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13 Replies to “Multiculturalism and immigration. What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. Looks like the mask is really coming off, and the Germans need to start a German version of the Sons of Odin.

    Slightly did anyone tell the fools that the more steriods they take the smaller their package is?

  2. Wow, muslim rap in german? at least you can’t blame them for not integrating lol. Wasn’t music supposed to be forbidden in islam? ok this is more noise then music, I guess it passes.

    • All of sharia law can be summarized in one sentence. In fact it is codified somewhere, but I can’t remember exactly where in Reliance but in essense sharia works the same way communism, Falun Dafa and a number of other cults do.

      Anything you say or do that advances the cause and supremacy of islam is fine and good. Anything you say or do that inhibits it is punishable, usually by death.

      It really is that simple. So while sharia law says that no music is permissible if its for enjoyment as it distracts from jihad, war chants or anything used for recruitment or intimidation is just fine. Doubly so as they see it as mocking our cultures and using it against ourselves. Which it is.

      The muslims who died in the 911 mission against America mostly got drunk at a strip joint the night before the attack. No islamic ‘scholar’ would claim that they were not in paradise or that they were somehow not real muslims.

      Now for the reverse case:

      In the legend of Dracula, Vlad Tepes, it was claimed in Brahm Stoker’s fictionalized account of this hero’s life, that he forsook the Church because they would not give his wife a proper Catholic burial as she was a suicide. What I found interesting about this was that it was meant to create antipathy to the Church as Vlad had sacrificed so much to defend its interests in Walachia. But in fact it shows that the Church put its principles ahead of its immediate interests. It actually had integrity at that time, according to Bram’s version.

      It made it a venerable institution. I don’t know the facts of the relationship between the Church and Vlad Dracula but even the popular literature is interesting. I wonder of Stoker was schilling for Henry’s church when he wrote the book.

      So we see that Islam is demonstrably a cult. It has its own interests as a cult as front middle and back. Yes, religions can grow corrupt as man is corruptible. But Islam was designed to be corrupt and for the interests of itself and the individual animal desires of its male members (and perhaps even its female ones in some ways) from the ground up.

      Perhaps that is its genius.

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