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  1. CON AIR: Couple who flew migrants into UK for a DAY to claim £1.6m in benefits facing jail (express, Mar 15, 2016)

    “A COUPLE who flew migrants into Britain for ONE DAY to claim £1.6million in benefits are facing jail after their bogus scam was exposed.

    Chowdhury Muyeed, 51, and Asma Khanam, 47, recruited hundreds to fly in to Stansted and go straight to Job Centre interviews to get National Insurance numbers.

    The pair recruited Italian nationals of Bangladeshi origin for the scheme as they are eligible to work in the country.

    Their details were then connected to bogus addresses and they were registered with the Government as working for the couple 24 hours per week, making them entitled to benefits.

    In reality, they had gone home.

    But registered as workers they were then entitled to housing benefit totalling £578,000 from the London Borough of Redbridge and more than £600,000 from Tower Hamlets.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was also stung for over £420,000.

    The couple then split the benefits with them.

    On Monday a jury found Muyeed guilty of conspiring to dishonestly produce false statements of information while Khanam and Rahman were found guilty of furnishing documents.

    Judge Nigel Peters, QC, said: “She has been convicted of being involved with her husband in a housing benefit fraud on a huge scale.

    “They have been convicted of serious offences and, in the male defendant’s cases, they both face substantial sentences of imprisonment.”

    Muyeed and Khanam set up the companies Families for Survival UK and Age Shelter UK Ltd.

    Accomplice Habibur Rahman, 36, ran bogus businesses including Haiba Laiba Ltd and Crystal Jobs Ltd to run a similar con.

    Prosecutor Mark Himsworth had told jurors the benefits office at London Borough of Redbridge became suspicious when they noticed large numbers of claims which were both well-prepared and well-evidenced and had unusual similarities….”

  2. Turkey declares curfew in Diyarbakir area to fight Kurdish militants (reuters, Mar 15, 2016)

    “Turkish authorities declared a curfew in a neighbourhood of southeast Turkey’s largest city Diyarbakir on Tuesday to fight Kurdish militants in the area, local officials announced as clashes broke out in the area.

    The curfew was imposed in the Kaynartepe neighbourhood of Diyarbakir’s Baglar district from 3 a.m. (0100 GMT) in the face of moves by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants to set up barricades, dig ditches and plant explosives in the area, the local authorities statement said.

    PKK fighters blocked roads and halted vehicles in the area and clashed with security forces sporadically through the night as a police helicopter flew overhead, witnesses said.

    Violence has surged in the mainly Kurdish southeast since a 2-1/2 year ceasefire with the PKK collapsed in July. The militants have focused their strikes on security forces in southeastern towns, some of which have been under curfew.”

  3. UKIP fury as Brussels orders CRACKDOWN on ‘misbehaving’ MEPs after Farage protest (express, Mar 15, 2016)

    “A TOP Brussels bureaucrat has sparked outrage after ordering television crews in the European Parliament to stop filming MEPs who “misbehave”.

    Martin Schulz has urged crews to cut away from politicians who wave placards or wear masks during debates, according to insiders.

    Mr Schulz, the head of the European Parliament, is also believed to have demanded a reduction in the number of photographers working in the chamber.

    He is concerned the cameras “encourage” the 750 elected members to mount protests, sources have claimed.

    Several MEPs including Nigel Farage took placards into the chamber in Strasbourg during last year’s Greek bailout referendum.

    The Ukip leader’s ‘Oxi’ placard – in support of a ‘No’ vote – was confiscated by Jean-Claude Junker, the European Commission president.

    He tweeted: “Mr Juncker nicked my Oxi sign in the European Parliament when I turned my back. Don’t worry, I went and got it back.”

    Mike Hookem, the Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, last night hit out at Mr Schulz’s edict.

    He said: “This is undemocratic totalitarianism. We are there to get our point across, and sometimes the best way to do that is visually.

    “MEPs of all denominations will carry on and we will fight against this.”

    Mr Schulz raised the matter at a meeting last week, according to a memo seen by the Telegraph.

    His spokesman confirmed he had asked the television crews not to focus on “members who are staging a demonstrations”.

    The TV service is “primarily meant to be a record of parliamentary proceedings” rather than protests, he added.”

    • Silly politicians how dare they think they could do anything to lessen the power of the Bureaucrats? Of course they had to be taught who actually is in control.

      The Republican establishment is trying the same thing with Donald Trump and to a lesser extent Ted Cruz.

  4. Macedonia returned about 600 migrants to Greece: police (reuters, Mar 15, 2016)

    “Macedonia has sent about 600 migrants who crossed the border on Monday back to Greece, a Macedonian police official said on Tuesday.

    Most of the migrants were taken back to Greece on Monday or overnight on trucks, the official said.

    Hundreds of migrants marched out of a Greek transit camp, hiked for hours along muddy paths and forded a rain-swollen river on Monday to get around a border fence and cross into Macedonia, where they were detained.”

  5. Trump opens Pandora’s box in US
    Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-14 0:40:36
    Donald Trump, front-runner to be the GOP’s candidate for the upcoming US presidential election, encountered a major protest at his campaign event in Chicago on Friday evening. Over a thousand people, both his supporters and opponents engaged in a physical confrontation, which was quelled by police who arrested a number of people.

    Fist fights among voters who have different political orientations is quite common in developing countries during election seasons. Now, a similar show is shockingly staged in the US, which boasts one of the most developed and mature democratic election systems.

    Trump’s mischief has overthrown a lot of conventional norms of US political life.

    His remarks are abusively racist and extremist, which has left an impression on the US public that he is intentionally overthrowing political correctness.

    Trump’s rise was not anticipated by most analysts and observers. At the beginning of the election, Trump, a rich, narcissist and inflammatory candidate, was only treated as an underdog. His job was basically to act as a clown to attract more voters’ attention to the GOP. However, knocking down most other promising candidates, the clown is now the biggest dark horse.

    Trump is the last option for the GOP establishment. If he wins the primaries, the GOP will face a bitter dilemma. On the one hand, it will be a big compromise to GOP values, and the party takes a major risk of losing the game if they choose Trump as their candidate for president; on the other hand, if the GOP refuses to choose Trump, he might run as an independent candidate and split the vote, in which case, the GOP will also stand no chance in the final game.

    The rise of Trump has opened a Pandora’s box in US society. Trump’s supporters are mostly lower-class whites, and they lost a lot after the 2008 financial crisis. The US used to have the largest and most stable middle class in the Western world, but many are going down.

    • I don’t know what China thinks it is doing because not many voters are going to be swayed by what they thoik. They are playing the race card and being very clumsy about i, all in all the best I can come up with is that China is afrad of Trump and are trying to scare us so he won’t bre elected.

      • Chinese are jealous they can’t get under our skin like the Russkis.
        Everybody’s jealous. Even Iran tries to get to us through their lousy Press TV.

        But the Russians have invested a fortune in RT, a masterful coup perfectly timed. There’s real strategy at work, backed by real money.

        • Russia started playing the propaganda game in the 1850s or 60s and has been getting better at it as time passes. They also have the advantage of having a lot of leftist in our media. The MB is taking advantage of the alliance between the left and Islam and is learning how to manipulate our press but Iran is facing the disadvantage that the MB is Sunni which is blocking most of the Shii propaganda.

  6. Donald Trump’s rise sparks alarm in Japan

    As polls open for US primaries in Ohio and Florida, the political elite in Tokyo is starting to confront a disconcerting idea: that their indispensable US ally could actually elect Donald Trump as president.

    The controversial businessman, now favorite for the Republican nomination, hits Japan regularly in his stump speeches for supposedly unfair trade practices and freeriding on US military protection.

    According to a number of officials, Tokyo is still fairly relaxed about Mr Trump’s views on security, regarding the US-Japan alliance as strong enough to cope, but they are becoming increasingly alarmed by bipartisan attacks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal crucial to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

    “To start with they just thought ‘he’s funny’,” said Masatoshi Honda, a professor of politics at Kinjo University. “But recently they’re starting to worry — what happens if Trump wins?”

  7. Driver killed in Berlin car bomb may have been victim of ‘Mafia-style hit’

    11:37, 15 Mar 2016
    Updated 12:48, 15 Mar 2016
    By Steve Robson

    An eyewitness described the 43-year-old victim as having “bloody legs” after he stumbled out of the VW Passat which exploded in the German capital

    A car bomb has exploded in central Berlin killing the driver in what may be a Mafia-style hit.

    The huge blast shook the German capital at around 8am this morning.

    “Our investigators believe it was an explosive device that caused the vehicle to explode,” said Berlin police on Twitter.

    A picture posted by the force showed the wreckage of a silver Volkswagen Passat estate on the street with its windows blown out and its front end smashed in.–7559013

  8. North Korea leader orders nuclear warhead test, missile launches
    North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered an upcoming nuclear warhead test and multiple ballistic missile launches, escalating Pyongyang’s face-off with the international community just days after being slapped with tough UN sanctions.

    The order came after Kim monitored what was described as the successful simulated test of the warhead re-entry technology required for a long-range nuclear strike on the US mainland, the North’s official KCNA news agency said Tuesday.

    Military tensions have been soaring on the divided Korean peninsula since the North carried out its fourth nuclear test on January 6, followed a month later by a long-range rocket launch that was widely seen as a disguised ballistic missile test.

  9. Chicago Cop: Anti-Trump Mob More Aggressive and Destructive than Reported

    The protests launched by militant leftists who shut down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally were far more aggressive and destructive than reported, says a Chicago Police officer.

    “It seems the [media] aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans,” the officer wrote shortly after the canceled Trump event.

    The officer, who posed anonymously on the Second City Cop blog, also noted the media didn’t report that protesters were running through parking lots and breaking windows of cars with Trump stickers on them, or that the department called out emergency Incident Teams to cope with the anti-Trump riot at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

    Later that same day the officer posted a second, much longer post, to detail the failures of the police leaders to plan for and respond to the protests.

  10. Putin’s Shock Plan to Pull Troops From Syria Puts Pressure on Assad

    Syria’s main opposition group said Russia’s withdrawal of forces from the country will help peace talks in Geneva, even as a top Russian military official said that airstrikes will continue against terrorists.

    QuickTake Syria’s Civil War

    The pullout ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin is “a positive step which will help to move forward the negotiations,” Salem al-Muslet, chief spokesman for the Saudi-backed High Negotiations Committee, told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday. Syria’s opposition wants to see “actions on the ground” supporting Putin’s announcement, he said.

    Su-34 bombers are among jets that have left the Khmeimim air base in Syria and troops are “loading equipment, logistics items and inventory into transport” planes, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday on Twitter. Forces remaining in Syria are under orders to continue airstrikes against terrorists because it’s too early to talk about the defeat of terrorism, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said at the base Tuesday, according to a ministry spokesman.

    Putin, whose military intervention last year in support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime turned the tide in Syria’s five-year civil war, ordered the partial pullout on Monday. The surprise move puts pressure on the Syrian government and opposition groups to reach a peace deal at talks that resumed in Geneva on Monday. Russia has urged the Syrian leader to be “constructive” in the negotiations to end a conflict that’s killed a quarter-million people, sparked a refugee exodus to Europe and allowed Islamic State a foothold.

    • Russian warplanes leave Syria, raising U.N. hopes for peace talks

      MOSCOW/GENEVA (Reuters) – Russian warplanes began leaving Syria on Tuesday as Moscow started to draw down forces that have tipped the war President Bashar al-Assad’s way, and the U.N. envoy said he hoped the move would have a positive impact on peace talks under way in Geneva.

      As the first aircraft touched down in Russia, U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura called it a “significant development” and said he hoped President Vladimir Putin’s move would advance progress toward a solution and a peaceful political transition in Syria.

      Putin’s announcement of the withdrawal of the “main part” of Russian armed forces in Syria has led Assad’s opponents to speculate Moscow may be trying to press him toward a political settlement, though Damascus has dismissed any talk of differences with its ally and says the move was coordinated.

      It was unclear what the withdrawal would mean for the outcome of the war or for the future of Assad.

      The talks under way in Geneva are part of a diplomatic push launched with U.S.-Russian support to end the five-year-long war that has killed more than 250,000 people, created the world’s worst refugee crisis, and allowed for the rise of Islamic State.

      U.S.-Russian cooperation had already brought about a lull in the war going into the talks via a “cessation of hostilities agreement” that led to a sharp decline in fighting between rebels and the government in western Syria.

      • I really wish I knew what was going on, a couple of weeks ago Putin threatened to use nukes and how he is pulling out? Something is up but I don’t know what.

        • Russian friends are talking about a huge concentration of tanks suddenly massed on or near the border with Ukraine. Reported on some TV news program in Russian last night.

          I’ve been looking for info all day, can’t find anything useful.

          • That isn’t a good sign.

            Flat feet are good for some things, the VA giving me a pair of real good waling shoes and a real good pair of boots.

  11. Suspended U.N. diplomat to plead guilty in U.S. bribery case

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A suspended deputy United Nations ambassador from the Dominican Republic accused of participating in a scheme to bribe a former U.N. General Assembly president is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday, according to a court filing.

    Francis Lorenzo, 48, is scheduled to appear in Manhattan federal court for a plea hearing, according to a docket entry on Monday. A lawyer for Lorenzo confirmed he would plead guilty at the hearing to charges including conspiracy to commit bribery.

    “Ambassador Lorenzo is remorseful and has chosen to accept full responsibility for his participation in his criminal conduct with his co-defendants,” said Brian Bieber, Lorenzo’s lawyer.

    Lorenzo is one of six individuals charged in October in connection with a scheme to pay more than $1.3 million in bribes to John Ashe, a former U.N. ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda and who served as General Assembly president from 2013 to 2014.

    Prosecutors said those bribes included more than $500,000 that Ng Lap Seng, a billionaire real estate developer in Macau, paid through intermediaries to Ashe to seek U.N. support of a U.N.-sponsored conference center in Macau.

    Authorities said the intermediaries included Lorenzo, who prosecutors said also received bribes from Ng, and Jeff Yin, Ng’s assistant.

  12. New York police have low morale, say city less safe: poll

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A majority of New York City police officers believe the city has become a more dangerous place and feel less satisfied in their jobs, according to a survey released on Monday by the city’s largest police union.

    More than 6,000 of the city’s 24,000 patrol officers responded to the online survey, which was conducted by public opinion firm McLaughlin & Associates on behalf of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

    Nearly 90 percent of the respondents said the city had become “less safe” in the last few years since Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton began their tenure. Ninety-six percent said the relationship between the public and the department had worsened.

    “The results of this survey prove what we’ve been hearing time and time again from members over the past two years – the job is more difficult than ever, the dangers are greater, and morale is extremely low,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.

    “The understaffing, inadequate training, low pay and lack of support has had a chilling effect on police officers across the city.”

    Monica Klein, a spokeswoman for de Blasio, called the survey’s results “highly suspect.”

    “We are experiencing historic lows in criminal activity,” she said. “Murders and shootings are at their lowest in modern history. NYPD is the most effective police force in the country thanks to our officers’ dedication and commitment to their job.”

  13. Iraqi commander sees Islamic State retrenching before Mosul battle

    MAKHMOUR, Iraq (Reuters) – Islamic State is retrenching as Iraqi forces build up for an operation to retake the northern city of Mosul and some local militants desert the group, the commander in charge of the highly anticipated offensive said.

    Thousands of Iraqi troops have deployed to the north with heavy weapons in recent weeks, setting up base alongside U.S. forces and troops from Iraq’s Kurdish autonomous region in Makhmour — a launchpad around 60 kilometers south of Mosul.

    Although he described Islamic State as depleted, Nineveh Operations Commander Major General Najm al-Jubbouri said jockeying between the various forces preparing to take part in the battle for Mosul benefited the militants.

    “The operation to liberate Nineveh will be done in stages,” Jubbouri said, referring to the province of which Mosul is capital. “Now we are more or less just waiting for the order of the commander in chief to begin the first step.”

    Mosul, home to around two million people before it fell to Islamic State during a lightning offensive in 2014, is by far the biggest city ruled by the jihadist group in either Iraq or Syria. An Iraqi offensive to recapture it, backed by air strikes and advisors from a U.S.-led coalition, would be the biggest counterattack ever mounted against the group.

    Kurdish and Iraqi military sources say the initial move will be westwards from Makhmour to the town of Qayyara on the Tigris River, which would sever Islamic State’s main artery between Mosul and territory it controls further south and east.

  14. Cyprus says cannot give consent to opening Turkey EU chapters

    NICOSIA (Reuters) – The Cypriot government said on Tuesday it could not consent to the European Union entering a new phase with Turkey in its bid to join the bloc, potentially scuppering an accord between the EU and Ankara on stemming the influx of refugees into Europe.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told EU leaders last week that Ankara was willing to take back all refugees and migrants who enter Europe from Turkey in future in return for financial aid, faster EU entry talks and quicker visa-free travel for its citizens.

    But Nicosia has been at loggerheads with Turkey since the 1974 Turkish invasion partitioned the island into two sectors, the Greek Cypriot side recognized internationally as Cyprus, and a breakaway Turkish Cypriot state.

    Recognizing the potential problem, EU Council President Donald Tusk visited Nicosia on Tuesday and was due to meet Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu later in the day in Ankara.

    “I conveyed to President Tusk our position that the Republic of Cyprus does not intend to consent to the opening of any chapters if Turkey does not fulfill its obligations as described in the negotiating framework,” Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades told reporters after a meeting with Tusk.

  15. Bill Ayers’ ‘altar’ to evil and the radical-left sickness attacking America

    Many readers are aware that Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers was on-hand for the anti-Trump demonstration in Chicago on Friday night. The demonstration, organized by Soros-funded (see here, here, here), turned violent, and got Trump’s planned campaign rally cancelled.

    On Saturday, Ayers tweeted out a picture of what he called “the dining room alter [sic],” which shows images of radical figures grouped over what appears to be a brick fireplace arch.

    Nothing says “ash heap of history” like a superannuated fanboy terrorist. Not exactly what Hannah Arendt had in mind with the “banality of evil” – but surely a corollary to the proposition.

    In any case, Ayers’ reference to an “altar” – and the implication of worshiping at a shrine to bloodthirsty evil – cued the echo of a memory for me. The memory wasn’t of a previous allusion to an altar by Ayers or one of his associates, but it was an invocation of “altar” imagery by a scholar of their movement’s vileness and perversion: Paul Kengor.

    In 2010, Kengor did a series of interviews with Breitbart just after the publication of his book Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century. (Which procure forthwith and read, if you haven’t.)

    The interview series was posted in segments, and the one that dealt with Bernardine Dohrn and the infamous Weatherman (or Weather Underground) “war council” of December 1969 has the passage in question. Here is an extended excerpt:

    Big Peace: [T]he Weathermen…were communists, right?

    Kengor: Yes. The shift toward the Weathermen was the culmination of a rift within SDS [Students for a Democratic Society]. SDS had soured into a witches’ brew of varying factions, from anti-war liberals to Maoists, followers of Che and Fidel, and even the occasional Stalinist. [Mark] Rudd was disturbed by the unusual “adulation of Joseph Stalin” among some comrades.

    Another critical area of separation was the divergent feelings about violence. Advocacy of violence was a central reason why Weathermen went underground. But it wasn’t the only reason. Some were interacting with foreign adversaries. Bill Ayers was inspired by the Cuban revolution–still is. Ayers is currently swept up with Hugo Chavez, as are many “Progressives for Obama.” Not coincidentally, Chavez is a huge fan of Obama, who he calls “hope.”

  16. DAILY MAIL – ‘He’s a grown man, just like you’: Father of captured American-born ISIS fighter, 26, ‘hits camerawoman’ and scolds reporters outside family’s Virginia home

    Kurdish fighters captured an American man on Monday, reportedly trying to flee the Islamic State after spending two months fighting for the group
    He was identified as Mohammed Jamal Amin, but the name on the Virginia driver’s license he was carrying is actually Mohamad Jamal Khweis
    On Monday, Khweis’ father got into an argument with reporters outside the family’s Fairfax County home as he was leaving to go meet with authorities
    One reporter also claimed that the father, Jamal Khweis, hit a camerawoman in his rage

  17. TORONTO – Toronto Police Chief: ‘Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people’

    videos on the page :
    CBC – Ayanie Hassan Ali accused of stabbing at Canadian Forces centre

  18. DAILY MAIL – BELGIUM Hunt for Paris massacre jihadists after shootout in Brussels: Three police officers injured and gunman on run following anti-terror raid

    Two men with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on police officers as they prepared to storm house in Belgian capital
    Police snipers surrounded building where suspected jihadis are holed up but some are believed to have gone on run
    Officers said to be acting on tip off related to November’s attacks in Paris when 130 people were killed by ISIS cell

  19. EU – Donald Trump Could Take ‘Extremely Dangerous Decisions’ If Elected, EU’s Martin Schulz Says

    Calling U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a “populist,” European Parliament President Martin Schulz said Saturday that neither Europe nor the U.S. was prepared for a Donald Trump presidency.

    “Trump belongs to these people that we also have here in Europe, who have a scapegoat for all issues but never have a concrete solution,” Schulz told French television i-Tele, adding that he preferred another candidate, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. Secretary of State.

    Schulz, who is the president of E.U.’s directly elected parliament — the legislative wing of the 28-country eurozone bloc — said that Trump had no “international experience” and felt that he could, if elected, take “extremely dangerous decisions.”


    reuters – EU’s Schulz wouldn’t favor a Trump White House

    European Parliament President Martin Schulz said on Saturday that neither Europe nor the United States was prepared for a Donald Trump presidency as the likely Republican candidate had no international experience and was a populist.

    “Trump belongs to these people that we also have here in Europe, who have a scapegoat for all issues but never have a concrete solution,” Schulz told French television i-Tele.

    “Honestly, I prefer another candidate,” he said, referring to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. Secretary of State.

    Schulz, a German Social Democrat, is president — or speaker — of the European Union’s directly elected parliament, whose 751 members have the power to approve, amend or reject legislation affecting the whole 28-country bloc.

  20. GERMANY – Hannover Airport closed due to bomb alert on Turkish Airlines plane

    Hannover Airport in northern Germany has been closed due to a bomb alert involving a passenger plane of Turkish Airlines, airport officials say. Passengers on board the aircraft have been evacuated.

    The incident began on late Tuesday afternoon and involves an Airbus A320 of Turkish Airlines. Details about the exact nature of the bomb threat were not immediately released and it is unclear whether anything suspicious has been found.

    An airport spokesman said the airport has been completely closed, meaning that incoming flights will be diverted to other airports and outgoing flights are on hold. Passengers on the affected aircraft have been evacuated and taken to one of the terminals.

    The Turkish Airlines flight was coming from Istanbul and will be examined by bomb experts, German media reported.

    Other details were not immediately available. Hannover Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany.

  21. BREITBART – Pictures – No Borders Hippies Lead Migrant Death March, Thousands Detained

    Blond haired activists with piercings and dreadlocks allegedly led three migrants to their deaths yesterday, distributing inaccurate maps and corralling them across a river. Hundred of migrants have been returned to Greece, and the activists walked free with €250 fines.

    […]The Macedonian police and armed forces were quick to catch up with them. Last night police said they had detained 2,445 migrants for illegal crossing, and a further 37 journalists traveling with them.

    Those responsible are thought to be mostly German activists, who were photographed assisting the migrants across the river. Those pictures had blond hair, piercings, dreadlocks, and hippy-like attire.

    The apparent appearance of left wing, open border agitators in the rapidly growing Greek migrant camps will be seen as alarming by some. Such people have been a fixture in the Calais migrant camp for some time, and have been accused of whipping up violence and coordinating aggressive protests.

    […]Over the weekend, migrants in Idomeni held an aggressive protest, placing babies on railway tracks and demanding open borders. They were equipped with signs, neatly written in English.

    Migrants heckle EU commissioner in Idomeni

  22. Danish PM vows to take on radical imams

    Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said on Tuesday that he will convene MPs from across the political spectrum to discuss Islamic extremism following a string of controversial comments from religious leaders.

    This time, there may be political consensus to take action, as Social Democrat leader Mette Frederiksen told DR that her party is ready to negotiate with Rasmussen on the issue.

    “We have parallel societies in which religious leaders believe they have a stronger voice than our constitution and human rights. We must stand up against them,” she said.

  23. Iraqi Priest Who Was Held Hostage by Terrorists Asks US to Declare ‘Genocide’

    For eight years, Father Douglas al-Bazi says, he never spoke about the time he was held hostage by terrorists in Iraq.

    But now, al-Bazi is telling his story to inspire the United States to make the ultimate statement against the terrorists of the Islamic State—to declare that ISIS’ attacks against Christians constitute “genocide.”

    “From 2006 to 2014, nobody heard about my story, because who am I to complain, as a priest? Who am I to complain about my life?” al-Bazi told The Daily Signal. “I don’t like for people to feel sorry about me. But in 2014, [with] what happened with ISIS to my people, I said, that’s it—we have to talk. We have to put an end to this.”

  24. The Left Is Embracing Orwellian Policies to Go After ‘Climate Deniers’

    Just when we thought liberalism can’t get any more authoritarian, the Obama administration reminds us that it can.

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently confirmed that she had “referred” the “matter” of whether climate change “deniers” should be brought to court on racketeering charges to the FBI.

    Yes, that’s right. If you happen to disagree with the administration’s views of global warming, you could face a civil suit accusing you of fraud and corruption.

    This represents a breathtaking corruption of the law. Laws designed to catch mafia figures on corruption charges could be twisted to punish Americans whose only crime is to contest the Obama administration’s view of climate change.

  25. The hard core liberals will think this is a good idea, the intelligent people will think this is another power grab by Obama and company.

  26. DAILY MAIL How ISIS is going against Islam’s teachings: Texts suggest Muslim prophet wanted Christians to be ‘protected and defended’, claims expert

    This is according to Dr Craig Considine of Rice University in Texas
    Studied texts believed to have been written by Prophet Muhammed
    Also says other parts of the Qu’ran have been misinterpreted by ISIS
    ‘Muslims shall hold themselves in duty bound to aid and care for [Christians]’ one of the previously untranslated texts reads

  27. German anti-Islam PEGIDA leader summoned on hate speech charges

    The founder of Germany’s xenophobic and anti-Islam group PEGIDA has been summoned to court on hate speech charges for describing refugees as “cattle” and “scum”, a court in Dresden said.

    Lutz Bachmann, 43, was charged with inciting hatred in October for a series of widely shared posts on the PEGIDA Facebook page, which stands for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.

    A court date has been set for April, with two further hearings in May.

    The court said Bachmann’s comments “disrupted public order” and constituted an “attack on (the refugees’) dignity”.

    PEGIDA started life in October 2014 as a xenophobic Facebook group, initially drawing just a few hundred protesters to demonstrations in the eastern city of Dresden before gaining strength, peaking with turnouts of 25,000 people.

    Interest subsequently began to wane following Bachmann’s overtly racist comments and the surfacing of “selfies” in which he sported a Hitler-style moustache and hairstyle.

    But the group has seen a revival with the arrival of tens of thousands of asylum seekers, many fleeing war in mostly Muslim countries like Syria and Iraq. They are part of an unprecedented influx of newcomers to Germany, which took in more than a million migrants and refugees last year.

    The populist right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party made surprise gains in weekend regional polls in what was widely seen a protest vote against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees.

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