The nightclub that was attacked in Paris was Jewish owned, and previously threatened

Last night while watching the islamic terror attack against the ‘unbelievers’ etc. unfold in Paris, one had to wonder where the Jewish target was, as typically when muslims attack, they hit a free speech target as well as a Jewish target as they did with Charlie Hebdo, Denmark etc. It turns out they did.

A couple of other sites reported on this today but thanks to Oz-Rita we have translated and subtitled the 2008 video muslims made threatening the club which is Jewish owned and they believe, holds fund raisers for the IDF and Israeli border security.

Here are reports from Gateway Pundit, and times of Israel link within the Gateway Pundit one.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation and the find. Also Oz-Rita has an article to the BDS connection to the attack here.

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