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9 Replies to “David Wood on the Philly police-jihad”

  1. Cheer up! Bernie Sanders is pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls as she edges closer and closer to the day she is charged by the FBI, so there’s at least there’s no worry of the Democrats forming the next US government. The GOP could nominate Carrot Top and they’d still beat Bernie Sanders. All things considered, there’s no way in hell the Americans are going to vote a self-proclaimed “socialist” into the White House at this time. This is going to be a beautiful Walter Mondale kind of thing to see… Mondalishious. Mondilian. Mondalamian. Mondatollah Khomeinian…

    • After watching Trudeau win in Canada with a concerted effort from the left, a million of whom voted Liberal instead of NDP, and Muslims coming out of the bed-frames and floorboards to vote liberal at the behest of imams, I wouldn’t count Sanders out just yet. The other threat is a Republican gets in who is bought and paid for by the MB. I think there are quite a few of those.

      • Nothing would surprise me at this point. As I’ve said, I think the coercion runs a lot deeper than anyone suspects. Hell, they’ve got billions of dollars at their disposal. It’s what I would do if I were a Wahhabist prince. I’d send some very nice, hip, liberal, booze-drinking, pot-smoking, Eton-educated nephew out to make “friends” with young left-wing comers, and have him use his “family money” to be ever so helpful to their lives. He’d “believe” in them. They might not even know they’ve been compromised. It would be like taking candy from a baby. Who doesn’t need money, encouragement,and support?

        This would sound like crazy talk if it weren’t for the fact that Huma Abedin is currently Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant and chief of staff. And unless Huma has completely split with her parents, she is 100% Muslim Brotherhood connected. Unbelievable!

        • That is why the establishment Republicans are working so hard to see that one of them is nominated, they know Trump and Cruz haven’t been bought so they have to be defeated at all costs and if part of that cost is Hillary or Sanders in the Oval office so be it.

          Obama said he was going to remake America, he has and the big question is will the next President try and undo the damage or will they continue the destruction.

      • You are right, also consider the massive amount of vote fraud in the 2012 election, the 2016 election is going to be worse. This election is going to be one that tests the strength of the American Constitution and people.

        • Have you heard the crowds roar at the Trump rallies? Powerful and sneaky as they may be, the political establishment may find that they are not as powerful as the collective will of the American People. I would say that a great many folks are genuinely tired of all the sneaky, disingenuous, politically correct, Alice-through-the-looking-glass nonsense, and Donald Trump is the only politician in view with the guts and the ability to call it out.

          And the hilarious part is that after six months of President Trump, Hussein Osama’s legacy will be entirely expunged. All his bigoted little anti-Semitic appointees will be gone and his dubious laws repealed. It will be as if he was never born. Fixing the world is going to take a little longer. It’s going to be extremely interesting.

          Oh, and Susan Rice?……… YOU’RE FIRED!!!

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