2015 attacks in France a dress rehearsal for serious ones in 2016: French intel: Links 2 on Jan 11 – 2016

1. Hundreds of far-right protesters rampage through German town, destroying ethnic restaurants and takeaways – hours after Merkel admits European migrant crisis is ‘out of control’

Hundreds of anti-refugee rioters have gone on the rampage in the German city of Leipzig after a demonstration where they called for asylum seekers to be deported and their nation’s borders closed.

The attacks come just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Europe had lost control of the crisis. The right-wingers broke away from a largely peaceful march in the eastern city to trash the suburb of Connewitz.

Doner kebab fast food stalls were destroyed, cars set ablaze and shop windows smashed by around 250 hooligans of LEGIDA – the local branch of PEGIDA, the anti-migrant, anti-EU organization which marched against the refugees earlier in the evening.

2. Sultanahmet attacker identified Saudi Arabian suicide bomber

(All the best suicide bombers are Saudi. The culmination of 1400 years of solid islamic culture and belief. Of course it took the unbeliever to invent high energy chemistry, but they sure know what to do with it)

Suicide bomber, that has blown himself at the heart of touristic Sultanahmet district of Istanbul, has been identified as Nabil Fadl? of Saudi Arabian origin, born in 1988.

A blast has killed at least 10 people and injured 15, 11 of them told to be foreigners.

Nine of these injured people were German, while two others were from Norway and Peru.

Investigations of police continue to enlighten the links of the attacker.

A TEENAGE girl was surrounded and attacked in a swimming pool in the latest of a series shocking sex assaults emerging from Germany.

Police said they have detained migrants in three more cases – one of which was traced to an asylum centre.

It comes as legal programmes have been launched for migrants, addressing areas of sexual equality and freedom of speech.

The classes, launched in Bavaria, are voluntary, and officials say they were planned before widespread assaults on women were revealed.

Tensions in the country are at breaking point as protests and counter-protests over the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne spark riots.

4. ISIS burns its own fighters alive for losing Ramadi to Iraqi troops in terrifying warning to other militants after they fled to group’s stronghold of Mosul

(The Islamic State, influenced by the Koran 99% but maybe 1% Dante Alighieri)

Islamic State fighters who lost a town to Iraqi forces were burned alive after they fled to the group’s stronghold of Mosul, it has been reported.

Residents claim the jihadists were set alight in the town’s main square in a terrifying message to other militants who may be forced to defend Mosul from an attack.

The fighters had been driven out of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, two weeks ago in a major setback for their aims of creating a caliphate across Iraq and Syria.

‘They were grouped together and made to stand in a circle. And set on fire to die,’ a former Iraqi resident now living in the U.S. but remains in contact with family in the town told Fox News.

Other Iraqis with relatives in Mosul said defeated ISIS militants were being punished for not martyring themselves in battle.

Michael Pregent, a terrorism expert and former intelligence adviser to General David Petraeus in Iraq, said: ‘There is no surprise on executing ISIS fighters from Ramadi.’

5. Birmingham Central Mosque chairman will be city’s next Lord Mayor

Councillor Muhammad Afzal

The chairman of Birmingham’s Central Mosque has been selected by councillors to become the next Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

Councillor Mohammed Afzal was chosen by Labour Party colleagues to become the First Citizen of Birmingham after the May local elections.

As the current chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque on Belgrave Middleway he is a keen advocate of forging links with other faith groups and playing full part in the wider city. The Mosque recently hit the headlines after it set up winter soup kitchens for the city’s homeless .

(Let’s see how that goes)

6. Donald Trump on the Tonight Show

7. Video claims to be of a terrified German woman dragged on to subway by the usual pirates, thugs and haters of the unbelievers in the pirate mohamed. But I feel this needs substantiation. Thats a lot of English and scribbly for a German subway entrance.

*** UPDATE *** It was an authentic video from last year and in Egypt. I took it down


8. Jewish teacher speaks about the attack on him by a sane, non-redical religious muslim who wanted to kill a Jew. More here

9.  Jews in Marseille urged not to wear skullcaps

(France 1985 total population 54,219,000 Jewish population 530,000 muslim population in 1980 France, 2,481,688. Jews in France July 2014, 475,000 and heading downwards steeply. Muslim population in France, 6.5 million in 2013. Telling Jewish people not to be identifiable as Jewish will probably change the Jewish numbers quite a bit quickly. I hope France likes the deal it made. I hope it feels France is a much nicer, better, safer place for all now than it was in the 80s)



The top Jewish leader in Marseille on Tuesday urged Jews in the southern French port city to refrain from wearing skullcaps “until better days” after a teacher was hurt in a machete attack by a Kurdish teenager

The president of the Marseille Israelite Consistory, Zvi Ammar, said that it was an “exceptional decision”.
“Life is more sacred than anything else. We are now forced to hide a little bit,” he told the AFP, adding that the move made him “sick to the stomach”.
The warning comes just one day after a teacher in his thirties was attacked by a teen wielding a machete.
The teacher escaped with only minor injuries. His attacker, aged 15, was caught soon after fleeing and arrested.
10. Cleanup after Germans took revenge on muslim owned shops for the litany of muslim crimes against Germans, but mostly for the Silvester rape night.

11. US General Keane: ISIS Now has 10,000 fighters in Libya

(WARNING: There is a wicked 60 Hz. hum on this video. Turn your volume down if using headphones)

12. French 2015 terror attacks a ‘dress rehearsal’ for 2016, experts say

(Wow its almost like they get their intel from this site)

French anti-terrorism experts believe the two major attacks in Paris in 2015 were a “dress rehearsal” for more professional and better-organised terror attacks on a much larger scale in 2016.

The January 2015 attacks on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – which had angered many by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006 – was the first in three days of attacks that claimed a total of 17 lives.

On November 13, gunmen in Paris killed 130 people in a series of coordinated attacks, the deadliest assault on French soil since World War II.

As bad as the carnage was, many experts agree that with the number of attacks on a definite upward swing, the threat will get much worse in the coming year.

“Unfortunately, I think 2015 was nothing,” an unnamed French senior counter-terrorism official told AFP last week. “We are moving towards a European 9/11: simultaneous attacks on the same day in several countries, several places. A very coordinated thing. We know the terrorists are working on this.”

(Do we even know what happened with the planned attack on the train station in Germany? Not the one the German government covered up that is out now, but the Christmas one with bombs? What did they find? Why is there no new news on that? Was it in fact Sarin gas and explosives like Homeland predicted? Why was their a total shut down on all information on that in German and English news, or so it seems?)

Thank you Maria J., M., WTD., Wrath of Khan and many more. 

As I read the story in Item 4. of how the Islamic State treats its returning fighters, it seemed to me that was something out of Dante’s stunning poem, the Inferno, about a living man’s trip through hell. It further occurred to me that in Dante’s work he very likely wrote about Mohamed and gave him a special place in hell. So I googled for it. 

The result is a brilliant laugh as the fearful political correctness of the webpage had to somehow describe what Dante had written about Mohamed in a way that made the Christians look worse than the Muslims and Mohamed that they wrote about. Even to the extent of adding unrelated content suggesting Mohamed was actually a Cardinal. Something which I am pretty sure was not in The Inferno. Check out the first bit below:


“Consistent with medieval Christian thinking, in which the Muslim world was viewed as a hostile usurper, Dante depicts both Mohammed–the founder of Islam–and his cousin and son-in-law Ali as sowers of religious divisiveness.”

Wherever could the medieval Christians ever get that idea?

Lastly, in a contest between Allah and German train schedules, who wins?

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8 Replies to “2015 attacks in France a dress rehearsal for serious ones in 2016: French intel: Links 2 on Jan 11 – 2016”

  1. #1 Hundreds of far-right protesters rampage through German town, destroying ethnic restaurants and takeaways – hours after Merkel admits European migrant crisis is ‘out of control’

    Was the damage done by what the media characterize as “far right”? Where’s the video evidence of the individuals causing this damage? Why are all the images of the damage only?

    Given the following links …it seems to me that Antifa was likely present and they are well known to conduct false flag operations to discredit the anti-jihad/anti-Islamisation movement – particularly given the media characterizations of the crowds….100’s Legida vs. 1000’s Pro-migrant

    MorocoWorldNews: Thousands of Germans Rally Against anti-Islam Movement

    xinhuanet: German citizens rally against anti-Islam movement Legida in Leipzig
    BERLIN, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) — Forming a “chain of lights” kilometers in length, thousands of people have participated in a rally against the anti-Islam movement Legida in the east German city of Leipzig on Monday evening.

    • You might be right.
      I also think that some of the destruction was done by other people not Pegida, that the destruction was intentional and that it was done in hope that the government will ban future Pegida marches

      • Where are the videos illustrating the reported “masked hooligans” in action ?

        At least in this report HNGN: 211 Right-Wing Extremists Arrested in Leipzig they separate the hooligans from PEGIDA who calmly walk the streets and perhaps ‘hum’ PEGIDA’s wordless hymn
        Quote: “German police said they arrested 211 far-right, xenophobic extremists who broke into riots in Leipzig, smashing windows and setting cars alight. The police described the group as “football hooligans,” according to Agence France-Presse. They stormed a left-leaning quarter of the city while another conservative group, the anti-Islamic PEGIDA, protested peacefully in another part of the city.

        Perhaps the majority of those arrested were known to the police because of prior events like:
        AP: 69 police officers injured in clashes in Eastern Germany Dec. 13, 2015 in Leipzig

        BERLIN (AP) — Leipzig police say 69 officers have been injured in clashes with rioting leftwing protesters and that they had to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the group.

        Some 50 police cars were also damaged in the riots Saturday evening, which started after hundreds of leftwing activists demonstrated against a rally by far-right protesters in the eastern German city of Leipzig earlier in the day.

        Police said Sunday they temporarily detained 23 people after the leftist rioters threw stones at police, erected street blocks and burned down garbage cans. The protesters also demolished store front windows and two bus stops.

        It was not immediately clear how many protesters were injured in the clashes.

  2. 16 – This is an easy prediction to make, each new year has had more and more vicious terror attacks since Obama took office.

    Yes Merkel is loosing control of the police, if she weren’t she wouldn’t be telling the truth but sill sticking to the narrative. I have often said that the side that wins the coming civil wars will be the side the police and military join. Her actions tell us which side she thinks they are going to back.

    I spend the entire day at the VA (just a lot of routing appointments Yucki) the feel I got from there is that a civil war is expected some say this year and some say 2017. French Intel can factor that into their predictions.

  3. Isn’t this predictable? The Germans are being attacked. Their govt. is financing and promoting it. For the life of me, I don’t understand what Merkel was thinking. She had to know what a troublesome lot she invited in. Had to know. So that means Merkel knew there would be rapes and sexual assaults of young, naive native German girls. But it was worth it! Such trivial matters when you are creating a new European civilization!

  4. Re: The last one

    I don’t think this clip is from Germany. There people looks like Pakistani Muslims and the station does not look like a train station from Germany. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that it happened in Pakistan. People who talk in the clip talk in English and in some other language (perhaps pashtu?)

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