Please Share: Sensation: Demo in Cologne was manipulated.

An original translation by Oz-Rita with much thanks!

(From Rita) Hi,

I just came across this article & video regarding last nights PEGIDA demo in Cologne, which asserts that the demo was manipulated. I did a quick translation of their text. and you will also find the video there which they say is the proof that journalists were provoking police with fire crackers that had been banned. I cannot see on the video, however, WHO ignited the fire crackers. Anyway you might. The link to the article is here: (my translation below):

From this German news site:


SENSATION: In the demo in Cologne on 01.09.2016 the police, after repeated notice, used tear gas and water cannons, as requests by  the police  to ignite no firecrackers were ignored !!! 

The firecrackers were not fired by the demonstrators, but by a person with a press pass and a camera, so probably a journalist. Due to this action, police used tear gas and water cannons and the demonstration escalated and was disbanded later !!! Here in slow motion  the proof: (Unmistakably:   “press people” who lit firecrackers

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6 Replies to “Please Share: Sensation: Demo in Cologne was manipulated.”

  1. I watched the demo on the live stream, sadly had to leave to go do some stuff, when I came back the police were already doing the Nazi bit with water cannons and tear gas, I was watching for just this sort of behaviour having seen it already. Well spotted.

    In terms of the stream it is sad that in the West that we are now using Russian TV for the truth. Seriously makes me sick inside to see how far we have fallen.

  2. Agent Provocateurs have been used by all authoritarian governments, their use now by western governments shows how low civilization has fallen. With this happening in Germany without the western press objecting says that all of us need to watch our backs because things like this are coming to our nations real soon.

  3. Bearded ”babies” from Afghanistan and Syria, had their own little Cologne-sex-fun in Sweden, several months ago. But newspapers didn’t write anything about it:

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