Downtown goes uptown for you!

This is a more important video than it appears by the way its presented.

Perhaps Oz-Rita can explain more clearly in the comments but as I understand it, this is showing a sudden build up of Muslim illegals who moved up from the area of Calais known as ‘The Jungle’ into the center of Paris. Not the Islamic ‘sensitive zones’ but the real Paris that we all think of when we hear the name. The number has grown from a few dozen to hundreds in a few days if I understood Oz-Rita’s explanation properly. Please check comments later today for clarification of this.

Things are moving much faster than many thought they might.




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  1. It’s not really these migrants’ fault that this mess is happening. These characters are simply walking through the door that leftist governments have left open in their quest to rid Europe of all the white fascist scumbags. Hard leftists now dream of a uni-colored world with one big socialist government at the middle solving all the earth’s problems without the burden of capitalism and borders and all those nasty so-called “democratic” elections. Yes, I know, that’s crazy, but it’s what they believe with all their hearts. Those poor wretches are pawns and nothing more. There have always been crowds of idle young men just hanging around in most Muslim countries. They probably would have walked through the same door fifty years ago if it had been left open back then.

    • Some of those “poor wretches” are rapists and murderers and though I agree that they are only tools, they are responsible for their own actions. They didn’t have to leave their women and children and walk into Europe in order to suck it dry: They chose to do that. I personally have no more sympathy for them than for the Leftist traitors who are pulling their strings.

    • Some are trained soldiers and agitators, check out last years videos of their movement through Eastern Europe to Germany and beyond. They looked like military units on a forced march.

  2. I wonder what would happen if a some trucks pulled up and unloaded hundreds of AK-47s and RPGs with plenty of ammunition into the hands of these characters along with the words, “Allahu Akbar”? Remember those military shotguns they intercepted from Turkey? The Mumbai attack was only ten. Imagine what hundreds could do.

    It’s sure as hell what I’d do if I was a Jihadi general. Imagine how many people they could murder in a gun-free zone like Paris? Like, thousands. After that the French might make like the Spanish and simply surrender – promise to behave themselves in exchange for “protection”.

    If they could fly two 747s into the World Trade Center, why wouldn’t they be able to sneak a few hundred war guns into Paris? Who’s going to stop a truck, especially a truck full of loaded assault rifles?

    • That is my worry, the US border patrol and customs agents say they stop at best 25% of the goods smuggled into the US and that the norm is closer to 10%. I don’t figure that the European border forces are any better. That means between 3 and 9 firearms make it in for every one caught.

      If you want to see the carnage that will result look at the videos from Saigon during the fall. There are also many news reel shows about the liberation of Europe in WWII to watch and get a real good idea of what is coming. Not what might happen but what is coming, and there is a very high probability (in the high 90s) that it will start some time in late April or early May but but not later then late June.

  3. What did the big official brains think was going to happen when they tore up the Calais camp without deporting the squatters?

    Of course the aliens were going to head somewhere else to find free stuff.

    • I can’t understand it at all. Sudanese hitchhiking to the UK from France?

      Why did they let Calais get so far out of hand? How far will it go in the central Paris?

      Why are all these agents of incitement – Soros-funded NGOs, organized crime families, spurious “journalists” – given so much oxygen?

      Why this reluctance on the part of the French government to acknowledge a national security emergency?

      • Last one first, politicians don’t want to admit they make mistakes, they might lose their jobs and admitting that they let grave national security risk grow right under their noses is a real big don’t admit.

      • How far will it go in Central Paris, much further then any sane person wants, the left is going to allow this to fester for a long while before anything is done. Translation it will go on until there is a real big explosion/riot because of the new rally point for the invaders.

  4. I wonder if the young man in the video is educated, or has any skills that could be used in an advanced country such as France.

    I suppose he could become a taxi driver or something. But more likely he will end up in crime, and graduate to advanced stuff.

    Its tragic. By allowing millions of such people to come to Europe, the very nature of a peaceful and industrious Europe will be destroyed. That means there will be far less money to give poor countries. Thus all will suffer.

    • Crime is the best guess.

      A lot of the uneducated people in Europe and North America are going to be out of work later this century, predictions I have read say that better then 3 quarters of all factory work will be done by Robots by 2050 at the latest. Where will all of the people who only have a high school education find work?

      Thank the left dominated labor unions for pricing the laborers out of jobs. The labor unions and the planned inflation of the Marxist economists have made robots cheaper then humans. And much more reliable.

      • Carl’s Jr. CEO wants to try automated restaurant where customers ‘never see a person’

        …Puzder says the automated restaurant would be cheaper since he wouldn’t have to worry about rising minimum wage.

        “If you’re making labor more expensive, and automation less expensive- this is not rocket science,” Puzder said.

        “They’re always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall, or an age, sex, or race discrimination case,” says Puzder of swapping employees for machines. “

        • You will have to have some maintenance personal on site 24/7 but otherwise the business/factory can run 22 hours a day with 2 hours a day for maintenance. Any students that want to get jobs in the future need to look at a career in robotics.

          The Japanese are developing Robot Maids/caregivers to take care of their aging population.

          • If the US wants to become a manufacturing center again it will have to come to terms with the unions. Unfortunately, most union bosses are dedicated communists with no interest in productivity or profit. They live in a 19th century dreamland in which the rich man in the top hat has unlimited cash and only pays low wages because he’s evil. Getting such idiots to cooperate is well-nigh impossible, really. But robots really are going to keep increasing their presence in the workplace as the unionized worker makes them increasingly economically viable…

          • That’s a good idea. Have you ever spent time with someone who has alzheimer’s? It gets extremely difficult to not get flustered when you hear the same story for the 500th time. A robot wouldn’t have that problem. Good idea. Plus you could ask the thing what day it is without having to hear, “I just told you it was Monday”. Very good idea…

        • Oh, believe me, I am not enamored of the Taharrushifying “poor wretches”. As a matter of fact, I would describe 90% of those characters as total ne’er-do-wells – the very last people any sane nation would want to take in en masse. It’s just that I think they really are pawns – just like those poor deluded devils in Gaza and the West Bank. Islam seems to have an unlimited number of young men they can spend like loose cash without every worrying about running out or actually giving a damn about them.

          Actually, it makes mathematical sense that a polygamous society would have a surplus of expendable, probably virginal, lower-class males that nobody cares about. People love pointing out that the Jihadists kill more Muslims than anybody else, as if that changes everything somehow.

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