Doctors Without Borders but with lots and lots of Muslims

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I had suspected this organization of being infiltrated for a long time. But it’s worse than I thought: the French secret services connected to the Muslim Brotherhood! In addition, supreme perversity, they use this prestigious NGO to serve as a screen for the dirty work of the French state, using hospitals as a shield in the style of the “Islamic State”! Nauseating!

MSF have acted alongside terrorist groups against the state and the people of Syria


Bashar Jaafari’s accusations against Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières = MSF) do not surprise us. Members of MSF have played the same role as spies in Syria that Médecins du Monde have played in Gaza. We have exposed MSF’s commitment to the side of the armed groups since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, (*).

Its members have entered Syria illegally, guided by secret agents linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, in supposedly “liberated” areas, where mercenaries, funded originally by Qatar, were established to attack the Syrian state, its infrastructure, its people. They were the source of false propaganda campaigns from the armed groups. [Silvia Cattori]

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Damascus accuses MSF of acting for French intelligence

Damascus accused the members of the NGO Doctors Without Borders deployed in Syria to work on behalf of French intelligence.

Employees of the MSF hospital destroyed by a missile in northern Damascus on Monday were working for the French intelligence services, the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari said.

“The so-called hospital was installed by the French network called Doctors Without Borders which is a subsidiary of French intelligence on Syrian territory, without consultations with the Syrian Government “, M.Jaafari told reporters. According to the diplomat, the hospital staff were operating without permission from Damascus.

“They assume all the consequences of this act because they did not consult the Syrian government,” he stressed.

Previously, MSF reported the destruction of the hospital located in the Syrian province of Idleb. According to the organization’s data, at least seven people, including five patients, a doctor and a guard were among the victims of the attack.

The Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riad Haddad has subsequently accused the US air force of destroying the MSF hospital. The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for his part said that a Russian missile had struck the installation

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  1. Yep, Amnesty Watch, Human Rights xxx, all of them are SJWs (social justice warriors) for Islam. It’s irrational as hell. Islam hates them all! But they don’t care about rational discussion and common sense. And the muslims have been busy, busy, infiltrating, making sure no one steps out of line and has a doubt about Islam. Must be interesting in those meetings when one or two Muslims make it impossible for one of those oh so ‘outspoken’ members to express any reservation regarding the absoluion of Islam from violence. Say the wrong thing, and you will be punished and ostracized. Can it go on?

    • The lefts arrogance makes them think they are smarter then everyone else and can control all other groups. During the heyday of the western terrorists groups they worked with the Islamic groups developing the network that ended up implementing the Arab Spring. The left thinks they can use the Moslems to destroy civilization and then allow the left to create the socialist utopia that they desire. The Moslems think they can use the left to get their military inside the western countries and then destroy the Western countries and the left.

      As the year continues and the fighting grows we are going to be fighting both groups.

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