Band of immigrants creates violent robberies assaults with tongs

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From this Italian website

Claudio Cartaldo – Fri, 15/01/2016 – 15:09

Aggression, violence, stalking and burglary. This was the violence carried out by a group of eight young people, between 16 and 33 years in Brescia.

Victims were assaulted with fists, beatings, hammers and iron clamps. (Watch the video shock)

They were arrested today and the band, whose actions were caught on CTV and some shop cameras are facing charge for  three assaults, four thefts, robbery and one case of stalking. They are all immigrants, children, originating from Ghana and Senegal, while the director of the band was a Pakistani of 23 years. Two young immigrants were taken to jail, one in the community, four are under house arrest while a young man was ordered to the signature requirement (?).

The modus operandi of the gang was violent and criminal. The preferred location for the robberies was the Freccia Rossa Shopping Centre in Brescia. Some attempts would have taken place in Parma, Vicenza and Padua. During investigation, the police found in the house of the accused tongs used for violent assaults against victims.

Their weapons were, in fact, pliers and pipe wrenches. Also seized a few doses of marijuana and hashish.

[Video at site where faces are blurred to protect the guilty]


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