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5 Replies to “At last! SOMEONE in the media handles the attack on trump rationally”

  1. Come on, people… Reagan shooting students because they want a park rather than a parking lot? How is that proportional to what was going on? In what world is that a good thing, or rational?!

    Don’t you veer off to looney right now, Vlad… looney left is more more in evidence these days, but loons lurk on both sides, ready to leap into the fray.

    • Well how are those students supposed to get to the park? Their moms can’t drive them forever.

      Besides, as football fans across the US show is, a tailgate party is better than a picnic and you can get beer delivered there.

    • The right of free speech and freedom of protest doesn’t include seizing public property and stopping it use for anything you don’t agree with! You are saying Vlad is swinging to the loony right but that sounds like the loony left picking and choosing the facts they want to listen to. I lived through the 60s and freedom for everyone was not what the protesters wanted, they wanted to create a Marxist hell hole that they ruled. Now their intellectual and for all I know genetic descendants are once again trying to deprive the people who don’t believe the same way the right of free speech and the right of peaceful assembly.

      Grow and and start using your brain rather then let your leftist teachers tell you what to think.

      • I don’t know, Richard, if those students long ago had a case or not. But I am damn sure that in a democracy, you don’t shoot at protesters simply for contesting the use of a public space.

        If you defend the right of free speech and right of public assembly, how come you are defending those who would shoot at the people who are exercising those rights, simply for being on the other side of some line drawn in sand by the politicos?

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