The lessons of Molenbeek

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita

From Le Journal de Montreal

How did Belgium arrive at that?

Tomorrow night at J. E. (17 h 30 on TVA and LCN), Félix Séguin and Maxime Landry will present a story about Molenbeek, a small commune of Brussels with a large concentration of jihadis.

You walk a few meters away from this village, and you are in Belgium, the country of Stromae, Hergé and Jacques Brel. You cross a small canal, and baboom! you find yourself in the Middle East.


The Six-Million-Dollar question that everyone will ask themselves while watching this rather disturbing story, thank you: how did Belgium arrive at that? We are not talking here of a neighborhood like Chinatown, Little Italy or the Little Mahgreb in Montreal.

This is not a colorful and friendly grouping of restaurants, cafes and shops, but an enclave where “outsiders” are not welcome and where even the Belgian police do not dare to venture in any longer.

How was such a zone of “lawlessness” been able to grow in the heart of the capital of Europe?

The answer is complex.

First, this is the result of a massive immigration that was particularly badly managed by Belgium. It’s fine to welcome thousands of immigrants, but we must have the means to integrate them economically!

Secondly, it is the result of a deficient urban plan. You do not your box immigrants into a ghetto that looks like a concrete jungle with no infrastructure to occupy young people.

I have visited a “red” suburb located near Paris. Residents (almost all immigrants) are boxed into blocks that resemble gigantic chicken pens. Any uglier and you die.

It looked like Chernobyl. A plant destined manufacture delinquents.


Thirdly, under the pretext of “respecting the culture of others,” communitarianism and radicalism have been allowed to develop that go against all the values of the country.

By accommodating al kinds of unreasonable demands, Belgium has finished up by giving way to the fundamentalists …

And fourthly, the state has given up and abandoned the residents of this Islamist ghetto to their fate.

It’s like saying to the radical imams who preach hatred of the West in the many mosques in Molenbeek: “Do what you want with your youth and your unemployed. You can have them! They are yours! Enroll them, brainwash them, we don’t care!”

For the radicals, this is a real windfall: “We can transform the young of our community into little terrorists. The Belgian State doesn’t give a damn. “

It’s like saying to the inhabitants of a hyper-poor neighborhood in Montreal or Quebec: “From today, the state will no longer look after you. You want to earn some money or reinstate order in your neighborhood? Check out the Hells Angels, we dont give a damn.”


With their report, Félix Séguin and Maxime Landry will show us what not to do if we do not want to end up in the same mess …


[The original article has 592 comments on it at last check. Personally I think this article is the usual root causes and ‘it’s our fault’ nonsense we see everywhere. At least there is an admission that there are no-go zones. But Chinese people, Jews and others tend to live in certain areas and do not create these threats to civilization and sovereignty. The article is mostly effluent as I see it. The Islamic community in most cities thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood make damn sure it all works out exactly like it does, with cloistered neighborhoods and a festering religious community which has exactly nothing to do with what we, the people of Canada or Belgians for that matter, do for or to them as it doesn’t matter to the local Chinese, German, Finnish or any other group in the various cities]

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8 Replies to “The lessons of Molenbeek”

  1. In most cases, being able to see your part in a conflict – to see where you are wrong and not just to blame the other guy all the time – is a sign of someone who is both reasonable and intelligent. To come out saying, “You’re bad and I’m good, You’re wrong and I’m right!”, generally makes you sound like a blustering idiot. But sometimes, the other guy is entirely at fault and you are entirely right. What do you do then? It’s not the Belgians fault that Molenbeek has been turned into enemy territory, it’s the Muslims who have done that. The reason that the religion of Islam produces nothing but war, hatred, and poverty is that it is a wrong religion, based on incorrect principles. Why would so many millions of people be so desperate to get out of the Muslim world if Islam was such a great religion? Islam is like communism in that its adherents tend to vote with their feet. Islam is a bunch of wrong ideas stuck together in one very wrong book. Case closed.

  2. The fault belongs to the leftist who have for decades preached multiculturalism while denying the Europeans the right to be proud of their culture. The greatest civilization every known is committing suicide so fools who deny human nature can fail one more time in their attempts to create utopia.

    The only good think about the no go areas is that once the big fighting starts we will know where the enemy is located.

  3. I just watched it.

    It’s a bit “doesn’t have much to do with Islam”, but that angle is almost done out of obligation to the forces of PC.

    Generally, it shows the situation as pretty bad and is worth watching.

    The Belgians are asleep at the switch even by European standards.

  4. 1) the article is slightly exaggerated. There is no ‘no go zone’ in Molenbeek. Next to a minority of jihadists, there are many productive, integrated, and industrious people living there.
    2) Belgium is spending a lot of money to integrate its minorities (free language courses, social programs, integration programs, etc. etc. and it works with hindu’s, sikhs, shinto, … people. No problems with them. But muslims don’t want to integrate. They live in their ghetto’s, according to the norms and values of their country of origin.
    3) like in many other European countries, the government refuses to take a firm stance. They are too permissive for cultural differences that don’t fit in a western humanist democracy

  5. “Secondly, it is the result of a deficient urban plan. You do not your box immigrants into a ghetto that looks like a concrete jungle with no infrastructure to occupy young people.” That’s nonsense. There are lots of places, entire cities built like that all over Europe, and they produce fine people, instead of churning out hate, crime and terrorism. Those muslims don’t even deserve the housing and benefits they get for free. They’re parasites of a prosperous society.

  6. When my parents were in the Philippines (Cotabato) in the eighties, there wasn’t such a Muslim appearance as there is today.
    Mom was there a few years ago to find soldiers because of the elections, often marked with briefcases that can include bribes and guns.
    She noticed people avoiding her pathway and she looked down to see fresh blood splattered.
    A park in the area now had stalls and haggling Muslims.
    Her great grandma spoke of Muslim violence driving the family further south.
    The area was divided to give groups like Muslims their own space then they demand more rights and land.

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