Stabby goth chick attacks and injures 8 people at a Toronto high school

Of course I have no idea if its actually a goth chick. Are goths known for random stabbing sprees of the kind we see in Israel and the US by muslims doing jihad?

I suggest it was a goth chick because of the hundreds of witnesses, no description whatsoever beyond “long black coat” was given and certainly no names despite the fact that its likely dozens of people know her. So going on the long black coat angle, I guess she had to be a goth. What else could she possibly be?

Toronto Sun:

PICKERING – High-school students described a chaotic scene at a suburban Toronto high school on Tuesday after a female classmate ran down the hallways knifing people, leaving six students and two teachers with non-serious injuries.


Sgt. Bill Calder of Durham Regional Police says officers were called to Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ont., at 8:32 a.m. in response to reports of a stabbing. He added that two staff members wrestled the suspect to the ground and held her down until police arrived. […] Stephen Pim said he saw a girl with a long black coat chasing students in the hall of the school’s tech wing waving a knife in each hand.

(Are Goth chicks known for being ambidextrous? That could be another clue!)

Durham region:

Global news has many videos with no information at all.

Lots more non-information on google searches for 8 stabbed, Toronto, grade 9

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  1. “Global News has learned there was an apparent forewarning of the attack in a blog post on a popular social media website, in which an author alluded to planning a knife attack at a Canadian high school.”
    + “long black coat” = Elementary, dear Watson.

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