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  1. German interior ministers alarmed by violence against refugees, rise of right-wing (DW, Dec 27, 2015)

    “Attacks on refugee shelters in Germany continued over the Christmas holiday period. Interior ministers are concerned about the growing number of xenophobic attacks along with the rise of the right-wing Scene.

    An arson attack on a refugee center under construction in Schwäbisch Gmuend in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg on Christmas Day, coupled with an arson attack on two homes housing immigrant families in Wallerstein in Bavaria a day earlier, are just recent examples of the anti-immigrant sentiment seen in Germany.

    The number of anti-immigrant attacks has risen sharply this year. Up until mid-December, the Interior Ministry reported 850 attacks on refugee shelters, more than four times the number recorded in 2014.

    In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of attacks on refugee housing increased six-fold to 187, compared to 2014 statistics.

    A figure NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger says he is “deeply ashamed” of.

    At the same time, the number of violent, xenophobic attacks on individuals across the country has risen. In the past five years, the number of people assaulted has more than doubled.

    According to figures made public by the Federal Interior Ministry, at least one person every day this year has become a victim of xenophobic violence in Germany. Up to and including September the number of reported violent attacks reached 389.

    Over the past 10 years, Germany has seen a “subtle increase in radicalization” within the right-wing camp, but also among left-wing extremists and violent soccer fans, said Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier.

    “The scene is militant,” Caffier added. “The number of events and demonstrations that incite hatred and anger towards refugees has increased significantly.”

    It is not just physical demonstrations where people gather to show their hatred, but online incidents have also increased, Reinhold Gall, Baden-Würrtemberg’s interior minister said.

    A group that has profited from the hostility towards migrants is the populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The party, which vehemently criticizes Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming stance towards refugees, currently has 6-10 percent support in the opinion polls.

    In comments published Sunday by publications oft he “Funke-Mediengruppe,” Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier held right-wing parties partly responsible for attacks on asylum seekers.

    “The strong rise of right-wing violence in the Germany shows how dangerous it is to use the topic of refugees to go hunting for votes,” Steinmeier said.

    The AfD, originally founded as a eurosceptic party but which has adopted an increasingly anti-immigration stance, currently has no seats in the German parliament.”

  2. Boko Haram Attacks Northeast Nigerian City, Many Killed (abcnews, Dec 27, 2015)

    “Boko Haram Islamic extremists struck the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri for the first time in months Monday with rocket-propelled grenades and multiple suicide bombers, witnesses said. At least 15 people were killed but the toll was feared many times higher.

    Nigerian troops “intercepted and destroyed” 10 suicide bombers, according to PR Nigeria, an agency that disseminates government news.

    Maiduguri, the city under attack, is the birthplace of Boko Haram, which emerged as a much more radical entity after Nigerian security forces attacked their compound there, killing 700 people in 2009.

    Militants firing indiscriminately from the back of three trucks attacked the outlying village of Dawari, soldiers engaged them, and as people were fleeing, a woman ran into a suburb yelling “Boko Haram, Boko Haram.” When people gathered, she detonated herself, according to village head Bulama Isa.

    As the chaos reigned and a rocket-propelled grenade exploded, setting alight grass-thatched huts, a second woman blew herself up, according to Isa. The village chief, 10 of his children and others were killed in Duwari, an outlying suburb of Maiduguri, according to residents Ahmed Bala and Umar Ibrahim.

    “The troops laid ambush on the terrorists’ suspected routes. …The suicide bombers were intercepted in three different locations approaching the city,” PR Nigeria said, quoting the military.

    The area is close to Giwa Barracks, a major military base attacked several times in the past by the extremists. In January 2014, Boko Haram attacked the base and freed hundreds of detainees. Nigeria’s military is accused of killing thousands of detainees there, by human rights groups.

    The attack comes as Nigeria’s government says it has contained the Islamic uprising that has killed 20,000 people in six years and driven 2.3 million people from their homes.

    The government claim is impossible to ascertain in an area where access is dangerous and restricted by the military.

    But the report of the attack, a few dozen insurgents in three trucks, is a far cry from previous attacks by hundreds of militants including tanks stolen from the military.

    It could bear out the government’s report that most terrorist hideouts have been destroyed and they are reduced to seeking “soft targets” through suicide bombings.”

  3. Suicide Car Bomb Attack Kills 1 Near Kabul Airport (abcnews, Dec 28, 2015)

    “A suicide car bomb attack killed at least one civilian Monday near the Kabul international airport, an Afghan government official said.

    Four other civilians were hurt in the early-morning attack that took place near the eastern entrance of the airport, said Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack, and said the target of the suicide bomber was a convoy of foreign forces…”

  4. Iraqi forces retake Islamic State Ramadi stronghold (BBC, Dec 28, 2015)

    “Iraqi forces have retaken a former government compound in Ramadi from where Islamic State (IS) group militants have been resisting an army offensive, the military has said.

    The complex was “under complete control” and there was no sign of IS fighters, a spokesman said.

    He said this heralded the defeat of IS in the city, although he admitted there could be pockets of resistance.

    The government has been trying to retake Ramadi for weeks.

    The mainly Sunni Arab city, about 55 miles (90km) west of Baghdad, fell to IS in May, and was seen as an embarrassing defeat for the army…”

  5. China approves wide-ranging counter terrorism law (CNN, Dec 28, 2015)

    “China’s governing body has passed its first-ever counter-terrorism bill, which it says will help address rising terror threats at home and boost international security.

    An Weixing, an official with the public security ministry, told journalists Sunday that terror attacks were a rising issue in China.

    “Terrorist attacks have caused heavy losses of people’s lives and properties, posing a serious threat to our security, stability, economic development and ethnic unity,” the state-run Xinhua news agency quoted the official as saying…”

  6. Iranian guards fire mortar shells into Pakistan (tribune, Dec 28, 2015)

    “Crossing into Pakistan, Iranian border guards on Sunday fired three mortar shells in the Mashkel area of Washuk district of the restive Balochistan province.

    Washuk Deputy Commissioner Salahuddin Norzai confirmed the incident. “Three mortars landed inside Pakistan and exploded in an empty area of Mashkil. However, no loss of life was reported,” Norzai said.

    According to local witnesses, back-to-back explosions occurred in Aho Go area of Mashkel.

    It was not the first incident of border violation along the country’s southwestern frontiers as the Iranian forces have fired shells into Pakistani territory in Panjgur, Mand, Awaran and Chagai areas on several occasion in the recent years…”

  7. MP Zahir Qadir says Daesh’s oppression is not tolerable anymore (khaama, Dec 28, 2015)

    “A powerful lawmaker Haji Zahir Qadir who is currently heading a group of armed volunteers against the terrorist group of the Islamic State (IS) or Daesh in eastern Nangarhar province says oppression of Daesh is not tolerable anymore.

    He said terrorists need to face the same fate, adding that government has not assisted the uprising civilians therefore it should not stand in front of them.

    Qadir’s comments come after the uprising civilians under his command beheaded four members of Daesh to revenge.

    Daesh had earlier cut off heads from four civilians in Achin District provoking others to do the same to the group.

    According to Haji Ghalib Mujahid who is governor for Achin District, two of the four militants beheaded belonged to Tirah valley while the two others were from Orakzai Agency of Pakistan.

    Daesh has killed people through shooting and blowing them up with bombs in parts of Nangarhar province.

    The group’s fighters have also burnt houses of civilians after accusing them for supporting government.”

  8. Afghan Air Force bomb IS positions in Nangarhar (khaama, Dec 28, 2015)

    “Afghan Air Force has bombed positions of the loyalists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which also goes by its Arabic name Daesh.

    According to reports, two airstrikes were carried out in parts of the district dominated by the group in eastern Nangarhar province.

    Haji Ghalib Mujahid, governor of Achin District confirms the airstrike but says there is no information about casualties.

    Achin District is stronghold of the fanatics of ISIS in eastern part of the country.

    The group has been engaged in heavy clashes with security forces and pro-government militia formed by a powerful lawmaker Haji Zahir Qadir.

    Most recently the group beheaded four members of the pro-government militia after which their four fighters were also decapitated.”

  9. Bill Whitte and team deconstruct the original Star Wars, of the individual against the System.

    I liked their observation that the Storm Troopers were skeletons – the dead who won’t lie down. This certainly has references to Nazism to Trade Union Socialism to Islam.

    Also, the rite of passage; that your father succumbed to one of these imprints and became an imam – dead from the neck up – that you have conquer to become unscathed.

    Be excellent.

  10. Russian Defense Ministry accuses Pentagon of imitating fight against Islamic State

    MOSCOW, December 28. /TASS/. The Pentagon, refusing to transfer the data on terrorist targets in Syria to the Russian military, continues to fight against the Islamic State terrorist group “in word only”, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told reporters on Monday. He thus commented on a recent statement by the Pentagon spokesperson Michelle Baldanza who confirmed that the US military did not intend to share with Moscow the information on IS targets until Russia changes its policy towards Syrian President Bashar Assad. “We are not going to cooperate with Russia on Syria until they change their strategy of supporting Assad and instead focus on ISIL (IS),” Baldanza said. “The hackneyed thesis has once again confirmed that the Pentagon will fight against IS in word only, instead of taking real action,” Konashenkov said. “The statement by the US Defense Department spokesperson Michelle Baldanza about the [US side’s] refusal from any cooperation in the fight against Islamic State is a broken record, and it’s high time to change it,” he said. The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said that at last week’s news briefing of the chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff, General Sergey Rudskoy, the military presented data on changes in the routes of illegal transportation of oil by the Islamic State militants. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the new routes run through the north-western regions of Iraq, which “are in the focus of constant attention of the United States.” “We publicly told our American colleagues that it is necessary not to discuss the IS activities in Iraq, but to take real action to block the terrorists’ sources of income in the region,” Konashenkov said.


  11. Japan, wary of outsiders, keeps doors closed to refugees
    Ever wary toward outsiders, Japan keeps doors closed to refugees despite pledges to do more

    TOKYO (AP) — For Mohammed, the perils of staying in Damascus crystalized when a sniper’s bullet whizzed past his head while he and his cousins were on his rooftop, watching the Syrian air force bomb rebel forces.

    The same roof where Mohammed and his lifelong friend Jamal used to sit in a tent and play video games. Now, instead of studying for a law degree, Mohammed is working as a fitness instructor in Tokyo, trying to squeeze in some language study and hoping that like Jamal, he’ll beat the odds and win official status as a refugee in Japan.

    The odds aren’t good.

    Out of the 7,533 people who applied for refugee status in 2014, or appealed earlier refusals, only 11 were approved. That includes Jamal, his mother and sister, whose approvals came after a year-and-a-half wait.

  12. Russia’s energy minister blames Saudi Arabia for destabilized oil market


    © Ruslan Shamukov/ITAR-TASS MOSCOW, December 28. /TASS/. Saudi Arabia has destabilized oil market by increasing its oil output by 1.5 mln barrels per day, Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel


    “This year Saudi Arabia has ramped up production by 1.5 mln barrels per day, which in fact destabilized the situation on the market,” – he said. “According to experts’ estimates, demand-and-supply curves may coincide in the second half of 2016, which will balance the market,” – Novak said. He added that such a factor as “new production in Iran” may affect the market.


  13. U.S. Fears Grow of a ‘Newly Awakened’ Russian Navy
    A new report from the U.S. Navy’s intelligence branch paints a sobering picture of Putin’s increasingly aggressive fleet—and its deadly international shows of force.

    For the first time in 24 years, the U.S. Navy’s intelligence branch has published an unclassified report warning against a rapidly rearming and increasingly aggressive Russian fleet.

    And while the report—which the Navy intends for public consumption—has been years in the making, recent events have underscored just how serious its findings are. It’s becoming clearer by the day that, with the strong backing of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian navy is making a serious effort to challenge the world’s preeminent maritime power—the United States.

    “Russia has begun, and over the next decade will make large strides in fielding a 21st-century navy capable of a dependable national defense [and] an impressive but limited presence in more distant global areas of interest, manned by a new generation of post-Soviet officers and enlisted personnel,” The Russian Navy: A Historic Transition concludes.

    Sixty-eight pages long and lavishly illustrated, the Russian navy report, published online and in print in mid-December, is the uncredited work of one man—George Fedoroff, the top Russia expert at the Maryland-based Office of Naval Intelligence.

  14. Seized documents reveal Islamic State’s Department of ‘War Spoils’

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Islamic State has set up departments to handle “war spoils,” including slaves, and the exploitation of natural resources such as oil, creating the trappings of government that enable it to manage large swaths of Syria and Iraq and other areas.

    The hierarchical bureaucracy, including petty rivalries between officials, and legal codes in the form of religious fatwas are detailed in a cache of documents seized by U.S. Special Operations Forces in a May raid in Syria that killed top IS financial official Abu Sayyaf. Reuters has reviewed some of the documents.

    U.S. officials say the documents have helped deepen their understanding of a militant group whose skill in controlling the territory it has seized has surprised many. They provide insight into how a once small insurgent group has developed a complex bureaucracy to manage revenue streams – from pillaged oil to stolen antiquities – and oversee subjugated populations.

    “This really kind of brings it out. The level of bureaucratization, organization, the diwans, the committees,” Brett McGurk, President Barack Obama’s special envoy for the anti-IS coalition, told Reuters.

  15. U.S. sees bearable costs, key goals met for Russia in Syria so far

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three months into his military intervention in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved his central goal of stabilizing the Assad government and, with the costs relatively low, could sustain military operations at this level for years, U.S. officials and military analysts say.

    That assessment comes despite public assertions by President Barack Obama and top aides that Putin has embarked on an ill-conceived mission in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that it will struggle to afford and that will likely fail.

    “I think it’s indisputable that the Assad regime, with Russian military support, is probably in a safer position than it was,” said a senior administration official, who requested anonymity. Five other U.S. officials interviewed by Reuters concurred with the view that the Russian mission has been mostly successful so far and is facing relatively low costs.

    The U.S. officials stressed that Putin could face serious problems the longer his involvement in the more than four-year-old civil war drags on.

  16. Political feuding imperils Ukraine’s future, Obama’s record

    KIEV (Reuters) – On his most recent visit to Kiev, U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden said he spends more time speaking to Ukrainian officials than to his own wife.

    He may not be exaggerating: senior U.S. officials, including Biden, are deeply embroiled in trying to persuade Ukraine’s leadership to hold the line and implement the reforms they have promised to carry out.

    But despite these efforts, divisions inside the ruling coalition are growing and many of the reforms are stalled. If the leaders fail, it will be a deep embarrassment to Washington, the EU, and the IMF which sacrificed relations with Russia to support these people.

    “I think we may have logged close to 1,000 hours on the telephone,” Biden told reporters during his visit this month, referring to his calls with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, before adding the quip that it was more time than he spends talking to Mrs Biden.

  17. Turkey PM says would not look positively on ‘hostile forces’ west of Euphrates

    BELGRADE (Reuters) – Turkey would not look positively on Syrian forces hostile to Ankara moving to the west of the Euphrates, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday, after a U.S.-backed alliance of Kurds and Arab rebels took a dam on the river from Islamic State.

    Turkey has long opposed advances by Syrian Kurdish forces for fear this will lead to the creation of a Kurdish state on its border which in turn might encourage its own Kurdish minority.

    Speaking at a news conference in the Serbian capital where he was on an official visit, Davutoglu said the government’s current information showed that the groups that crossed the Euphrates over the weekend were Arabs, not Kurdish, forces.

  18. Iran threatens response to new U.S. visa restrictions

    DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran will take reciprocal measures in response to any breach of this year’s nuclear deal, the Foreign Ministry warned on Monday, after Tehran said new U.S. visa restrictions contravened the historic agreement.

    Iran has started to restrict its nuclear program under the terms of the July 14 deal with six world powers, including the United States. When the restrictions are completed, international sanctions on Tehran will be lifted.

    But decades-old mistrust between Tehran and Washington is as high as ever, and each side has accused the other of undermining the pact, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    Earlier this month, the U.S. Congress passed a law restricting visa-free travel rights for people who have visited Iran or hold dual Iranian nationality, a measure that Iran’s foreign minister called a breach of the deal.

    The measure, which affects citizens of the 38 mostly European countries that have visa waiver arrangements with the United States, is framed as a counterterrorism measure and also targets Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

  19. Was Knife Assault on Staten Island Boy an ISIS Tryout?

    An alleged jihadist arrested in June on charges that he plotted to blow up Times Square may also be the fiend who stabbed a 9-year-old Staten Island boy in the neck five months earlier in what some investigators now believe was a botched ISIS audition. But NYPD detectives investigating the Jan. 9 knife attack have been frustrated by the feds, who won’t give them access to terror suspect Fareed Mumuni, said a source familiar with the probe.

    Mumuni, 21, lived only 600 yards from Jermaine Culver, who was stabbed as he walked to school in the Mariners Harbor section of Staten Island. A surveillance camera on a home across the street captured a stocky attacker as he stalked the boy from behind on Union Avenue before grabbing him around the neck and stabbing him in his back, head, neck and arm.

    Jermaine is seen stumbling a few steps before he regains his footing and runs.“It looks like he’s trying to kill that kid,” said Luis Padilla, 44, the home’s owner. “He went straight for the jugular.”

  20. The 1,500-Year-Old Strategy for Fighting ISIS
    The Art of War was written in the 6th Century but is as applicable today as ever. The Clarion Project puts Sun Tzu’s classic into the ISIS context.

    Chinese military general Sun Tzu wrote the prototype battle manual, The Art of War, some 1,500 years ago. It became the seminal work used by all military governors, even at West Point.

    Where his thesis went unheeded, it led to military disasters across history. In the battle against the Islamic State, our military leaders would do well to listen to the words of Sun Tzu and strategize accordingly.

    A leader leads by example, not by force.

    ISIS’ ideology is the driving force behind its strength. It offers structure and order to a largely rag tag group of fighters, disaffected by their current circumstances and living with the delusions of grandeur of a caliphate and sharia law for all. However, ISIS barbarity and cruelty to its “enemies’ and the harsh restrictions and punishments meted out to its own people will ultimately lead, as we have seen so often, to infighting and civil war.

    You have to believe in yourself.

    ISIS fighters believe in themselves but does the rest of the world? How many wars have been lost by a lack of morale? While ISIS screams jihad, martyrdom and eternal paradise, the West needs to be educated to understand this is a war of survival. This is a war to preserve Western security, values and even interests that will ultimately benefit all of us. We need to be motivated, mobilized and activated, waving our flags and supporting the military, which is fighting for everyone in the free world.

      • Read “The Art of War” I have to get a new copy, my old one was ruined when the roof leaked.

        FYI a lot of what is said in the book applies to poker as well.

        “If you aren’t ready to cut your opponents throat with the cards don’t set down at the table” Robert Heinlein.

  21. Bosnian Police Bust Alleged ISIS Terror Cell Planning Attack

    Police in Bosnia arrested 11 suspected jihadists who were allegedly plotting an attack in Sarajevo.

    The cell was planning “a terrorist act during end-of-year celebrations,” according to prosecutor Dubravko Campara.

    “They were threatening to carry out an explosives attack in which 100 people would be killed” he told RTRS television. “Physical evidence of the links with the Islamic State group structures were seized.”

    Prosecutors showed reporters pictures of a printed out Islamic State flag on the wall of a house in Sarajevo where the group was said to have met.

  22. Islamic State Claims Bangladesh Ahmadi Mosque Attack
    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing against an Ahmadi mosque in Bangladesh which injured three on Christmas Day.

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility on December 26 for a suicide bombing attack on an Ahmadi mosque in Bangladesh.

    An ISIS bomber detonated an explosive belt at the mosque on Christmas Day, ,Al-Arabiya reported. According to the Islamic State, ‘dozens’ were killed and injured, but according to the police only three people were injured.

    At the time of the attack, some 70 people were in the mosque, which is in Bagmara, around 170 miles from the capital Dhaka.

    The Islamic State carried out other attacks in Bangladesh, including shootings in different locations, according to Al-Arabiya.

    The attacks on secular and rationalist bloggers that rocked the country in 2015 were carried out by a different group, Ansarullah Bangla Team.

  23. Syria: Multiple bombs kill over 30 in Homs

    Over 30 people were killed and around 90 injured in a triple bomb blast in Homs, Monday. A suicide bomber, a car bomb and another device exploded were set off almost simultaneously near the city’s Ruqyah medical clinic.

    The attack is the second to strike Homs since a ceasefire deal was agreed between anti-government forces and Damascus earlier this month. The deal would see the city fall back into the control of the Syrian government.

  24. DAILY MAIL – Just THREE HUNDRED ISIS jihadis held Ramadi for seven months against Iraqi force of 10,000

    Just 600 ISIS fighters conquered Ramadi in May, sent Iraqi soldiers fleeing
    Iraqi state TV showed Iraqis celebrating in the streets after Ramadi victory
    Recapture will be used as launchpad to retake Nineveh, said Iraqi politician
    ISIS leader filmed making rare public speech in Mosul in Nineveh governate

    • Some of these jihadis are battle-hardened veterans of Afghanistan and elsewhere. They’re not the idiot dreamers celebrated in recruiting videos. These are as tough as special ops forces get.

      Iraqi forces are total losers. The fall over each other, shoot themselves more frequently than anyone else. Zero unit cohesion. Shifting alliances typical of tribal primitives.

      • Never place professional soldiers in a position where their choices are surrender of death, they will use every trick they have ever heard of to teach you that it is the amateurs that die in combat. Pros can be killed but they are expensive and if they are on the defensive in a city the city is gong to be destroyed before the defenders are.

        Look at what the Jewish amateurs did in the Warsaw Ghetto upraising during WWII, they were rank amateurs but held of thousands of Germany’s best troops for a month.

        There are a lot of web articles on this and I don’t want to take the time to find the best, if you are a history buff enjoy.

  25. Turkey: Protesters clash with police following shooting of demonstrator

    Clashes erupted between several dozen protesters and police officers outside Mersin State Hospital, late Sunday, following the police shooting of Sedate Beran.

    The 20-year-old was shot by police during a demonstration in Mersin, earlier on Sunday, against Ankara’s ongoing security operations in eastern Turkey. Following his death, family members and sympathisers, gathered at the hospital where Beran’s body had been taken. There they clashed with police. Local media reported that protesters threw rocks at officers who fired canisters of teargas at the crowd.

    The clashes in Mersin are one of many violent incidents to blight eastern Turkey in recent months. On Friday, Pro-Kurdish protesters clashed with police following the killing of Kurdish lawyer and human rights activist Tahir Elci, on November 28.

      • That they must, and they are the reason that I say several European nations will disappear during this war, the separatist movements will succeed, Spain and France are prime targets and I have read about how the Italian Cities want to split off and once again become separate nations. This will help the left and the Moslems but once both have been defeated the nations will have a hard time reforming.

  26. No Way Out: The Forbidden Himalayan Escape Route for Tibetan Refugees From China

    NAMCHE BAZAR, Nepal—There are a lot of ways to die on the Nangpa La. For one, the altitude can kill you.

    This is what Tibetan refugees face as they flee China’s oppression: At more than 19,000 feet (roughly the same height as Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa) this mountain pass, which bridges the Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet, is high enough to cause cerebral and pulmonary edema, when the brain or lungs fill with fluid because of oxygen deficiency.

    Both types of edema are quite sudden and deadly physiological reactions to the sparseness of oxygen at high altitude. The only cure—and chance for survival—is to descend to lower elevations and thicker air, quickly.

    >>> This is Part 1 of Nolan Peterson’s three-part account of his trek to an age-old Himalayan trade route used by refugees.

    Headaches, breathlessness, and nausea are common at this altitude. But when one is alone in the remote Himalayas, far removed from the possibility of evacuation (or if you are a Tibetan refugee covertly fleeing across the Nangpa La), every symptom spurs the fear that it could be the beginning stages of a fatal reaction to the thin air.

  27. America’s enemies within: How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in the last 18 months – including refugees who had been given safe haven but ‘turned to terror’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    America’s enemies within: How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in the last 18 months – including refugees who had been given safe haven but ‘turned to terror’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  28. BREAKING: Federal Agents Make Massive Discovery at Southern Border… ISIS Is Here
    Eight Syrian nationals attempted to illegally enter the United States from Mexico on Monday, raising new concerns about security inside the United States in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

    Breitbart cited two unnamed federal agents who said the Syrians were intercepted at the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas. While Border Patrol has yet to confirm this report, National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 President Hector Garza did confirm that he was also receiving similar reports from multiple agents.

    “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in the Laredo Sector,” he said. “Our agents have heard about Syrians being apprehended in the area from other federal agents. At this time, I cannot confirm or deny that Syrians have crossed, for security reasons.”

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    This news came only a day after a report by the U.K. Daily Mail revealed that, within the past 18 months, a number of refugees have been charged with Islamic State group-related terror plots on American soil.

    Also, at least one and possibly more of the killers in the Paris attacks had entered France posing as Syrian refugees.

    Furthermore, the Conservative Tribune reported Wednesday on a poll that revealed that 13 percent of the 4.28 million displaced Syrian refugees held a favorable view of the terror group, and roughly a third of those had a “very favorable” view of it.

  29. [ .... were the ambulances used to transport their weapons ??? ]

    Zabadani militants, civilians arrive in Lebanon under UN-brokered deal

    More than 200 Syrian rebel fighters and civilians reached Lebanon Monday en route to Turkey via the Beirut airport, in the second phase of a UN-backed agreement between combatants in Syria’s nearly five-year-old conflict.

    The rebels and civilians who had been trapped in three Syrian towns were evacuated Thursday morning.

    Dozens of relatives welcomed them at the Masnaa border crossing in Lebanon’s Bekaa, cheering as they arrived and waving the three-star flag of the Syrian opposition.

    Other pro-rebel Syrian refugees and Lebanese citizens also gathered at the border point in a show of solidarity with the fighters, shouting “Allahu Akbar” .

    Sources told The Daily Star a total of 123 people – 70 wounded militants and 53 women, children and elderly suffering from deterioration in their overall health – were evacuated from Zabadani, a Syrian town near the Lebanese border.

    In the rebel-held Shiite villages of Kefraya and al-Fouaa in the northwestern province of Idlib, a total of 338 wounded fighters and civilians were evacuated, according to the sources.

    They were taken by the Syrian Red Crescent to the Lebanese border crossing at Masnaa, where they were met by delegates from the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

    A convoy of 22 LRC ambulances, two ICRC cars and several buses had arrived earlier at Masnaa escorted by Lebanon’s General Security.

    The deal, under the auspices of ICRC, has allowed scores of rebel fighters, many of whom are wounded and have been holed up for months in the war-ravaged town of Zabadani, to have safe passage to the Beirut airport and from there to Turkey, their final destination.

    Simultaneously, around 300 families in the two besieged Shiite towns headed in an overland convoy to the Turkish border from where they will then fly to Beirut.

    The route via Turkey was the safest option for the families, as traveling through Syria would have taken them through Idlib, where a patchwork of rebels controls different areas.

    An airport source told The Daily Star that two Turkish planes were preparing to fly to Beirut to transport the Syrian Shiite families, while another plane in Lebanon was preparing to fly to Turkey to transport the Syrian rebels and civilians. It said the planes would fly out together as part of the deal.

    The UN and foreign governments have tried to broker local ceasefires and safe-passage agreements as steps towards the wider goal of ending Syria’s war, in which more than 250,000 people have been killed.

    Iran and Turkey, which back opposing sides in the Syrian conflict, helped bring about the local ceasefires in Zabadani and in the two villages in Idlib in September, in the first phase of the deal.

    Zabadani, which lies in Syria’s mountanious Qalamoun area, had been the focus of an offensive by Hezbollah and the Syrian army against insurgent groups. The area is of importance to Assad because of its proximity to the Syrian capital Damascus and the Lebanese border.

    Insurgent groups have in turn launched attacks on the two Shi’ite villages that intensified after most of Idlib province fell to rebels after a series of advances against the army this year.

    Earlier this month Syrian government officials said they had agreed on a deal for rebel fighters to withdraw from the last insurgent-held area of the city of Homs with their weapons as part of a local ceasefire agreement.

    • Syrian rebels evacuated under UN deal

      A plane carrying more than a hundred Syrian rebel fighters left Lebanon’s Rafic Hariri International Airport on Monday, bound for Turkey.

      The insurgents were evacuated from the town of Zabadani in southwestern Syria after months under siege from government forces.

      Soldiers in Beirut dispersed supporters of the Shia Muslim Hezbollah group who were protesting the arrival of the rebels. Hezbollah fighters have been killed in battles around Zabadani.

  30. Family of drowned Syrian boy to arrive in Vancouver as refugees today

    VANCOUVER – Relatives of a Syrian boy whose lifeless body was photographed on a Turkish beach are expected to land in Vancouver this morning to begin a new life.

    Mohammed Kurdi, his wife and five children will land in Canada as refugees, sponsored by Mohammed’s sister Tima Kurdi, who has become a spokeswoman for people fleeing the war torn nation.

    The reunion comes at the end of a difficult year for the family.

    Tima and Mohammed’s three-year-old nephew, Alan Kurdi, drowned along with his five-year-old brother and their mother while crossing the waters between Turkey and Greece in September.

    A photo of the boy’s body face down in the surf sparked international sorrow and momentum to help Syrian refugees.

    Alan’s father, Abdullah Kurdi, decided to attempt the treacherous trip after the Canadian government rejected his brother Mohammed’s original refugee application.

    Canadian officials said the application didn’t have the necessary documentation.

    An official with Citizenship and Immigration Canada invited Tima Kurdi to re-apply for Mohammed and his family in mid-October, as the government was no longer asking for difficult-to-obtain United Nations documents.

    Mohammed Kurdi has been in Germany since leaving his family in Turkey seven months ago to find work. He has yet to meet his youngest child, who was born in July, but the family will reunite in Frankfurt before flying to Canada.

    There’s also a new family business. Tima Kurdi is opening a hair salon in Port Coquitlam, B.C., called Kurdi Hair Design, where she will work alongside Mohammed, who ran a barbershop in Syria.

    She hopes their brother Abdullah, who left Turkey after his family’s deaths and now lives in Kurdistan, will eventually join them.

  31. Syria: Captured ISIS militant claims Turkey trains ISIS fighters in FSA camp

    Turkey is training so-called Islamic State militants in a camp allegedly organised for the Free Syrian Army, a captured Syrian IS militant Abdelrahman Abdelhadi said in an interview to a Sputnik journalist from a secure prison in the Rojava region in northern Syria, Sunday.

    SOT, Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “Did you receive any military training in Turkey?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “Military training? In Adana. Adana.”

    Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “For how long?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “For 2 months.”

    SOT, Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “What kind of training did you receive at the training camp and at which area in Adana was it?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “We were at the village near the airport, about 2 km away. We stayed in tents.”

    SOT, Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “Was it only a military training, or also islamic, religious?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “Military training.”

    Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “No ideological training?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “No ideological training, it was only military.”

    SOT, Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “Your group of sixty trainees, did you go to Turkey just to train, or were you there for work as well, how did they join the organisation?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “Syrians who left Syria to find work in Turkey, were recruited by them to join Daesh and taken to Adana to train, then brought back to Syria.”

    Sputnik journalist (Arabic): “So did they go to Turkey as a part of a terrorist organisation?”

    Abdelrahman Abdelhadi, Islamic State militant (Arabic): “The camp was in the name of the Free Syrian Army. So people would spend a month there in order to be sent directly to Syria.”

  32. FrontPage Magazine’s Man of the Year: America’s Sheriff
    One man stands tall against Obama and the Left.

    There is a war on police.

    It’s the post-Ferguson truth that every cop knows, but there is one man who has emerged as a passionate and articulate spokesman for law enforcement and is willing to call it a “war on police.”

    “War had been declared on the American police officer led by some high profile people, one of them coming out of the White House, and one coming out of the United States Department of Justice,” he said. “And it’s open season right now.”

    For decades, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. put his life and his energies into protecting and serving the people of Milwaukee County. Though always a man of strong opinions, it was when the White House cheered a war on police and pushed through pro-crime policies, freeing drug dealers while locking up police officers that he emerged as a national figure of unquestionable moral authority.

    When Attorney General Eric Holder met Sheriff Clarke he sneered, “What’s up with the hat?” Political opponents have mocked Sheriff Clarke as a “big cowboy.” And indeed, the Sheriff of Milwaukee County wears a cowboy hat and he can be seen riding a horse. He also preaches “cowboy values” like speaking frankly and telling people that they have to be ready to stand up to criminals.

    “You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed or you can fight back,” he told his constituents. “You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

  33. Suspected rapist paraded on donkey, made to drink urine by jirga in Khanpur (tribune, Dec 28, 2015)

    “A man was publicly punished by a local jirga who ordered for his head to be shaved, while also parading him on a donkey and making him drink urine for allegedly attempting to rape a married woman in the remote village of Khanpur, police said.

    “Two of the jirga members have been arrested while nine are still at large,” police said after the man filed an application with the Khanpur police station seeking legal action against the jirga members, including the husband of the woman.

    Khanpur Circle DSP Ayaz Khan confirmed the incident, saying it is a violation of law as such decisions cannot be taken by locals in the presence of criminal justice system. Ayaz added the woman was also made to beat Shahid…”

  34. Nangarhar governor’s spokesperson says 68 Daesh militants killed in fresh air strikes (khaama, Dec 28, 2015)

    “68 militants belonging to the militant group of Islamic State (IS) or Daesh have been killed in fresh air strikes in eastern Nangarhar province, the governor’s spokesperson reported on Monday.

    In an online statement, Ataullah Khogyani says the air strikes were carried out by Afghan Air Force in Abdulkhil, Bandar, Janjal Shaga, Mazdaki Darah and Kandar areas of Achin District.
    He said some areas of Chaparhar District were also pounded.

    According to the statement, several different types of weapons and a vehicle belonging to the group was also destroyed in the air strikes…”

  35. Armed motorcyclists shot dead polio vaccinator in Kandahar (khaama, Dec 28, 2015)

    “Unknown gunmen riding on a motorcycle have shot dead a polio vaccinator in southern Afghanistan.

    Samim Khpolwak, spokesperson for the governor of Kandahar province said the incident took place in 4th PD of Kandahar city, the provincial capital, this morning.

    Khpolwak said two female vaccinators were targeted in the attack, “one died on the spot and another sustained injuries,” he added.

    The wounded vaccinator has been taken to hospital where doctors have expressed concern over her health condition.

    No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Gunmen fled the area following the attack but security forces have launched a search operation to find them.

    This comes about two and a half months after a female worker of the United Nations was shot dead in a similar attack in the same police district of the city.”

  36. Taliban offensive enabled by sanctuaries in Pakistan: Ex-US defense official (khaama, Dec 28, 2015)

    “A former top American defense official has said the Taliban offensive in Afghanistan is enabled by the group’s safe havens situated in the neighboring Pakistan besides an internecine struggle among different Taliban factions playing a role in the growing violence.

    “At the hands of the Taliban. This offensive is enabled by sanctuaries in Pakistan. And it has also been enabled by an internecine struggle among different Taliban factions and with a new factor in Afghanistan, Da’esh, the Islamic State, which is seeking inroads there as well,” David Sedney told PBS during an interview published on Sunday.

    Sedney has served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia from 2009 to 2013.

    He said the insurgency activities by the Taliban group should be halted, insisting on peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.

    Sedney also warned that violence will persist and more will die if the Afghans are not assisted in their fight against the Taliban-led insurgency…”

  37. Saudia says women not allowed to work on planes (emirates247, Dec 28, 2015)

    “State-owned Saudia airlines has permitted local women to work at its ground services in the Gulf Kingdom but it will not allow them as cabin crew aboard its aircraft, a Saudia official was quoted on Monday as saying.

    “There are no jobs for Saudi women as stewardesses on our planes…but we have allowed them to have jobs at our ground service facilities,” said Abdul Rahman Al Fahd, assistant director general for public relations.

    Okaz newspaper, which carried the report, said Al Fahd refused to explain why Saudi women are banned from working as hostesses abroad Saudia aircraft.

    Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Muslim nations, bans gender-mixing in public places despite recurrent calls for easing the rule.”

  38. Saudi Arabia Posts $98B Deficit Amid Low Oil Prices (abcnews, Dec 28, 2015?

    “Saudi Arabia said Monday that this year’s budget deficit amounted to $98 billion (367 billion riyals) as lower oil prices cut into the government’s main source of revenue, prompting the kingdom to scale back spending for the coming year.

    For the third consecutive year, the kingdom said it will post a budget shortfall in 2016, projecting a deficit of $87 billion (327 billion riyals).

    The government said it projects expenditures of $224 billion (840 billion riyals) in 2016, roughly $5 billion (20 billion riyals) less than what the government projected in 2015.

    The budget is being watched closely by investors to see how the government plans to consolidate years of heavy spending when oil prices were more than double what they are now. Benchmark U.S. crude was trading Monday at $37.46 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

    The kingdom announced projected revenues for the coming fiscal year of $137 billion (513 billion riyals), around $26 billion (95 billion riyals) less than the total for 2015. As is typical for the published version of the budget, it did not include a projected oil price.

    Next year’s budget suggests Saudi Arabia is basing its revenue on a price of $26 a barrel for export crude, if production remains at 10.2 million barrels per day, said Fahad Alturki, chief economist and head of research at Saudi-based Jadwa Investment. That’s less than half the $56 per barrel priced into the projected 2015 budget…”

    • Saudi Arabia Unveils Broad Economic Reforms to Attack Record Deficit (nbcnews, Dec 28, 2015)

      “Saudi Arabia, its finances hit by low oil prices, announced plans to shrink a record state budget deficit with spending cuts, reforms to energy subsidies and a drive to raise revenue from taxes and privatization.

      The 2016 budget, released by the finance ministry on Monday, marked the biggest shake-up to economic policy in the world’s top crude exporter for over a decade, and includes politically sensitive reforms from which authorities previously shied away.

      The plan suggests the kingdom is not counting on a major recovery of oil prices any time soon but is instead preparing for a multi-year period of cheap oil. The International Monetary Fund warned in October that Riyadh would run out of money within five years if it did not tighten its belt.

      “Our economy has the potential to meet challenges,” King Salman said in a speech, adding that the 2016 budget launched a phase in which his kingdom would diversify its revenue sources.

      The government ran a deficit of 367 billion riyals ($97.9 billion) in 2015, or 15 percent of gross domestic product, officials said. The 2016 budget plan aims to cut that to 326 billion riyals, reducing pressure on Riyadh to pay its bills by liquidating assets held abroad.

      Next year’s budget projects spending of 840 billion riyals, down from 975 billion riyals spent this year. The finance ministry said it would review government projects to make them more efficient and ensure they were necessary and affordable….”

    • Looks like it is time for the Saudi’s to start selling off the US and European assets they bought and to cut the salaries of the Western politicians on their payroll.

  39. France: “No lawless zones” in Corsica, demands Mayor of Ajaccio

    Corsican political figures including the President of the Corsican Executive Gilles Simeoni and Mayor of Ajaccio Laurent Marcangeli, visited the fire-fighting crews who were attacked over the Christmas period in Ajaccio, Monday.

    SOT, Gilles Simeoni, President of Corsican Executive Council (French): “I believe, effectively, that what has occurred must serve as an alarm bell for all the institutions – notably the Mayoralty of Ajaccio and the Territorial Department of Corsica, as well as the Departmental Council. Altogether we must work together with the associations, with ordinary people, with the local committees, to change things on the ground.”

    SOT, Laurent Marcangeli, Mayor of Ajaccio (French): “The law must simply be applied, nothing more or less. No lawless zones. It’s simple: laws and rules must be applied in certain areas the way they are in others. Those who provide public services should be able to do so in peace. I would like to repeat that it is essential that those who live and want to live in these areas and businesses that operate in these areas – who have suffered from the actions of a minority who respect nothing [ except the coran ] – are able to live their lives in peace.”

  40. ITALY – 900 migrants reach Italy as Renzi vows to support Libyan gov

    After three nights on a Norwegian rescue ship, some 900 migrants disembarked in the Italian port city of Palermo early on Monday morning.

    More than one million migrants have reached Europe this year but almost 3,700 others died or went missing in the attempt.

    These latest arrivals were rescued from boats off the coast of Libya in four operations over the Christmas period.

  41. ‘Fire-starters extinguishing flames’: French mayor blasts Muslims protecting churches at Christmas

    The controversial mayor of the French town of Beziers, Robert Menard, has slammed a symbolic gesture by Muslims who stood guard at a local cathedral during midnight mass at Christmas, calling them ‘predators’ and ‘pyromaniacs.’

    “It is like letting the fire-starters extinguish the flames,” Menard said of the Muslim initiative in an interview with RT.

    “It is improper to let these people, who are friends with those threatening Christians all over the world, protect the residents of this city. They are the predators. They are the pyromaniacs,” he added.

    According to the mayor, the action was staged by groups linked to radical Islam circles, without the backing of “the Muslim community of the town as a whole.”

    “These are two Muslim communities who are very close to fundamental Islamists, and they are the ones who I am protesting against. One of them had a picture of Marianne – the statue that represents the Republic in France – with a head replaced with the Koran on his Facebook. When a person like this says that he is going to protect Christians – that is just outrageous,” the mayor said.

    Menard first voiced his stance on the issue on Twitter and received a comment from French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who wrote: “Respect for the Muslims who protected churches at Christmas. Harmony and fraternity in the republic.”

    The mayor replied to Cazeneuve during his interview with RT, saying: “when I hear the French interior minister greeting and saying that he respects these Muslims, there are two explanations: either he is unaware of those he is talking about, or he knows and it’s terrible and dangerous.”

    The Muslims in Beziers involved in the act said they were “shocked and saddened” by what the head of their city had said.

    “What we have done is a symbolic gesture of coming together, holding hands. Having such a reaction from the mayor is appalling. That is all I have to say, I don’t want to go deeper into polemics. It is sad,” Said Talla, imam at the local Al-Rahma mosque, stressed.

    The head of the Esprit Libre Beziers Association, Mehdi Roland, said that Menard “doesn’t want to see France in its current state.”

    “France is a melting pot and always has been. That’s French wealth and power. It’s not the time to draw a line between citizens; to turn your back on that. This liberalization of ultra-right rhetoric is a radical phenomenon. That’s how it’s nourished, with such statements,” Roland explained.

    Beziers is considered a right-wing stronghold in France, with the National Front receiving 45% of the votes in the town during the first round of recent regional elections.

    Menard, who came to power with the party’s support, has made headlines on a regular basis due to his controversial policies.

    He armed the local police with guns and was criticized for an advertising campaign that called the weapons the “new friends” of the security forces.

    One edition of the Beziers city magazine also featured a picture of immigrants on its cover with the caption: “They are coming.”

    In September, the mayor personally marched into a squat inhabited by Syrian refugees and told them they were “not welcome in this town.”

    video :

  42. To continue this topic of Femosexuals from their sexual ‘reptilian’ spinal level to their mammalian level to reach up to their intellectual level with spiritual justification, as much as a Muslim seeks the world to match their Koranic level…

    ‘# MERRY CHRISTMAS. Jesus was gender fluid.’

    On first reflection and experience of Feminist Diatribe, I thought Jesus was being referred to as a seminal vessel and by such dismissal, a “tool.”

    But the language of the Deconstructive Feminism has changed of late into a phase of Reconstruction Feminism of Preferential Males.

    “Clynch will now be known as Jonathan Rachel Clynch.
    This ownership of one’s own gender identity is key to understanding the nature of gender fluidity, not that it’s really necessary to understand exactly how someone else feels about themselves.
    Regardless, Clynch’s public status has understandably led to many people being curious and even confused about what it means to be gender fluid.
    Why this confusion?
    “At the core of it is the belief that in our society there are men and there are women and that’s the end of it,” says Broden Giambrone, director of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland.”

    So, bisexuality has become redefined from the inadequacy of ‘getting affection by any means possible,’ off from external genders, to bipolar identities of their genders imagined.

    And this does makes perfect sense, as their insanity takes over to claim a normal state of unoffended mind. The Anglican Church have already prepared their He-She God to be genderfluid.

    When the character Jesus spoke to marriage-concerned Jews, about dead people being like the angels who are neither male or female, the LGBTQM+P Christians will now claim when they Rise Again they too will become angelfluid.

    • And now to the reality of the matter: no female can save you.

      Muslims, Homosexuals and Socialists cannot be saved by their Gods. Allah is the fickle-minded Moon God who allowed Muhammad have perverted sex. And so do all these other Gods.

      Jesus confessed he was asexual. ‘Some are eunuchs for the Kingdom of God.’

      This is the Father God: the same at the beginning of time, same now, and at the end of time. There is no abrogation.

      Mother God is recycling, birthing and dying, forever.

      Your father strikes down the point of his staff and unwaivering to the end.

      To step free from the maddening crowd therefore, you have to find the Father within you, and the gender-changing and sliding will cease.

      The Prince of Peace.

    • The three women charged are now going to trial, this happened in Nov.

      Homeless Man Dies After Months in Coma From Savage Black Mob Beating at Philly Gas Station

      Kristinn Taylor Nov 27th, 2015 8:30 am 53 Comments

      Robert Barnes, 51, died on Wednesday after being in a coma since an April 7 beating by a mob of Black people who attacked him at a Philadelphia area gas station with a hammer, a chair leg, mace and stomped on his head with their feet.

      Barnes was homeless. His sister Diane told the Philadelphia Inquirer her brother was not a veteran, contrary to other reports.

      The Gateway Pundit reported in April on the attack on Barnes.

      Homeless Man Dies After Months in Coma From Savage Black Mob Beating at Philly Gas Station

      Kristinn Taylor Nov 27th, 2015 8:30 am 53 Comments

      Robert Barnes, 51, died on Wednesday after being in a coma since an April 7 beating by a mob of Black people who attacked him at a Philadelphia area gas station with a hammer, a chair leg, mace and stomped on his head with their feet.

      Barnes was homeless. His sister Diane told the Philadelphia Inquirer her brother was not a veteran, contrary to other reports.

      The Gateway Pundit reported in April on the attack on Barnes.

    • Looking at the story you offer Richard, and the defendants not wanting to plea-bargain, I would suggest they were reacting to what the victim did, and not his white skin color. Do you have any evidence for your assertion?

      • I would suggest that they went after a white man in a black area and are thinking that they can get away with the murder because the jury will be black. If the security camera had shown him doing anything to the kid it would have been shown over and over. Remember how the LSM bends over backwards to protect the black criminals yet in this one they aren’t showing him doing anything wrong. The article said that he was falsely accused of hitting the boy. That tells me that the video didn’t back up the boys story.

        I am reacting to the facts as stated in the articles I have read, you are reacting as if the articles are not accurate, where is your evidence that he did anything wrong? If you want me to provide facts you have to also.

  43. CNN – Peter King: Muslim community would welcome surveillance

    Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says he believes the Muslim community would welcome government surveillance so the terrorist threats could be rooted out.

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