In Orwellian new-speak, what exactly does ‘fair’ mean? Links 2 on Oct, 28 – 2015

1. Greer ban at university ‘is to seem fair to Muslims’: Vince Cable warns feminists and right-wingers will be censored to prove institutions are not ‘anti-Islamic’

(They should really ban Gypsies and studies of Gypsies too. I mean, you know, to be fair to Nazis. And get rid of handicap access as well for the same reason. They already have the Jews covered by being fair to muslims so thats OK. The most important thing is that truth cannot get in the way of advancing the Cultural Marxist narrative)

Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned.

The ex-business secretary said the Prevent strategy would make institutions feel compelled to censor all ‘extreme’ views to prove that they are not ‘anti-Islamic’.

Under the Government’s counter-terror drive, universities have a duty to monitor students for signs of ‘non-violent extremism’ and block hate preachers.

But yesterday Sir Vince said institutions would feel obliged to ‘demonstrate impartiality’ and ban ‘non-Muslim speakers whose reputation is also controversial for different reasons’.

He said some speakers were already being given hostile receptions on campuses, including Ukip leader Nigel Farage who cancelled an appearance at Cambridge after protests.

A petition was also set up to stop feminist Germaine Greer speaking at Cardiff because her views could allegedly offend ‘trans’ people.

Sir Vince said: ‘Once we get into the way of thinking that the best way to deal with extreme views is to suppress them, we get into very dangerous territory indeed.

(Of course the problem is, Islam is anti everything else. So how can you possibly be fair to them and, well anything else at the same time, using the ludicrous and irrational definition of ‘fair’ in use in this context of course. End public funding for all schools. That would fix it in a moment. No one would pay thier own hard earned money to send their kids to schools that teach anti-reality and anti-their own culture)

2. Bishops representing every continent sign appeal for climate change action

(For those interested here is a lecture from a geologist about Co2 and climate change)

(In other news, a gathering of graduate climate scientists gathered from all continents to declare that Amon Ra is really the son of God and that already, failure to recognize that Ra is god and Jesus was a historical error has caused rising violence levels in the Islamic community world wide and more)

3. Pope’s General Audience dedicated to inter-religious dialogue

(The Catholic church needs to learn that to Islam, the Earth is not “god’s gift of creation” but a proving ground to see how much creation you can destroy and kill to earn your way into the sky-brothel with an unlimited credit card that never has to be paid)

4. Muslim preacher jailed after cops find invoice for £18 MILLION of ammunition on his mobile phone


An imam who was found in the back of a lorry in Dover has been jailed after police discovered an invoice for £18million worth of ammunition on his mobile phone.

Abdurraouf Eshati, 29, was sentenced to six years in prison today after he pleaded guilty to terrorism and immigration offences.

Eshati, who lived in a mosque in Wrexham where he sometimes led prayers, was one of 20 people discovered in a lorry heading for France on November 30 last year.

On his mobile phone, police found a $28.5million (£18.6million) invoice from an arms supplier for the sale and delivery of 1,100 tonnes of ammunition to Libya.

His phone also held a document about chartering a cargo jet for $250,000 (£163,000) for use in the North African country.

5. Woman Molested During Flight From Dubai

OCTOBER 28–A woman flying from Dubai to New York City was molested by a male passenger who rubbed lotion on her body as she slept, according to federal investigators who say the suspect told flight attendants that the victim “enjoyed it because she did not resist.”

The assault occurred Monday on a 13-hour Emirates flight, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

As detailed by a detective assigned to an NYPD-FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, the victim said that she fell asleep about an hour into the flight with the aid of anti-anxiety medication. The woman was seated in row 45 next to Nadeem Mehmood Quraishi, a 42-year-old Staten Island resident. […]

The woman said that when walking to the bathroom “her vaginal area was sore.” She subsequently “saw that her underwear had been shifted and that lotion was in her vaginal area and on her underwear.”

Upon returning to her seat, the woman asked Quraishi where her hand lotion was. After he passed the lotion to her, she contacted crew members.

(And what woman doesn’t enjoy having a strange man slather a strange substance on her when she is unconscious from anti-anxiety drugs on a flight seated next to a muslim)

6. British lecturers accused of ‘double standards’ as they vow to boycott Israeli universities in protest at ongoing conflict with Palestinians 

Hundreds of British academics have sparked outrage by declaring they will boycott all Israeli universities to show their solidarity with Palestinians.

The lecturers said the move was a protest at the universities’ ‘deep complicity’ in Israel’s ‘violations of international law’ during the ongoing conflict in the region.

The 343 university professors include some from 72 institutions including Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics.

Professors come from 72 institutions, including Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, have signed a pledge to boycott Israel's universities in solidarity with Palestinians. Pictured: Solidarity protest in Morocco earlier this week

Professors come from 72 institutions, including Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, have signed a pledge to boycott Israel’s universities in solidarity with Palestinians. Pictured: Solidarity protest in Morocco earlier this week

Many of the signatories, who stress they are acting in an individual capacity, are relatively obscure names in their academic fields.

(Israelis should just get stabbed and then apologize for getting blood on the knives of the muslims. Then I guess the academics would have to find another reason to boycott the one Jewish state in the world)

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkish prosecutors have charged two schoolboys aged 12 and 13 with insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after they tore down a poster of him, local media reports said Wednesday.

It is the latest case in which youngsters have been hauled before the courts in Turkey on similar charges, fuelling concerns about freedom of speech under Erdogan.

The prosecutor in the main Kurdish city of Diyarbakir is seeking jail terms of between 14 months and four years and eight months for the pair, according to the Hurriyet newspaper.

It said the two were caught in May ripping down the Erdogan poster on a Diyarbakir street but defended themselves saying they just wanted to sell the paper.

“We did not pay attention to who was in the picture, we do not know who it was,” the younger defendant, identified only by the initials K.Y., told a magistrate.

(When people use that kind of a defense they have already lost. We all have. Because that defense admits that what they are accused of is a crime and they are guilty by reason of not knowing the content)

8. Gaza Uni. Dean of Quranic Studies Approves Killing Jewish Women and Children

9. American killed in Palestinian attack was peace activist

An American educator who marched for civil rights in the 1960s and advocated coexistence between Muslims and Jews when he moved to Israel died Tuesday after succumbing to wounds sustained in a Palestinian attack on a bus in Jerusalem two weeks ago.


Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Blazing Cat Fur and many more.

Taking a moment to look on pop culture, here is a good expose of film maker Quentin Tarantino who is so high up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs he has a nose bleed.

Secondly, in this lecture by Dr. Tim Ball, Paleo-climatologist and general expert on weather and climate he opens with a joke:

“Q: Why did the Canadian cross the road? A: To get to the middle”

I like this because I hear Canadians of all stripes often say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I generally answer with the following.

“No, the truth lies where the truth is, It may be in the middle, it may be close to, at, or even past one of the extremes or it may not even be on the scale at all if the poles of the debate are absurd and bereft of any reality.”

Seeking the truth is what is important not agreement. And that is the Canadian disease, seeking agreement above the truth.




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  1. Q: why didn’t the Canadian cross the road?

    A: Because there was a festering ball of dung they kept calling love, so she couldn’t move another step. Whatever truth there was out there, it wasn’t worth more than this pile of s#it.

    That is the freeze-brain of Canada. The Church not knowing what love is.

    • Agápe – unconditional love
      Éros – sexual love
      Philia – friendship love
      Storge – love between parents and children

      There is no love here for one’s alter-ego having out-of-body sex with itself. None.

      Canadians, get up from that dung.

      • And the Truth in Islam?

        Taqiyya – Saying something that isn’t true.
        Kitman – Lying by omission.
        And more.

        Truth is replaced by Honor. By status-vanity.

        Just as love is replaced by diverse-identity.

        The messengers always get all the glory.

  2. Western Europe has officially became communists tyrannies, I don’t see how the left can even dream that the ordinary people are going to put up with this after so many years of freedom. Yes I know this has happened gradually but even so the resistance has been growing for a long time and this will push it along faster.

      • I know the idea but I think they the Moslems have forced them to move to quickly, look at all of the reports about how the Europeans in nations that allow it are arming for self defense. This says the people have lost faith in the government and with the invasion are ready to take on anyone that threatens them. But instead of paying attention to what is happening the governments are doubling down on allowing the invaders to take over.

  3. I originally posted this on the daily links but it goes with the lecture so I will repost it here.


    The head of a congressional committee on science has issued subpoenas to the Obama administration over a recent scientific study refuting claims that global warming had “paused” or slowed over the last decade.

    Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and a prominent congressional skeptic on climate change, issued the subpoenas two weeks ago demanding e-mails and records from U.S. scientists who participated in the study, which undercut a popular argument used by critics who reject the scientific consensus that man-made pollution is behind the planet’s recent warming.

    Smith’s document request to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ordered the agency to turn over scientific data as well as internal “communications between or among employees” involved in the study, according to a letter Friday by the House committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Tex.). Johnson accused Smith of “furthering a fishing expedition” by looking for ways to discredit NOAA’s study, which was published in June in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

    “It is a disturbing trend for the legitimacy of this committee,” Johnson said in the letter to Smith. She linked the subpoena to previous requests by the committee’s Republican staff seeking information about NOAA’s climate researchers, which Johnson called “a serious misuse of Congressional oversight powers.” Noting that NOAA routinely publishes supporting data for its studies, Johnson said Smith had “not articulated a legitimate need for anything beyond what NOAA has already provided.”

    Smith, responding to Johnson’s letter, said the subpoena was not “harassment” but “appropriate constitutional oversight.”

    Read more:

    • Obama and company have corrupted everything, or more accurately leftists have corrupted everything and will continue to do so as long as they have power.

    • NOAA Refuses to Comply with House Committee Subpoena on Junk Science Report

      Agency won’t give GOP internal docs on climate research

      The federal government’s chief climate research agency is refusing to give House Republicans the detailed information they want on a controversial study on climate change.

      Citing confidentiality concerns and the integrity of the scientific process, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said it won’t give Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) the research documents he subpoenaed.

      At the center of the controversy is a study that concluded there has not been a 15-year “pause” in global warming. Some NOAA scientists contributed to the report.

      Skeptics of climate change, including Smith, have cited the pause to insist that increased greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from burning fossil fuels, are not heating up the globe.

      Smith, the chairman of the House Science Committee, vehemently disagreed with the study’s findings. He issued a subpoena for communications among the scientists and some data, leading to charges from Democrats that he was trying to intimidate the researchers.

      Late Tuesday, NOAA provided Smith with some more information about its methods and data but refused to give Smith everything he wanted.

      NOAA spokeswoman Ciaran Clayton said the internal communications are confidential and not related to what Smith is trying to find out.

      “We have provided data, all of which is publicly available online, supporting scientific research, and multiple in-person briefings,” she said.

      “We stand behind our scientists who conduct their work in an objective manner. It is the end product of exchanges between scientists — the detailed publication of scientific work and the data that underpins the authors’ findings — that are key to understanding the conclusions reached.

      Clayton also refuted Smith’s implication that the study was political.

      “There is no truth to the claim that the study was politically motivated or conducted to advance an agenda,” she said. “The published findings are the result of scientists simply doing their job, ensuring the best possible representation of historical global temperature trends is available to inform decisionmakers, including the U.S. Congress.”
      Smith defended his investigation, saying NOAA’s work is clearly political.

      “It was inconvenient for this administration that climate data has clearly showed no warming for the past two decades,” he said in a statement. “The American people have every right to be suspicious when NOAA alters data to get the politically correct results they want and then refuses to reveal how those decisions were made.”

      Smith also said NOAA’s assertion of confidentiality is incorrect.

      “The agency has yet to identify any legal basis for withholding these documents,” he said, adding that his panel would use “all tools at its disposal” to continue investigating.

      Smith has been communicating with NOAA about the research since it was published in the summer, and their exchanges have grown increasingly hostile.

      Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Texas), the committee’s ranking Democrat, has sharply criticized Smith’s requests.

      “By issuing this subpoena, you have instigated a constitutional conflict with an inquiry that seems more designed to harass climate scientists than to further any legitimate legislative purpose,” she wrote last week. “This is a serious misuse of congressional oversight powers.”

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