot the Guard of the Unknown Soldier, then went into the Parliament Buildings looking for ministers. And yet, the majority of Canadians can’t see any problem at all with Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring in zillions of so-called “Syrian refugees” without even checking their pockets for grenades. Why is everybody being so f-ing stupid? Why aren’t people horrified by the ISIS videos? Have they ever stopped being stupid for long enough to imagine what it would be like to have your head slowly sawed off by a raving Jihadist? Hello…

  2. 8/ “In televised comments after an emergency meeting in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said officials were investigating if Israelis had been specifically targeted in the bombing, and said intelligence pointed to it being an Islamic State attack.

    The Israeli victims were part of a 14-member group on a culinary tour of Turkey.
    On Saturday evening, the Israeli Foreign Ministry was attempting to get in touch with another six Israelis thought to have been at the site of the attack.”

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