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6 Replies to “Italian Police let er rip against a crowd of what are likely illegal muslim migrants.”

  1. You can hear the “protesters” jeering and laughing and taunting, safe in the belief that the infidels are too politically correct and homosexual to do anything to them, and then “wham!!!”. Very satisfying. Now I suppose left-wing groups will be trying to charge those officers and ruin their careers, but I’ll bet the Italian People are overjoyed. Those Muslim males really believe that we are all a bunch of pussies and that they are going to take over the West without as much as a punch being thrown. Wrong!

    I have no mercy for the bastards. They may be pawns, but they are complicit and evil pawns. They are in Italy to take it over and turn it into another Somalia, ruled by Islam. And they just can’t wait to get raping those hot half-naked Italian sluts. No mercy…

    Oh, and by the way, I am totally pro-immigration and I believe that Canada would be a boring food-challenged uninteresting place without all the different races and customs etcetera. It’s just the being conquered and forced to get down on my knees and pray to a god I truly hate, while our women are being raped part that bothers me…

    Hey Muslims. I didn’t used to feel such hatred toward your god. It’s you, by your words and your actions, who have forced me to think that way. I’ve never been a racist and I’ve never been a hater. The last two people I talked to today were the Hindu lady across the hall and the a black Jamaican friend. Good work, fellas. Pretty soon you’ll have all 5.5 billion of us totally pissed off at you. Are you guys really so dumb and arrogant-over-nothing that you think that’s a good idea? Do you really think you’re going to take down 5.5 billion infidels, considering most of them are quite a bit further up the advancement tree than you guys are? Have you ever seen a picture of Berlin after the war? Keep it up. Just keep it up…

  2. Unfortunately it’s the only thing they understand. The guy with the sash should be given a medal for leading by example.

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