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1. Iraqi Kurds Smuggling Oil Through Israel to Circumvent Baghdad

KRG Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami said that the oil was being smuggled out of the country in order to raise the necessary funds to enable the Kurdish militias to continue fighting ISIS. […] The subterfuge was necessary, said Hawrami, because the central government in Baghdad had been financially discriminating against the KRG for a long time, and when the Kurds did not receive the 17% of the Iraqi national budget to which they are entitled, they started calculating alternative ways of making money, such as selling oil independently.

2. Canada anxious over possible backlash against Syrian refugees

(Summary: Canadian government more concerned about the optics of the grotesque unfairness to tax paying law abiding Canadians than they are about the actual interests of them, which is their mandate)

3. There was a major explosion in Istanbul today. Seems a slam dunk that it was terrorism.  Video below. Much reading to be done on it yet.

4. Four men arrested in Georgia with weapons etc. on terror charges

5. More protests in Turkey against the arrests of the journalists who broke the story of Turkish supply of weapons to the Islamic State

(This site may well have been the first site to bring this story to the English speaking world. It is not however, spreading to the MSM as a story of this magnitude really should)

6. An expert on Islam has suggested that Norwegians could improve integration by removing beer, wine and spirits from the Christmas party table.

(Surrender often makes relations easier for a short while yes. Also if the Norwegians would just crucify themselves and line the main streets of their cities with crosses mounting dead and dying suffering Norwegian infidels, that would go a long way to assisting relations with the newcomers as well. Also it would provide some shield from the cold December winds in Norway)

Lars Gule, a researcher on extremism and Islam, told broadcaster NRK that one way Norwegians could contribute to the integration of people from foreign countries would be to pay more attention to the fact that many Muslims don’t drink alcohol.
“Food habits and customs surrounding alcohol can create barriers. Many [Muslims] would never even set foot in a bar because it is a place that serves alcohol,” Gule said.
As Norwegians enter Christmas party season, Gule suggested that workplaces that have foreign employees should consider making the events void of schnapps, wine and beer.
“Maybe one should think about having an alcohol-free Christmas table or serving alcohol-free beer on payday. You could also go out and drink coffee or a soda or eat something instead of drinking all the time,” Gule said.
(Yes. Norwegians must submit to islamic intolerance. In other words, the fact that no one is forced to eat ham or drink alcohol isnt even mentioned. Its that the locals must figuratively behead their own culture to appease the intolerance and hatreds of muslims. The article also contains this extraordinary related item: Norway’s call to remove crosses causes backlash)



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