Czech independent TV exposes many ‘refugees’ are actually jihadis

UPDATE:  A commenter has posted BBC refutations and other source refutations as to the validity of these photos. Please read and check the links here before accepting the Czech report at face value.

Thank you Xanthippa for this one

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3 Replies to “Czech independent TV exposes many ‘refugees’ are actually jihadis”

  1. The before/after shots of the immigrants, for a few I have seen a several months ago that another journalist ran with.

    “This viral photo of before/after [NO.1] falsely claims to show an IS fighter posing as a refugee on Sep 7, 2015”
    Just found and it has been discredited by the BBC
    That photo has been used in this Czech clip
    I feel this is important as we all have to maintain our credibility.
    WARNING again
    Another link picks up again before/after photos [NO. 1], the same one at the top of the page, I have already pointed out, then at bottom of page before/after photos [NO.2] which is also in the Czech clip, just above the comments

    2nd WARNING
    This one is not so cut and dried. It does seem to refer the the fighter as a kurdish militant, possibly being a non islamist group fighter, even though the site seems to be pro immigrant, they seem to have a point.

    Sorry to put you on the run with this. Credibility is important for all of us.
    [ Baron told me to put the message here so I have copy/pasted from his blog what I found]
    Also I appreciate all the time, dedication and good work that you do, thank you ! !

    • No problem. I have zero problems publishing retractions. But why is the BBC more credible? We all have busted them misrepresenting reality many times to preserve a narrative. Ill check the links though and add this comment of yours to the post itself. Thanks for your vigilance.

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