Four Chechens beat Vienna men (for non sharia compliance)

What this article does not say is that this is about the enforcement of the sharia in Europe. It uses a more general euphemism of ‘morality’ so that the blame can be better spread across all religious systems, as if somehow Christians or Buddhists beat up on their own members for not eating lake trout at Friday supper.

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks:

From this German News Site:

Self appointed “moral enforcers” from Chechnia severely beat two men in the Millennium City in the Vienna district Brigittenau. The religious zealots harassed a defenseless woman and her daughters. Subsequently they heavily injured the father and a witness who came to the aid of the women.

The bone of contention: A woman was on her way to a Disco after 23.00 hours with her daughters and their girlfriends. Suddenly four Chechen asylum seekers appeared, which already are known for being willing to use violence to enforce their moral views. The four Morality terrorists objected loudly that at this late hour of the night that the young women were still out, and they were physically abusive towards the women.

The shocked mother called her husband and asked him to come for help. As he arrived, he immediately was attacked and knocked to the ground. A 45-year old witness of the situation wanted to help the victim – only to also be attacked brutally and he had to be admitted to the hospital with severe wounds. “As my son lay in the ambulance, suddenly blood was gushing out of his jacket”, said the father of the computer technician to the “Krone”. The police are investigating.

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One Reply to “Four Chechens beat Vienna men (for non sharia compliance)”

  1. We all knew this was coming, the time when the European governments could have settled this peacefully has long passed.

    I want you to connect the dots:

    1: 130,000 men are missing from the refugee centers in Germany (actually the number is much higher, last December PJ media reported that 250,000 were missing from the centers now another 130,000 are added to the list). 380,000 are a lot of people, several Army Corps, the Germans call them Army groups but most people simply call them Armies.

    2. On New Years Eve there were what many consider to be coordinated mass attacks by “refugees” on women in (if memory serves me correct) a minimum of 7 European nations

    3. A Moslem rap artist in Germany makes a video singing about how they are going to take over Germany..

    4. The videos of last years refugees walking through Europe could be used as training films by military organization on how to organize forced marches.

    5. There have been numerous ships caught smuggling tons of munitions into Europe.

    6. The Moslems are becoming more violent in their attempts to enforce Sharia law in Europe.

    If you connect the dots and see anything besides an invasion and occupation in progress you need help, quickly.

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