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19 Replies to “Trump speech cancelation videos and news”

  1. Apparently, police estimated one out of ten people in audience could have been anti-Trump.
    Police and Secret Service cannot read through people’s minds.
    POSITIVE NOTE: Trump gained ONE MILLION votes tonight. Trump also spread the seed of doubt in Democratic voters.
    All in all, a great night for Trump.

    • This did bring a lot of votes for Trump, we will have to wait until later this year to see the real violence the left is capable of.

  2. Wow the disgusting Moslems are desperate to stop Trump! Go Trump!

    Donald now has Dr Ben Carson’s wholehearted endorsement and support does not come from a better source than the good doctor. All to support Trump and end Islam’s insidious evil grip on a previously politically correct obsessed nation… We are at war with Islam – back Trump!

  3. MoveOn = Antifa
    Paid protesters
    I checked their website and found a form that you can volunteer to help stop Trump and Cruz…beyond asking for time and money to support their efforts…the form on the website asks “What else would you do to stop Trump and Cruz?” Kinda suggests that they are looking for violent types…

      • They were, something on the page was really slowing down my computer but I posted some of the liberty unyielding article about one of the protesters celebrating the victory by firing an uzi into the air.

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