Canada: Have a look at what you voted for, and who also got a cabinet posting

National post wrote this article on the above video

Lynx, who sent this clip in, offers the following:

The above is from Real Time with Bill Maher from a few days ago.  The three things to remember are:
1)  Chrystia Freeland is a minister.
2)  She is also a Rhodes scholar.
3)  She is also a Harvard graduate.
She is spouting this crap.
Has anyone done a breakdown yet on just how much the Liberals gained from the Muslim vote?  The Muslim voter turnout in October was apparently much larger than it’s ever been before.
I guess it could be worse.  Freeland could have been made Minister of Public Safety.
The breakdown Lynx is looking for is here:


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2 Replies to “Canada: Have a look at what you voted for, and who also got a cabinet posting”

  1. Thanks for the links. I’d read one of those articles and I’d seen a smattering of posters for The Canadian Muslim Vote around campus. I’d browsed their website briefly and don’t recall seeing anything obviously jihadi-linked. Unfortunately, neither of the linked articles, nor the The Canadian Muslim Vote poll mentioned how the vote actually broke down, although I think many of us can hazard a guess.

    I’d be interested in how those voting numbers project in the long term, considering the Muslim population skews young and the most likely to vote among most Canadians are older adults.

    I’m more concerned about how much our current government thinks they owe Canadian Muslims. It’s easy to write off His Flakiness as just another airhead politician, but someone like Freeland worries me more, precisely because she sounds like an airhead even when we have a certain amount of evidence to the contrary. My biggest worry is that people like Freeland and Liberal party number-crunchers have already calculated that the Muslim vote in this election has gained them X seats and that the Muslims know this. They may not know exactly what X is, but you can be sure that sometime within the next few years, some Muslim “community leader” will casually mention to a Liberal party pollster that if they want that juicy Muslim vote in the next election, they can do A, B and C to make sure it happens. The Liberals are craven enough to do it.

    • I think there is no doubt that an unwritten memorandum of understanding now exists between the Muslims and the Liberal Party of Canada. For some reason that I do not fully understand, democracies tend to make their decisions by tiny margins, which leaves relatively small groups like the Muslims in a powerful “deciding” position, provided they can get it together to all vote the same way when it’s expedient to do so. This numerical idiosyncrasy of the democratic process is what allows a small dedicated percentage of the population to control the politics of the majority by being able to predictably clump together and vote the same way and in a strategic manner. Never forget that the Nazi Party of Germany did exactly this as they rose to power in the 1930s. It works. They’re doing it…

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