Muslims changing European policy by this hijra before they even attack much: Links 1 on Oct. 28 – 2015

1. Muslim Nuclear Power Plant Worker Caught Studying Bomb Making While At Work

A WORKER at a Scots nuclear power plant has been allegedly caught studying bomb-making websites at work.

The staff member was marched off the premises at Hunterston B, West Kilbride, this morning after a shocked colleague raised the alarm.

Police are now investigating the worker accessing “inappropriate material” while working at the nuclear facility.

(One wonders if the person who turned him in hasn’t been pilloried yet and if the muslim nuclear bomb researcher gets to stay in the guest bedroom at the White House)

2. Man negotiates with police in Melbourne siege

(I do not get this at all, even one bit at this time. Is it the Australian Muslim version of Leave it to Cleaver?)

Here he assaults the police with a sharpened bit of Mango

OK here is the explanation. He took over a Cafe with a cleaver and making demands, including “going back to his people”

3. Turkish police violently storm opposition Bugun TV station

More on this uptick in Erdogan jack booting of political opposition.

4. Migrant crisis threatens Schengen as Austria announces border fence

Vienna (AFP) – Austria said Wednesday it would build a fence along its border with fellow EU state Slovenia to “control” the migrant influx, in what would be the first barrier between two members of the passport-free Schengen zone.

5. Outrage as Muslim children at a primary school are allowed to walk out of assembly when the Australian national anthem is played… ‘because they don’t participate in joyful events’

A primary school has been slammed for allowing young Muslim pupils to walk out of assembly when the national anthem is played.

Pupils at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, south of Melbourne in Victoria, were given the opportunity to leave the hall in order to observe a religious month of mourning.

But the move has prompted a furious response from parents and politicians who criticised the ‘disgusting’ decision, saying all Australians should be ‘proud’ to sing the anthem.

Lorraine McCurdy, who has two grandchildren at the school, told 3AW that she ‘saw red’ when around 30 or 40 pupils got up and left the assembly during Advance Australia Fair.

6. Nigerian troops free 338 captives held by Boko Haram including 192 children

Nearly 340 men, women and children, held captive by militant Islamist group Boko Haram have been rescued by the Nigerian Army.

The hostages, which included 192 children and 138 women, had been kept by the terrorists in their Sambisa Forest stronghold, near the border to Cameroon, the army said Wednesday.

Nigerian army troops also killed 30 suspected jihadists and seized a cache of arms and ammunition, in a number of raids carried out on Tuesday.

(Go to source link at the DM for video)

Saved: Some of the 338 people who were held by Boko Horom are pictured after they were rescued during an army operation in Sambisa Forest, north-east Nigeria
7. Euronews manages to find an apologist for islam in this crowd of muslim illegals who are heading to Austria. This one explains the thing we all have to believe about islam while the number of burkas and face cloths increase on our own city streets every day. I wonder how many they interviewed till they found him, or did they just hand him the script.

(The Daily Mail seems to have a more realistic story on the exact same issue here)

8. THOUSANDS of UMIs arrive in camps in Slovenia

9. Bavarian PM gives Merkel deadline to close ‘open door’ for refugees  (Rift in German govt. over this open door policy)


Thank you Blazing Cat Fur, M., Buck, Richard, dagawker and all and much more to come quite soon.

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7 Replies to “Muslims changing European policy by this hijra before they even attack much: Links 1 on Oct. 28 – 2015”

  1. Prevent strategy:
    “We anticipate that there will continue to be three main areas of Prevent funding: local authority work in
    association with communities; policing; and work overseas. The funding for the first two areas will be provided by the Home Office. The funding for the third will come through the FCO. The balance between funding in
    these areas will be constantly reviewed.”

    I have observed a third of people are frozen right-brain because they are overwhelmed and brow-beated by the all-catchism of love. These 1960’s hippy children are now in government in The West. They fought hard for, and achieved not only sodomizing each other, but making one of their partners respectable in the sanctity of marriage of ‘one man and one woman’ no less, to continue fornicating from base, like mobile mosques.

    These then write policies of “Fairness” to appease the frozen left-brains who call themselves Muslims with the catch-all of Truth from a pirate and warlord.

    Uh, princess, all they know is “subjugation” and that it is meant to hurt and disgrace you when they hump you to submission. If not, it’s over the wall with you. To ban counter arguments to Islam, by Socialists, makes them know they are winning.

    The discernment of love and truth should not be gagged. The bible has been banned under Communism and Islam. Those nations of the conquered right or left hemispheres, respectively. The ask yourself what “narrow way” they don’t want you to find, or what that even means.

    Well, the cliffs of Dover will have a good purpose if alIslam wins. One tyrant gone and bring on the next.

    The two-brainers who let this slide are too old, so the rest run to the hills.

  2. The local governments in Europe are closer to the problem and are starting to look to their own physical survival. Reality is starting to rear its ugly head and force people to start working to survive the mess the left has made. The long active portion of the war is starting this is when the left is going to start losing power as people start understanding just how much damage the lefts actions have caused. They will lose more power as more and more terror and guerrilla actions take place in western nations.

  3. It becomes clearer each day that Orban and his advisers saw clearly the invader dynamic from the very start. They were in fact many steps ahead of their neighbors. I wonder why.

    At the very outset Orban declared the building of fences to be regrettable but necessary since the EU refused to enforce it’s own laws. Many accused him of racism. Much of western mainstream media, in fact, has condemned the Hungarian stance as if it were rooted in their holocaust past, with modern socialist blowhards spouting phoney moral high ground nonsense. It amounts to a collective Cultural Marxist offensive of the west trying to shame one small country going against The Narrative.

    Orban has said, effectively, that it is an army sprinkled with refugees.

    Now the Austrians get it so they will build a fence with Slovenia? The Bavarians get it and sound like they would like to build a fence with Austria, but would also build one between them and Merkel if they could. (Pardon me if I mistake my fence builders, they’re coming on fast.) The Poles, Czech, and Slovaks are joining forces to patrol the southern Hungarian fence. This is so they don’t have to build their own fences, and because the EU doesn’t believe in fences even though you soon won’t swing a dead cat in Europe without hitting a fence. The Bulgarians, Romanians and maybe the Serbs say that if Germany stops the flow then they will close their borders too. That’s a blackmail fence. The Croates have both the Serbs and Hungarians mad because their left wing leader is too stupid to deal with anything resembling a fence.

    And so it goes.

    Maybe Europe should have listened to the confident little Orban from the start. He had it nailed: put an army on the southern EU border and enforce the laws of the land. Clean up the mess. Help the beleaguered Greeks. Poor bastards. Yes they were lazy and bankrupt but they didn’t deserve this now, did they?

    So I return to the question of how did Orban know what to do before anyone else? Well the fact is that he did not know before everyone else. Many people knew what was needed but most people were afraid to speak because of the character assassination they would suffer. Those who lived behind the Iron Curtain have emerged somewhat immune to the Cultural Marxist Narrative disease. As if vaccinated by History, strangely.

    To we western sophisticates they sound either like mellifluous angels in their speech for their sheer refreshing truth, or else like redneck ignoramuses lost in a time warp, depending on your stripe.

    In the end, however, the “sophisticates” will be those who clung stubbornly to the obvious facts: that Europe was invaded by hijra and that the ensuing civil wars were caused by powerful self-serving elites descended from the Frankfurt School.

    This isn’t rocket science.

      • What was it? $350,000,000 used to build concrete tunnels into Israel instead of building schools, hospitals and factories? What exactly has the Palestinian gov’t done to improve their people? Not a factory, a school or a hospital…
        Correct me if I am wrong.

      • Thanks Yucki. But I should have said it isn’t rocket science ANY MORE. Eeyore your site has been an education for me. What was once peripheral to my main hobby of Austrian Economics has now pushed economics to the margins. You’re a natural teacher. You’ve chosen a noble pursuit for the betterment of mankind over monetary reward. This should not go unnoticed.
        Just sayin’. Don’t be mistin’ up on me now.

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