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2 Replies to “Muslim migrants attack Christian refugees in Europe”

  1. This is a VERY important story and video to share with major media in the U.S.
    Donald Trump’s staff needs to be apprised of it. Thank you.
    Trump 2016.
    Send to
    Mr. Donald J. Trump
    % Trump Tower
    1 Central Park West
    NY, NY 10023

  2. I am glad to see that some journalists in Germany are still capable of recognizing when evil things are occurring, now for the German officials who are either deliberately or in ignorance placing Christian and Moslem refugees in the same house. At the least the officials who refuse to learn the facts about Islam and the hatred for Christians are guilty of negligence and at worst are guilty of knowingly endangerment. This can’t continue but it will until there is a major murder that can’t be covered up.

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