Leftist hypocrisy, well thats it really. Links 1 on Feb. 15 – 2016

1. Swedish news videos of most recent attack (that we are aware of) at a migrant center which resulted in a fatality.

(Liberty Dk., who typically translates this kind of thing for us, tells me that attacks, even serious ones, at migrant facilities in Scandinavia are so common that doing them all would mean doing nothing else. On top of that, this is typical Swedish coverage. So the facts of the matter, which run against the narrative, are concealed in these clips. All this to say you learn more about it by not understanding it)

2. Looks like MSNBC is getting worse at hiding the most pernicious kind of corruption media could possibly have.

(Never forget the Bill Whittle clip where he busts MSNBC editing a black objector to Obama’s health care reforms to make him look like a white armed racist)

The petition began in response to outrage over Matthews’ “constant shilling for Hillary Clinton.” The number of petition signees has almost tripled in size since The Daily Caller reported that Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors are bankrolling the congressional campaign of Matthews’ wife, Kathleen. (RELATED: Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress)

3. Istanbul clashes continue with the one cocktail that seems ubiquitous in the Islamic world

4. SHOCKING PHOTO: Omar Khadr on video call with Al Qaida supporter he met in Gitmo

5. “It is a word that is used”, and so is the word ‘bitch’. So whats her point?

6. Angry muslims is redundant. Like ‘sanctimonious leftists’. T shirt rocks though. Anyone know where to get one?

(As funny as these guys are, they do appear to be attacking muslims directly as opposed to the doctrine. In the US that is protected speech and it should be everywhere. But generally the better form is to discuss the issues with the doctrine, its connection to behaviour and to discuss the matter of individual muslims as directly proportional to their adherence to the tenets and precepts of the faith)

7. USA: “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

8. Egyptian Philosopher Mourad Wahba: We Suffer from “Backwardness Virus.” No Democracy w/o Secularism

(I’m thinking Lloyds wouldn’t take his money in a gold box. This is pretty much apostasy as islam demands a religious government under sharia)

9. Syria calls for UN action on Turkish attacks on Kurds

(And they are 100% correct and on Planet Earth, the UN would indeed go to the security council and something would be done to stop the Turks from waging their genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people. But on the version of Earth where Obama is president of the USA it is yet to be seen)

Syria has condemned Turkish military action against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria and described it as a violation of its sovereignty.

It called on the UN Security Council to take action.

Turkey carried out a second day of shelling on Sunday of Kurdish forces advancing in northern Aleppo province.

Ankara views the Kurdish militia in Syria as allied to the outlawed PKK, which has carried out a decades-long campaign for autonomy in Turkey.

But the United States and others back the Kurdish militia in Syria, the YPG, in its fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS) group.

10. The 9/11 al-Qaeda guy who lived in Florida and hid in Mexico

In spite of the federal government denials that Islamic militants may have tried to cross the Mexican border to conduct operations in the U.S., a Judicial Watch investigation reveals that al-Qaeda terrorist Adnan G. El Shukrijumah (also spelled Shukijumah in Spanish-language reports), whose mom still lives in Miramar, FL, hid in a Mexican border city across Douglas, Arizona in 2004.

El Shukrijumah was connected to Mohammed Atta, and both were with another man at the Miami immigration office on May 2, 2001,

Adnan G. el Shukrijumah, an al-Qaida terrorist leader once based in South Florida, hid in northern Mexico with two other Arab militants in a border city across from Douglas, Arizona, in 2004, newly released State Department cables say.

Thank you Tundra T., Maria J., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., Pym Purnell, Fausta, Buck and many more. More to come today.

A little reminder about the realities of communism

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15 Replies to “Leftist hypocrisy, well thats it really. Links 1 on Feb. 15 – 2016”

  1. 7 – There are calls for an autopsy but so far they have been turned down. This death is probably going to be like the Breitbart death, there will be a lot of suspicions but no hard evidence. At his age dying in his sleep is no big surprise but the reports of a pillow over his face is very troubling.

      • Given time how evil they are, in the short run how great they are. Look at how the media treats JFK, in reality he was a screw up who couldn’t have gotten re-elected, his party controlled Congress and he couldn’t get anything passed. These facts never make the news but the historians are starting to put them in their books. The same will be true about Obama and the MB until after the war is won by the west, then the facts will be reported.

  2. About media corruption: real-life people are standing up and setting the record straight!

    Those horrible media, vilifying those poor, poor refugees, saying they steal and rape and kill! Lies, all lies!!!

    Luckily, there is now a website that debunks all these false claims directed at the poor, poor rapefugees:

    Karolin Schwarz, 30, began the project with her friend Lutz Helm, 35, in Leipzig, Germany. They built the website because they were tired of seeing these allegations spread online – especially since many were being repeated despite the fact that they’d been clarified elsewhere.

    The team wanted a resource that people could use to respond to errant claims and to collect information on stories that had already been disproved.

    “I wanted to find some kind of way to gather all of this information, and what is happening. Maybe make a place that you can find if there’s some truth to these stories or not,” Schwarz told CBC News.

    Some of the rumours derived from partially true stories taken out of context, though the website points out that many of them are outright lies.

    • Hi Xanthippa,

      Please reassure me that you were ironic ? ! 🙂 Firstly I am German (self-irony, but I truly am often a little bad at detecting irony) and secondly, irony does often not well translate to the page. These folk seem to be out-right propagandists for the refugee-victimhood-industry? And among the media sources THEY quote as if they were credible sources is the ghastly, anti-semitic rag “the Guardian”….

  3. “6. Angry muslims is redundant. Like ‘sanctimonious leftists’. T shirt rocks though. Anyone know where to get one?”

    1. First sentence: VLAD you DO have such an elegant plume….makes me smile…sometimes even giggle.

    2. T-shirt rocks….I had to look for a while…only saw the Jesus bits….then I discovered the neck, fortunately I got there before the tards 😉

    3. That Christian guy sure is angry….what does it say about me, I wonder, that I not only felt his anger, but actually found it satisfying. I’d better have a cool lemonade right now !

    • That anger is what we need, right now we don’t need the Ministers who will preach peace and tolerance we need the “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo type”.

      That phrase comes from what is suppose to be a true story about WWII, a troop ship to Britain came under airel attack and a group of ministers went topside to give any aid and comfort to the sailors they could. A strafing run took out the crew on one machine gun and while the others gave first aid one Minister grabbed the gun and started shooting back. The people moving the wounded to the sick bay are suppose to have ask him for a prayer, his reply was “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition I think I got a piece of the last one.”

      We need the warriors of Jehovah not the talkers.

  4. 5. “It is a word that is used”, and so is the word ‘bitch’. So whats her point?

    She didn’t have one, or lost it, so she was indulging in a little bit of ad hominem “bitchsplaining”, gosh these opportunistic manhaters get on my nerves ! Really! She just HAS to be an islamophile!

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