Swedish Police: We could have prevented mass sexual assaults

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From this Danish news site:

The Swedish Police Chief tells us that he will investigate, in depth, the violations that happened during the festival

Swedish police have landed in a political storm after a case has been opened of mass sexual assaults that occurred during a youth festival.
The scandal is unfolding right now in Sweden where it on Sunday was revealed that the police had, for two years, hidden a case of mass assaults on young girls. Assaults, there apparently had been committed during the popular youth festival ‘We are Stockholm’ in the Swedish capital.

The Swedish daily “Today’s News” (Dagens Nyheter) had come into possession of an internal police report that reported the case.
The issue is young men rubbing against the young girls in in the audience just as had happened previous years, it reads in an internal memo from August last year.
The case has also resulted in the response of the Swedish police chief Dan Eliasson.
He denies knowing about the matter before the case began to unfold in the Swedish media.

He further explains that they are taking the matter extremely seriously.

It is serious in many ways. We might have avoided several girls being violated had it come to light earlier. Secondly, it is not our job to take possible political views into considerations. We have to be consistent in our public communications, the police chief says when asked whether the case is serious.
Investigating the matter fully
The Chief of Police is also asked whether he is worried that something similar has happened elsewhere.

No I am not. I would be very surprised if this is a widespread phenomenon. I would also be very disappointed. But we need to investigate this thoroughly and see what happens, says Dan Eliassson.

50 young men and boys are suspected of being behind the attacks, and in the report one can read that the perpetrators are suspected to be refugee youths mainly from Afghanistan. The young men were also stealing mobile phones from the girls while they were violating them.
An anonymous policeman from Stockholm police says to Dagens Nyheter that some of the younger girls were only 11-12 years old.
I would never have let my daughter go to the festival, if I had known what had happened, he says to Dagens Nyheter.

2014 reached new heights

Stockholm city event manager Roger Ticoalu said to the Swedish media “Expressen”, that sexual assaults have always taken place at the festival but that it reached new heights in 2014.
I call it a disastrous phenomenon that we in Sweden could not have been prepared for, like many other things in the past year, he says.

A sore point

Dagens Nyheter also confronted local police, who explained that they failed to disclose the information because of political considerations.
It is a sore point. Sometimes we don’t dare say anything for fear that it would play into the hands of the Swedish Democrats. We must take care of this issue in the police, says Peter Agren, Södermalm Police Chief, to Dagens Nyheter.
The case appears not long after mass sexual assaults in the German city of Cologne, where over 500 women have reported being sexually assaulted and accosted by a large number of men Year’s Eve.

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7 Replies to “Swedish Police: We could have prevented mass sexual assaults”

  1. So the police didn’t report the sexual assaults because of “fear that it would play into the hands of the Swedish Democrats”.

    Interesting… That, in a nutshell, describes the root of most of the weird illogical problems we are seeing everywhere today. The left has created such a gigantic straw man/boogeyman fiction about the so-called “right” that they genuinely hate and fear conservatives more than they hate any mass-murdering dictator or dangerous ideology you can name, past or present. I think the average leftist genuinely believes that Pol Pot or Joseph Stalin would be preferable to Donald Trump. The media has relentlessly portrayed conservatives as the most mindless storybook-born-again-Christians imaginable – steeped in racism and hatred from birth, uneducated, gun-obsessed, hateful, and just plain stupid.

    You can tell by Obama’s tone that he hates Republicans a lot more than he hates ISIS or al-Qaeda or the Taliban. And here’s this Swedish cop admitting that he let Swedish girls get raped rather than give any aid and comfort to the evil Swedish Democrats, whom he obviously believes are exactly the same as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. I have friends who feel the same way. They just hate conservatives more than they hate lung cancer. It comes from decades of propaganda going back into early childhood, I suppose. Like, in “Avatar”, the bad guys are clearly Republicans and the good guys are obviously Democrats. They brainwash the children. And on and on it goes…

    And if you try to talk to them about it, they start yelling and calling you a “racist”. It’s kinda hopeless, really. I do believe that the average leftist believes that the average conservative, given full rein, would immediately build thousands of concentration camps and then start gassing everybody who wasn’t a white Nazi Protestant Christian. They’ve been taught that by the bloody mainstream media, and they seem to take it as a core belief.

  2. This is only a small part of the lies and deceit the left has committed as they build their ugly dystopia. I hope the Germans, the Swedes, all of Europe gets smart fast and stops all muslim immigrtation to Europe. Stop it now.

    • I am trying to float the idea that it is a counter-revolution, not a civil war. It is an attempt to reverse and undo the revolution tat actually clearly did take place and now must return to liberal democracy based on the sanctity of the rights of the individual and equality before the law.

      I think talking about it in terms of a civil war will frighten all the good people away from it and we end up losing no matter who wins.

      • Apparently, most left-wingers genuinely believe that the right wing is more dangerous to their lives than any outside force could possibly be. As long as they continue to think that way they will continue to refuse to resist Islamification because they view it as the lesser of two evils and possibly an ally. If conservative people get upset enough and start acting violently, as they apparently did in Germany yesterday, what’s to stop the left-wingers from officially siding with the Muslims and initiating a war between the conservatives and the leftist/Muslim axis? If that happens, the left will see the Muslim immigrants as comrades-in-arms and will welcome them into our countries in increasing numbers. It’s not looking good. I think the left-wingers would rather see the whole world go up in flames rather than admit they were ever wrong about anything, which they never, ever do…

        • This is the goal of the left, in order to create their dream world they have to destroy the existing world, they think they can use the Moslems to destroy us and then use Marxism to destroy Islam.

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