The nature of Islam and the contempt the left has for democratic institutions. Links 1 on Jan. 16 – 2016

1. Islam’s peace in Africa

2. Anti-pedophilia bill quickly rejected in Pakistan; considered ‘anti-Islamic’

(Islam is not the religion of peace. But we can see now that officially, it is the religion of raping children)

A bid to ban child marriage in Pakistan utterly failed, after the Council of Islamic Ideology declared the legislation “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous.”

The bill didn’t even move past the first stage in the legislative process, The Express Tribune reports. It was almost immediately pulled Thursday by Pakistan Muslim League party’s Marvi Menon following condemnation from CII, whose job it is to advise the legislature on whether bills are compliant with Sharia law. In this case, the bill clearly violated Islamic law as tradition holds marriage as acceptable when a girl hits puberty.

After CII’s declaration, a parliamentary committee rejected the legislation solely for religious reasons and Menon subsequently pulled the legislation.

Existing legislation in Pakistan already violates Islamic law. The Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Act 2014 places the legal age of marriage at 16 for women, but the recent proposal attempted to move that age up to 18 and also included serious punishment for the common practice of child marriage. That punishment would have included prison for up to two years for anyone caught engaging in child marriage.

3. Germany: Two men with extreme makeovers to appear as women, discover that multiculturalism may not work out the way they hoped it would.

(Here are two men who likely are well aligned with the vector of cultural Marxism which would agitate against classical civilization and for more islamic immigration etc. bearded as a ‘gay’ or ‘alternative sexuality’ rights group. Much like pro-palestinian, anti Israel gay groups who have no issue with stoning homosexuals or feminist groups that seem to have no objection to mass rape gangs of white children by muslims or black rights groups that have no problem with planned parenthood or DDT. All of these groups are clearly vectors for cultural Marxism and work against their ‘stated’ goals, whether their membership knows it or not. The advantage these two men-with-extreme-make-overs, or as I think of them, transvestites with under-the-skin costumes, is that all they have to do is stop dressing like men and these problems disappear. Unless they are gay, then they have new problems as Islam exerts its influence more against that community as well. Perhaps these people may want to consider for a moment what life is like now for actual women who can’t just change back into men on a whim)

4. Iraqi ‘refugee’ in the U.S. had big bomb plans

Many “refugees” from Islamic lands come to the United States pursuing their particular American dream.  The dream is more like a nightmare for us, as some of our new friends set about maiming and murdering Americans – as was the case with Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, an Iraqi “refugee” who came to the United States in 2009, wanted to help the Islamic State, and had plans to set off bombs in Houston malls.  The AP reports:


5. Here is a link to a FOUR HOUR video of about a dozen allegedly Syrian refugees protesting the abuse of women in Germany. I bet if they vetted them they would find a few of them who are pretending to be migrants to pad the numbers up to the meagre dozen or so that is there.

6. Dutch men in miniskirts march to protest the rape, rob and grope attacks.

(I think marching with rifles would have done a lot more good)

7. London England: Useful idiots stage ‘die in’ as a counter to people who want to put immigration on hold till it can be determined to be in the interests of those already in Germany.

8. First majority-Muslim US city adjusts to new reality

(Pretty sure if you blasted, lets say for example, The Rolling Stones Start Me Up, or better, Procal Harem’s Poor Mohamed during the call to prayer outside you would be arrested for a hate crime in the USA. Yet the call to prayer and the things said at prayer are most definitely a contradiction of hate-speech laws, spirit and letter. Somehow that never gets mentioned)

9. Obama Administration stonewalling investigation into 113 terrorists inside US

Leading senators on Monday petitioned multiple Obama administration agencies to stop stonewalling a congressional investigation into the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals implicated in terrorist operations after legally entering the United States, according to a copy of the letters.

The latest investigation comes just days after the Washington Free Beacon disclosed that an additional 41 foreign-born individuals who legally entered the United States had been arrested for planning a number of terror attacks.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) disclosed Monday that they had been pressuring the Obama administration for months to disclose the immigration histories of these foreign-born individuals implicated in terror plots.

10. BREAKING: Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai

(I had heard this as a rumour some days ago. What I get for giving Obama the benefit of the doubt is that I am a week late with this)

A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that one of the United States Navy’s top commanders was relieved of his command a few hours ago after he sent out an “email/posting” revealing that President Barack Obama was in the process of purchasing a multi-million dollar seaside luxury villa in the United Arab Emirates city (UAE) of Dubai.

According to this report, the Commander of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 15, Rear Admiral Rick Williams, posted a “pointed” query on 8 January [since deleted] to the US Naval Institute’s “Readiness Kill Chain” “recipients/responders” list as to why Navy security and intelligence personal had been dispatched from Naval Support Facility Thurmont (aka Camp David) to Dubai on what he termed an “Obama house hunting mission”.



Thank you M., Par0., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Maria J.,and many more. More to come assuredly.

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  1. 6/ Men in miniskirts protesting on behalf of women? And this is to impress whom? The animals who are perpetrating these attacks will merely laugh. Hell, I’m laughing and it’s not a laughing matter. It’s time to tell the politically correct and the jihadis both that Western men will not stand for this crap and we don’t need their approval let alone permission to defend against this civilizational assault.

  2. It is amazing the number of top flag officers who have been fired for watching porn, seems that Obama and company can’t think of another reason.

    My take is that the guesses that Obama would move to Africa after he leaves office are wrong, probably because of the fighting talking place in Kenya.

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