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2 Replies to “The man who’s child died while he was smuggling people to Europe, now on trial for his role in the child’s death”

  1. 1. I will steal the “Dental Refugee” description !

    2. While I feel sorry for the father to some extent, he lost his kids despite it all, I cannot help being disgusted when I heard that his children and wife had no safety wests, while he had one on? He wouldn’t be Muslim by any chance?

    3. I think Ezra still has some illusions about them if he thinks they will be even “embarassed” by this. Embarassment presupposes a modicum of honour/character/honesty or other honorable basis, whatever it is THIS media is completely lacking it. They will make smelly mileage out even of this. Chanelling……for example: “The Jews made him do it”….”It’s all Geert Wilders’ fault”…..”It’s a Murdoch conspiracy”….

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