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10 Replies to “Sharia law. Its not just for muslim countries anymore!”

  1. European natives NEED to start agitating for the right to have and carry SELF-DEFENSE firearms. The females have an inherent advantage to this at a political level. I would suggest this start ASAP.

      • In a “War Emergency” weapons are always distributed to the masses because they are the last ditch defense. Are the women to remain on the front lines of this Islamic rapefugee invasion force without recourse? Yes, the people of Europe have gotten so used to being ruled that this is considered unthinkable. But that’s just it, you have to bring the “Thoughtcrimes” to the political arena in order to get the ball rolling. Women are absolutely perfect in this regard because they can legitimately argue Islamic intimidation, sexual assaults and physical attacks must be met head on with 9mm Para rounds.

    • Since there hasn’t been a conviction the news stations could be sued if they showed the faces, and some Judge would probably say they couldn’t get a fair trial because there faces had been shown. Then they would turn them loose.

      • Things have become utterly perverse, haven’t they? A bunch of hoodlums get caught on camera being violent and the news outlet chooses to obscure their faces for fear of violating their “rights” somehow. They’re throwing chairs at people, for Christ’s sake. Isn’t that exactly what news photographers are supposed to photograph and then broadcast to the public? Isn’t that the whole idea? These same idiots would have gauzed-out Lee Harvey Oswald’s face if they had the power. We are being taken over by gutless ignorant little totalitarians who have no idea what our society is even all about. They don’t even know how terribly and fundamentally wrong they are. The truth should be seen in clear bright light, not hidden in the dark. Why don’t they know that? What have their teachers been teaching them…?

  2. Separate people on the basis of nationality? Haven’t these people heard the Utopian ideal of multiculturalism and how it enriches everyone’s lives?

    EU and UN have fed and spread problems to justify their existence and high salaries, turning taxpayers into slaves to support them and their irresponsible experiments with our lives. Federica Mogherini – EU/EEAS:
    "Europe is the more advanced EXPERIMENT of living together"

    Since the beginning of the 90's, after all this time paying so high taxes to finance EU politicians' dishonest vain illusions, they just delivered this dangerous chaos today because they take our lives as experiments in a laboratory. They play with our lives, that are very different of theirs, and this is why they think that there is a "SUNNY SIDE THAT IS EXCITING TIMES" as Madam Federica declares.

    They have played with our lives and the future of our children! They have been arrogant to think that a bunch of politicians knows best what is the best to the entire world. Their philosophical illusions are becoming nightmares, the world has worsened according to UN despite all the xx-millions of billions EU-UN have taken from our taxes turning us into slaves to finance their uppish experiments seeking for power.

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