European sanctimony, and Canadian media still practices full moral inversion: Links 2 on Dec. 1 – 2015

American Thinker posted a much needed article today about a seemingly small event in Ontario Canada where a Synagogue, anxious to show its PC credentials, invited muslims to hold Friday prayers at their own temple. Nice of them. But perhaps they may think it worth knowing what exactly those prayers mean and what they say before feeling all warm and fuzzy about that gesture. This article is by Sonia Bailey and details it very well. Please consider passing the link to any and all religious Jewish people you know. This is no small thing.


1. United States admits Obama’s policies on Iraq and the Islamic State has failed. (But they have not changed their policy enough to stop calling it ISIL)

2. German member of the Hamburg Parliament who says that it will be a good thing when Germans are a minority in their own land

3. Man who is step father of convicted islamic-terrorist actually reads koran and then tries to explain the connection between his convert step-son’s behaviour and islamic teaching. Canadian MSM tries to make him look like racist psycho.


Thank you PI News, M., Gates of Vienna, Tundra T., and all who sent in materials for this, and the many more posts that will be done today.


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  1. 1- “Interfaith” isn’t kosher. Judaism wouldn’t have survived if separation wasn’t integral to identity. We don’t even mix milk and meat.
    Better these confused Jews learn about Judaism first, play with the neighbors later. Elsewhere. With adult supervision. Metal detectors and big black dogs.

    2- “Cursed be everyone that curseth me and blessed be he that blesseth me.”
    ~~ nyah, nyah, nyah ~~
    Who cares what some malicious lunatic mutters? or how often? Imprecations from a worshipper of a figment of an overheated camel-driver’s imagination just give me the creeps. And remind me to keep my weapons tidy and close at hand.
    I’d certainly alert the Elders of an intelligence opportunity.

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