What muslims think of same sex marriage

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(To save you time there is nothing surprising in this at all, whatsoever. It is merely affirmation for leftist gay supporting friends you may have)

From this Italian website:

There is much talk of minorities, be they ethnic, sexual or religious. In fact, to be honest, the public debate in Italy in recent times, seems to be focused almost exclusively on minorities: from the Muslims, after the massacres of Paris and even before the September 11; homosexuals from when talking about civil unions; and finally the Jews, about the renewed wave of anti-Semitism.

So, out of curiosity of what constitutes a minority to another minority, we ventured through the streets of multiethnic Via Padova, Milan. The experiment, this time involving homosexuals with their (alleged) rights and immigrants with their (legitimate) positions. One question has guided us in this research: “What do immigrants think of gay unions?”. But even before this question, another question gripped us: “Because nobody ever asks to immigrants what they think of Italian laws?”; and especially “Why the Left welcomes and protects immigrants but does not stand to hear what he has to say?”. Those who are obliged to support both minorities will, sooner or later, have to deal with the short circuit which may lead in supporting everything and its opposite.

(Video at site in Italian)

In most cases, the question above, if they were for or against (homosexual) civil unions, the answer was a clear NO: “We believe that the family is sacred and that the company will grow through the union of male and female,” he said Benaissa Bounegab, an important figure in the Islamic community of Milan; “If I do not like the Italian law, I go away”, he has said. Another interviewee, Egyptian, also to the contrary. Same answer also from the South American community: “God created us male and female, he has not created half male and half female,” said a Peruvian lady. And again, “If you ask any Muslim, tells you the same thing,” clarifies a gentleman, speaking on behalf of all Muslims.

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  1. yet their immams say it is ok to cannibalize,have sex with goats,have queer sex,rape little boys and on and on and they do and the say izlame is a peacefull religion

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