Left abuses facts and truth to peddle narrative, Muslims sue host nations for obeying own laws, Iran: Sports fans en extremis: Links 2 on Feb. 15 – 2016

1. Vicar of Aleppo: “moderate” front no better than jihadists, bombing civilians and not seeking peace

(People seem to need to believe Obama and his Turkish and Saudi friends when they pretend to be fighting the Islamic State when really they are equipping them to take on Al Assad)

Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen says civilians in the city are “under continuous bombardment”. In Christian neighborhoods at least four deaths and more than 15 injured. Houses and buildings damaged. Behind the violence are the so-called “moderate opposition groups”. Ankara bombing Kurdish positions in Syria and presses (with Riyadh) for ground troops.

Aleppo (AsiaNews) – “We have been under continuous bombardment over the past few days in Aleppo with civilian deaths, injuries and destruction.” Last night “in our neighborhoods we had four dead and over 15 injured, in addition to homes and buildings damaged. And these attacks are being carried out by the so-called “moderate opposition groups”.

This is the desperate appeal launched by the Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo of the Latins, Mons. Georges Abou Khazen, who in a message sent to AsiaNews points his finger at the front defended – and supported – by the West, along with Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

2. Russians are bombing what appear to be Islamic State held towns in Syria. This is IS propaganda, I think, against the Russian bombing and its less pleasant immediate effects

3. Left Media Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’

(Quite a confusing headline. They are in fact people claiming to be refugees, this much is established fact. It is also fact that none of them are, as none of them meet any definition of a refugee, as even if they are who they say they are, and even if they are from a zone officially declared to be a source of refugees, they are obliged to register in the first safe place they land and that, for nearly all of them, is Turkey, and for a few its Greece)

Mainstream media outlets have been blasted for peddling “total nonsense” today as left-wing newspapers coalesced to claim with one voice that “only three” of the suspects involved in Cologne’s mass migrant rape on New Year’s Eve were recent migrants or refugees.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 16.17.55

The Indy’s false article

But Cologne’s prosecutor, Ulrich Bremer, has said that the claim is “total nonsense” after an interview with German paper Die Welt this weekend was misinterpreted and reported in a way that the left-wing outlets wanted, rather than what the truth was.

(For a brilliant example of leftist deception on this, check this CBC link)







(More here at The Local)

4. Turkey: Army howitzers rain shells on Kurdish YPG fighters in Syria

Turkish Army howitzers at the Akcabar Military Base near Kilis shelled the positions of Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) fighters located just across the border in Syria, Monday. Ankara has said the shells were fired in retaliation for an attack on a border security outpost earlier in the day.
The Turkish Army has reportedly trained fire on fighters of the PYD’s People’s Protection Units (YPG) since Friday, with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stating that Ankara will not let the northern Syrian town of Azaz fall to Kurdish forces. He has also said that Turkish shells would disable the nearby Menagh air base, if it looked like falling into Kurdish hands.
At least 29 YPG militants have reportedly been killed since the bombardments began three days ago.

5. Brits Launch 5,000-Strong Petition Telling Obama: Stay Out of EU Referendum

Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain’s forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

The petition on the Parliament website, which has so far been signed by over 4,000 people, calls on ministers and MPs to stop Mr Obama using parliament as a platform to tell Britain to stay in the European Union.

If the petition reaches 10,000 signatures the government will be obliged to issue an official response, and if over 100,000 sign it will be considered for debate in parliament.

The Guardianreported last week that the U.S. President is planning a “big, public reach-out” to stop Britain voting the leave the European Union, however there are already signs his interference could backfire.

This Friday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said America had a “profound interest” in a “strong UK staying inside a strong European Union”.

6. Belgium: All hostilities to stop except against ISIS and al-Nusra – Mogherini

(Of course, Assad’s people and tactical assets will somehow be viewed as Islamic State and Turkey will label the Kurds as Al Nusra)

7. Muslims Sue Animal Welfare Minister Over Halal Slaughter Ban

Several Muslim organisations are bringing legal proceedings against the Flemish Animal Welfare Minister, Ben Weyts. They hope to revoke regulations introduced by him banning the ritual slaughter of animals in temporary abattoirs for halal meat.

The ban on the slaughter of conscious animals at improvised abattoirs is intended to prevent the annual slaughter of roughly 20,000 sheep in temporary slaughterhouses run by Belgian-based Muslims for their coreligionists. The halal meat produced is supplied for the Eid al-Adha holiday feast.

Mr. Weyts previously stated that the use of temporary abattoirs breaches European Union legislation “which permits the slaughter of conscious animals only for religious reasons and in authorised slaughterhouses”, reports the Times of Israel, and could therefore jeopardise all slaughtering of conscious animals.

8. Video of Jewish exodus of Europe and its meaning

9. Report: Interactive Map Shows Radical Mosques Across U.S.

But pointing that out would be “racist.”



While French and Belgian officials are calling for the “dissolution” of all radical mosques in their countries, respectively, the Obama administration has remained deafeningly silent concerning the nearly 100 U.S.-based mosques currently known to be hotbeds of Islamic extremism.

A report in the Daily Caller provides an interactive map (a screenshot of which is posted above) showing just where these 83 radical mosques are located in the U.S.. The data was provided by the Clarion Project, a non-profit dedicated to documenting and exposing Islamic extremism. According to the report:  (Continue at source)

(Clarion Project report here)

10. Report: Iran Executes a Child for Cheering a Saudi Soccer Team

(Any day now, the Toronto Maple Leafs will do the same thing. I had no idea they were such serious sports fans in Iran)

Iran executed a child for cheering a Saudi soccer team at a match in Tehran, according to Arabic media reports. The Ahvazi child, Yasser Shalibawi, was charged with cheering for the visiting Al-Hilal soccer team at a match in Tehran and wearing Arab clothes.

He also allegedly held up a sign saying “The Arabic Al-Hilal: Welcome to the Land of the Arabic Al-Ahvaz.’


Thank you Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Yucki, Buck, Xanthippa, and many more. And more to come.

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    • Considering Islam’s absolute hostility toward most every aspect of our culture, it is not surprising that some people feel naturally resistant to the idea of accommodating it in any way whatsoever. The precise amount that they want Islam to influence our society is exactly zero…

    • Thank-you Rita, you comrade in arms, you!

      Not a proper word, but you’re my favorite Judenlieber. You’ve got the fight, the in-your-face spirit I truly adore. ‘Philosemite’ just doesn’t have the same soul.
      not that there are all that many…besides Thilo Sarrazin…

      Your video is dead-on. It isn’t the canaries, it’s the siren their flight is sounding. Anybody who missed the message of Calais, who never heard of Weimar: it’s high time for the frog to jump out of the pot.

      • You made my day, once again with your generous words, and – as no good deed shall go unpunished – here is a hug : (((((((((( yucki )))))))))

        I had a little, quite self-explanatory exchange with one of my favorite persons on twitter (a non-taker of prisoners also, but far from vulgar):

        Real Palestinian
        As an Israeli and a Jew I look the anti Israeli, anti Zionist, anti Jewish world in the eyes and say: SCREW YOU

        As a non-Israeli and a non-Jew I say the the same to the Jew Haters.

        I dont know if “Real Palestinian” is a woman but I think so because of her cute Avatar:


        If you are on twitter, “Real Palestinian” is someone to follow!

        • Picture is adorable.

          The most recent slashing report in the US was in a restaurant owned by a Christian-Israeli. He flies the Israeli flag next to the American one.
          When interviewed he said pretty much the same thing. He’s proud of everything he came from, including the former “Mandate Palestine”. Said he’d never take down his flag.

        • more thoughts from francophones Jews:

          From Jacques Kupfer Officiel (writing in French from Israel)
          (Enough Arab Terrorism! Jacques Kupfer criticizes the EU, especially France, for financing Arabs and traitorous Israelis in illegal building that undermines Jews’ cities.)
          L’Union Européenne, et principalement la France, place des constructions et caravanes illégales pour aider les arabes à établir une continuité territoriale en direction de nos villes juives. Elle finance abondamment les organisations de traitres israéliens et leurs associations.

  1. Russia and 3 OPEC Members Agree to Freeze Oil Output

    MOSCOW — In a sign of tentative cooperation among major oil producers, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela announced a plan on Tuesday to freeze output at current levels, a move intended to help bolster energy prices.

    The plan, albeit hardly concrete, reflects the troubled state of the oil industry.

    With prices having recently slipped to new lows, major oil producers, particularly in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, are trying to calm the markets with talk of a deal. But the proposal gives countries a potential out, a big reason oil prices gave up their initial gains on Tuesday.

    While speculation focused for months on production cuts, the talk now centers on holding production steady. Even that would be helpful in a market where countries have been steadily ramping up production to record levels.


  2. South China Sea takes center stage at U.S.-ASEAN summit

    RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama and allies from Southeast Asia will turn their attention to China on Tuesday on the second day of a summit intended to improve commercial links and provide a united front on maritime disputes with Beijing.

    After a first day focused on trade and economic issues, Obama and his counterparts from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will try to arrive at a common position on the South China Sea during a second day of talks at Sunnylands, a California resort.

    China and several ASEAN states have conflicting and overlapping claims in the South China Sea, but not all the Southeast Asian nations agree on how to handle them.

    U.S. officials want the summit to produce a statement calling for China to follow international law and handle disputes peacefully.

    “We will be continuing to work with our ASEAN partners on a potential statement that we might issue together,” White House national security adviser Susan Rice told reporters on Monday.


  3. On Hungarian TV this morning the government spokesman warned that migrant pressures are becoming so great at the southern border that the army has been put on notice, and that fortifications will be increased until no migrants get through. Yesterday 200 were arrested. 150 the day before. The fence has been repaired and stronger fence building continues. Hungary told Brussels that it will not accept any quota system even if ordered to do so.

    My question is why are migrants breaking into hostile territory? This doesn’t seem like typical “refugee” behavior from poor downtrodden souls. Rather, appears to be more of a military strategy to break into, then break down this resisting country.

  4. 1 – Through out the Cold War the left pushed the idea that you don’t fight wars to victory you make peace treaties that leave the open wound festering and more violence building. Obama, the MB and the left in Europe is now taking advantage of the past actions to allow the MB to create the next Caliphate in Mideast. The two competing totalitarian philosophies are using each other to take over the world. Both groups hate individual freedom and democracy and will work together to destroy both things they hate.

    The fact that the LSM is refusing to report the facts about both groups shows why the net and the alternative news sources are needed to get the facts out so the people can be alerted to dangers and can pick the leaders who will lead us to victory and thus regain our freedom.

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