The Netherlands. Enrichment and reaction

This email just came in:

The situation in the Netherlands is becoming severe since New Year Eve. Demonstrations against asylum seekers centres are becoming more violent and the so called “refugees” show gradually their real face …and the hazard they had brought with them

Demonstration against ‘refugee’ center and police action to end it

Adult student attacks teacher in Dutch school

The video below is described as, ‘Muslims bully the Dutch over Christmas holidays’ but it appears to be a sort of compilation propaganda video with various events stitched together from last summer across Europe while the Dutch PM drones on about helping the migrants. At one point it does cut to The Netherlands though about a peculiar ind of alleged attack on an upstairs apt. of a low rise where it is claimed that the downstairs muslim migrants are piping some kind of noxious gas into the upstairs flat, presumably with the intention of evicting the upstairs indigenous Dutch. As the attack substantially increased at Christmas, it doesn’t seem impossible. Perhaps someone is familiar with IS or Muslim Brotherhood literature on how this kind of attack might be done. The smell was mothballs. 


Thank you Nicolai Sennels and Ron.

Post Script:

There is an ongoing situation in one part of the Netherlands where the locals are hanging multiple pig heads at a certain location and claiming it is part of an old and honoured Dutch tradition to do so. Of course the police are more interested in level 1 sharia compliancy so there is ongoing conflict over that.

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  1. The natives are restless and the worlds governments would be better off if they listened to them, Vigilante groups and actions occur when the governments fail to defend the people and instead have become corrupt and part of the problem.

  2. Tundra Tabloids used to keep a file on similar reports of migrant attacks against teachers. Here is a link Internet Archive version of file which reveals multiple incidents of migrant violence in European classrooms over the years.

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