”We are coming and we will take the country”

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In the ‘Rocker Environment” (‘Rocker’ is German for “biker environment”), the Osman Germania Boxing club is the fastest growing group. The police are concerned. The club shows itself to be martial – even towards the Hells Angels.

The muscular rapper boxes into the camera and yells: “Frontal attack now, understood?” Around him stand broad shouldered, brutal looking men. They wear leather jackets with the label “Osmania Germania”. Repeatedly they direct guns into the camera.

The video was posted on Facebook, and right at the beginning the group formulates their aspirations: “We are coming and will take the whole country”, says a voice in the off, while pictures are alternating between wild hordes of horsemen in the desert and the posing rockers. “Men, who will stand their ground in the battlefield until the last drop of their blood”, the voice tells us.

The new Rocker group Osman Germania Boxing Club is causing trouble for the police nationwide. The group was formed in April of 2015 in Hessen and is now considered to be the fastest growing group in the German Rocker milieu.

“We assume that the Osman want to secure market share in the illegal businesses of Rockers”

Among the estimated 700 members are many turkish migrants. They met at a “World Meeting” in Duisburg in October 2015, and one month later they organized a “Germany Meeting” in Berlin.

Nationwide the group has already 20 locations. Among those, alone 9 Chapters are in Northrhine-Westphalia: Aachen, Bielefeld, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne and Münster.

Just how dangerous some of the members are was shown, when at the end of January in Neuss and Duisburg, 97 members of them were controlled by the police. “With a large part of these persons there is already criminal intel in the Police – mostly for brutality and narcotics trade”, it is said in a recent report of the Interior Ministry of the Northrhine-Westphalia state parliament.

Still there is a lack of precise knowledge about the Club among the police. “Concrete evidence in regards to activities of the group or of individual members is only known in a few individual locations. The locations, however, of the individual chapter’s club houses are not known. The members often meet in restaurants and hookah bars”, it says in the report directed at delegates of the home affairs select committee.

On the internet the group presents itself as martial art and combat ready. This is to be understood as a declaration of war for established biker gangs like the Hells Angels.

“We start from the premise that the Osman want to secure themselves market shares in the illegal businesses of gangs”, says Dietmar Kneib, the responsible director for organized crime in the office for criminal investigations of Northrhine-Westphalia, NRW.

They are also active in other countries and possess “definite personnel potential”. The police is observing the group very closely

In Northrhine-Westphalia the group has gotten the attention of the biker gang Brothers MC, which was established in 2014 by a former member of the Bandidos. They have chapters in five cities, and 74 members. Here as well, the police is lacking intel. It is clear, however, that this club as well has violent and combat ready members.

“Members of the Brothers MC became known to the police by the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 through various conflicts especially with members of the Hells Angels MC – in the Düsseldorf and Cologne area”, the NRW Interior ministry explains in its recent report.

”Zero Tolerance” for Combating Them

The NRW-administration had established a central project to combat gang criminality under the name “Projekt 124” in 2010 with the State Office of Criminal Investigations: So did the NRW authorities exchange information with colleagues in other states and with neighboring countries, for instance. The LKA, State Office of Criminal Investigations, collects information about organizational structures of the gangs and has also increased identity checks.

“Criminal rocker groups are told in no uncertain terms, that only the State possesses the monopoly on legitimate use of force. The northrhine-westphalian police tolerates zero use of force by these gangs in their self proclaimed territorial and possessive fights, as well as no lawless territory”, the NRW emphasizes. it is understood that there is “zero tolerance” when combatting these gangs.

For the opposition is the fast establishment of such a new group proof for the large deficits in security. The CDU-representative Gregor Golland criticizes: “it is shocking how literally out of nothing several hundred members came together and built chapters nationwide. NRW-interior minister Ralf Jäger says that every rocker will have his colors taken away. So he takes away the colors from one guy, while two other put on new colors. There is no way to master this situation with existing resources.”

In the opinions of Marc Lürbke, the interior speaker of the FDP legislative fraction, NRW is still a “feel good oasis for rockers”. The state parliament still has no viable plan on how this type of organized criminality should be confronted. “Criminal potential of these rockers is hardly even topped off”, explains Lürbke. There is “not enough control pressure” on the more than 70 known undertakings and establishments of rockers.

[Open Facebook group for gang]

[Closed Facebook group for gang]

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  1. With the breakdown of the rule of law the criminal element will start to take advantage to gain wealth and power, this is a move by the German Biker gangs to gain the power that the cartels have in Mexico and further south.

    • This is not a German biker gang. They don’t ride bikes and the majority of them are turks. They are muslim as is evidenced on their Facebook pages. They blatantly use upper and lower “rockers” on the backs of their vests an coats, AS IF they are an MC. They have declared war against the Hells Angels and the Bandidos. They compare themselves to ottoman riders in the desert storming the cities. So this has everything to do with Islam, and not much with them being just another biker gang. They’re anything but.

        • I agree get rid of them ASAP.

          However my statement about the criminal groups still remains true, the more chaos the more they make and if they can seize control of an area the can loot at will.

          • Lebanon civil war, deja vu all over again.Every bombed-out city looks like Beirut.

            Gangs controlling a few blocks, snipers inside every ruined apartment complex. Just so many little men skirmishing for ever more elusive “respect”. For what?

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