Canada and other leftists in bed with, and paying the motel bill with islamic supremacists: Links 1 on Feb. 17 – 2016

1. Canadian prime minister restores funding to UN org. that assists Hamas

2. Father of 11-year-old girl molested by refugees posts outraged message to Merkel

Dear Frau Merkel, are our children in Germany still safe?

Refugees here, refugees there,
Respect for our people!?

Frau Merkel, enough is enough!

Today at 5 pm my 11-year-old daughter and her 11-year-old friend were sexually harassed by a troop of refugees aged 16-22 in Badeland [swimming pool] in Celle. Three men blocked them off/surrounded them and two men touched them. The girls cried. No one came to help!


3. Czechs save actual refugees!

4. Swedish women set up vigilante ‘molestation guards’ in public pools to protect young swimmers in the wake of migrant sex attacks

A female vigilante group has been set up in Sweden to patrol public swimming pools in the wake of a number of alleged sexual assaults on children and young women
Siri Bernhardsson has set up ‘Tafsvakten’ – The Groping Guard – after growing tired of reports of rapes and molestations at public pools in the country.
The 24-year-old from Kalmar says the group is needed because women and children in Sweden no longer feel safe going swimming.

5. NDS detains Taliban commander ‘dressed like a woman’ in Paktika

Psycho-killer Jesus in drag

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency has arrested a Taliban commander who had dressed himself like a woman in Paktika province.

A statement released by NDS on Wednesday identifies the terrorist as Khozar Ali son of Gul Sof.

According to the statement, Khozar Ali alias Chapai was arrested during a special operation in Barmal District. A Kalashnikov and four magazines were also confiscated from the possession of the terrorist.

When Taliban wear women’s dresses, they try to track security forces in order to escape from the target areas.

6. Israeli outrage over US Judea-Samaria labeling ‘deception’

Israeli officials expressed outrage late Tuesday, after the International Legal Forum (ILF) argued that the US Customs’ January 23 “reissuing” of orders to importers to label all products from Judea and Samaria as not being from “Israel” was a covert policy change.

Slamming the move as deceiving Congress, as well as the American and Israeli public, the Israeli group International Law Forum told Channel 2 that American claims of merely “reissuing” policies from 1995 are in fact false.

The group noted that the 1995 guidelines only applied to goods from the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Judea and Samaria, which was newly established in the 1994 Oslo Accords. The guidelines were meant to distinguish PA goods as not being Israeli.

However, the new orders call for all goods from Judea and Samaria to be labeled as non-Israeli, including those produced by Israeli Jews living in the region.

7. ‘I Want To Know Who Is Responsible So I Can Sue When We Are Attacked’ — Angry Town Hall Meeting In Vienna Over Planned Migrant Centre

Around 550 angry local residents crowded a public meeting in Vienna this weekend in protest at plans to create a new migrant centre near their homes.

Authorities plan to house 750 migrants in the suburb of Liesing, but residents are increasingly worried for their safety following the mass sex assaults in cities such as Cologne on New Year’s Eve. […] One mother asked what authorities were doing to protect her and her 17-year-old daughter. “We are afraid,” she said. “I want to know who is responsible so I can sue whenever I or my daughter are attacked.”

(Since its the law makers who are deconstructing civilization, I doubt a suit would be successful on merit alone. Or at all)

8. Not Extremist, Just Religious: Is The Rap On Somali Bomb Hole Blower A Lesson?

We wrote previously about the man who was sucked through his own bomb hole while trying to destroy an airplane flying out of Somalia. No other passengers were killed in that incident. Subsequently, the bomber’s motivation has been under scrutiny. On Tuesday, we got an answer: religion, not extremism.

That says a lot, actually.

Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh has been identified as the man who tried to take out a plane in the name of Islam. But his background is not “radical” Islam, just the run-of-the-mill sort. He taught at an Islamic school. People in his hometown described him as “religious,” as having a sense of humor, but not as being extremist. Here is more from Fox News:

Borleh was seen as very religious but not a firebrand in his northwestern town of Borama, far from the battlegrounds of al-Shabab, which operates mostly in southern Somalia. While the extremist group doesn’t have a presence in the town near the Ethiopian border, intelligence officials say there are a few al-Shabab sympathizers there.

(Because the whole extremist thing is BS. A leftist media euphemism for a religious muslim with bad fashion sense)

9. UPDATED: Rutherford sheriff cites Beyonce video after shots fired at his home

(Video at site)

MURFREESBORO — Other than being the sheriff and a member of law enforcement, Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold doesn’t know the motive for shots fired outside his Osborne Lane home Monday night.

“We all know, as soon as you put your uniform on, you’re a target,” he said at a news conference Tuesday morning at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. “You make people mad when you’re just doing your job.”

Arnold said when he first heard the shots, he wondered if they were inspired by the Super Bowl halftime show.

When asked to clarify that comment, he added, “You know, Beyonce’s video.”

(Because ‘Black Lives Matter’ is really a euphemism for ‘Police Lives don’t matter’. However the other possible motive may be that this town is famous for stopping a giant mosque project for a town with nearly no muslims)

10. Reports Showing War Against ISIS Wasn’t Working Were Deleted

(This by the fellow who overtly trash talks the GOP front runner)

This is dipping well into cover-up mode. This is beyond simple tampering with intelligence. Once records are being deleted, that’s a coverup.

This second set of accusations, which have not been previously reported, were made to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). They show that the officials charged with overseeing all U.S. intelligence activities were aware, through their own channels, of potential problems with the integrity of information on ISIS, some of which made its way to President Obama.

11. For a clear, unobstructed view of what leftist collaborators with illegal invaders to Europe are thinking, watch this. Really.

Money quote: “Journalist Free Space. Like North Korea?”

Thank you Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Liberty Dk., Richard, and many more. More to come shortly.

Here is an unbelievable story in the DM. The claim is being made that Apple is refusing a court order to unlock a dead terrorist cell phone. That is unbelievable for starters but the parenthetical claim is that the NSA needs Apple’s help to read anyone’s data.

The third unbelievable claim is that if the government actually had the data, assuming it doesn’t already, they would do something rational with it like catch terrorists and prevent more of it as opposed to changing everything they find and present to us their own narrative to protect islam.

INN does article about Islam, and the narrative Islam-of-peace.

Funny how a few years ago, those few of us who said exactly this were total pariahs. Well we still are from officialdom but our little box is getting more crowded by the hour





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16 Replies to “Canada and other leftists in bed with, and paying the motel bill with islamic supremacists: Links 1 on Feb. 17 – 2016”

  1. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a black supremacist movement that believes white people owe them something and gotta feel guilty and ashamed in their presence. I refuse to hate myself and that makes me a far right etc. Isn’t diversity just wonderful?
    You’ll have to realize that islam is just a part of the problem, the population replacement, the extermination of the white race. I guess it’s easier for me to talk about it since I don’t feel that guilty for being white, since I’m from eastern Europe. I don’t owe those races anything.
    Come on, admit it, you’re tempted to call me a racist. That’s why your entire focus is on islam, cause you can say it’s not a race.

    • I don’t believe anyone who frequents this blog would consider you a racist, simply because we agree with you. The focus is more on Islam because it is a greater threat to civilization than black supremacists in the US. You don’t need to be defensive here.

      • Whether It’s blacks or coranimals, which btw overlap, they do both a good job replacing the whites. They both play the race card to get superior treatment. Just try to engage with a random black on the street, they’ll talk down to you as if you owe them big time. And most white Canadians will think ‘yes I owe them cause I’m an evil white who mistreated them in the past’.

        • There is a race war against the Whites going on all around the world, it isn’t talked about much because it really isn’t that big a threat yet.

          Also if you pay close attention there are a lot of blacks starting to work against the black racists so the race war may never be that big a threat.

          Don’t be defensive, all of us on the blog are use to the left (wrongly) calling us racist.

  2. #1 re-funding UNRWA

    I’ve never felt this way before about a Canadian prime minister. I really, truly, deeply dislike Young Skippy Trudeau. Like, for instance, what does he mean by saying that Harper unfunded UNRWA for “political reasons”? Exactly what is that supposed to mean? Harper unfunded UNRWA because they support Hamas, which is a terrorist organization that actually crucifies people, what “political reasons” is the Skipster talking about? And what does he mean that Canada is now going to re-engage the world in a positive, constructive way.”? He’s saying that Harper engaged the world in a negative, destructive way, isn’t he? How so? By not being in love with radical Islam? What I hate about Trudeau is the way he thinks he’s being smart when he says one of these smarmy, disingenuous, intellectually dishonest, catty little things. He’s so much like Hussein Barack Osama that it makes the hair on my arms stand up…

    • I predict he is motivated by the exact same mental universe as Obama, and he will do things predictably from that point of view. I think he will do more and faster than Obama did however, as Prime Ministers are able to do more damage than American presidents within their respective jurisdictions.

      I think his appointment of Algebra (sp) to this refunding of Hamas is a warm up. I think Trudeau will work with the new president of Ottawa U., and former head of the Quebec HRC to enact a new totalitarian thought crime like Quebec’s Bill 59 but across Canada. I think we will see this before the end of his first term if not his first year.

      I think the comparison the Toronto imam made of him with Erdogan and other pernicious characters will play out exactly like that Toronto islamic leader knew it would. I think Canadians who value truth and liberty and reason and democracy had better start weighing their options.

      • I believe Mr. Harper would be most be welcome to aliyah as a Righteous Gentile.

        But probably he – together will most Canadians already eligible for aliyah – will prefer fighting for the magic that is Canada.

        • Probably. But you’re also right about Harper. I have one very intelligent, well-educated, professional-class Jewish friend who absolutely hates Stephen Harper, and I just can’t get him past thinking that Harper wants the Jews to occupy “Palestine” so that the so called “Rapture” can take place under the preconditions allegedly set down by the Book of Revelations. Stephen Harper is one king-sized friend of the Jewish People and the state of Israel, but some Jewish liberals are simply too prejudiced to see that. They are making a huge mistake…

      • You are right, now is the time for people to start weighing their options, the phony war period of WWIII is about to come to a close and the major fighting is about to start. The statement that comes to mind is the old typing exercise:

        Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.


    I hope that another reader can shed more light on this than I can. Encryption is solvable brute-force, that is, by trying out every combination of alphanumeric keys, and the only thing stopping someone is computational resources. So, if a password or encryption key is 128 characters, then you need 36 to the 128th power of alpha-numeric tries to break the key for an upper-case key. This type of computation could even be crowd-sourced.

    • The most probable reason is that Apple is trying to make the buyers think that Apple will go to the mat to preserve their privacy and thus increase sales. At the same time I agree with Eeyore that the NSA is probably playing a game trying to make people think they can’t crack the encryption.

  4. Here is an example of crowd-sourced computing:
    SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

  5. #11 We need someone to collate and file video so it can be easily accessed and used to counter State cover ups and disinformation campaigns.

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