The changing geopolitics of planet Earth and more gains by muslims via leftist thought: Links 1 on Oct. 27 – 2015

1. The Erdogan regime in its ongoing power struggle with Gulen has seized a large corporation with major media holdings in Turkey which are accused of doing propaganda for groups the Erdogan regime labeled as terrorists. The basics on Koza Ipec can be read here

2. Texas serves warrants on Planned Parenthood.

(At least there is one place in the US that actually obeys the law)

3. Here is a little clip of interviews of people in Austria giving impressions of the UMIs and Merkel who is the clear source of all this misery in Europe as they see it. I will agree with the UMIs though on one thing. The Austrian countryside is pretty idyllic. But I think most of us would stand guard with 223s to make sure a horde of muslims never “ride through it on horseback”.

4. From the Express UK, video of condom air mines. Yes, they are made of helium filled condoms but they may actually represent a serious threat to air traffic as they are carrying explosive payloads and will likely hover in the air and be hard to see. Perhaps there are experts reading this that would know. But I would be tempted to take them seriously as a threat to aviation as are underwater mines against boats.

5. US Court: Muslims can sue NYPD over mass surveillance

(Now communists just have to get themselves declared a race and you can stick a fork in the US cause it will be done)

New York, United States – A US appeals court has reversed a decision over a controversial spy programme run by the New York Police Department (NYPD), enabling a group of Muslim plaintiffs to proceed with their legal challenge.

In 2012, the Muslim Advocates, a national advocacy group, and the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit against what they called the NYPD’s unlawful and blanket surveillance of Muslim Americans in New Jersey. The move came after the Associated Press published an expose of the programme in 2011.

The plaintiffs, all Muslims, include an Iraq war veteran, university students, a coalition of mosques, and the principal of a religious school for girls. The Federal District Court in Newark dismissed the case in February 2014, prompting the plaintiffs’ attorneys to appeal that decision.

6. Anti-UMI demo stopped at Austria-Slovenian border. Yet oddly illegal migrants bent on taking public services and man for conquest are not.

7. Israeli attack victim describes the attack that landed him in hospital. Article here

8. I can’t see how these people in Karbala wouldn’t meet anyone’s definition of reasonable people.

9. Afghan leader begs Putin to send gunships to fight Taliban insurgents in clear signal of worsening security in the war-torn country

(Given Afghan-Russian recent history, this request by Afghanistan may be the clearest indicator yet of exactly what Obama has done to the United States, its reputation and capabilities)

Vladimir Putin has been asked to help the Afghan government in its fight against Taliban insurgents.

In a clear signal of the worsening security situation in the war-torn country, President Ashraf Ghani has appealed for help from the Kremlin.

He asked Moscow for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopter gunships for his country’s stuggling military, according to officials.

Russian officials have said they are ‘willing to help’.

Vladimir Putin has been asked to help the Afghan government in its fight against Taliban insurgents

Vladimir Putin has been asked to help the Afghan government in its fight against Taliban insurgents

His request comes after the US and the UK pulled out of the country in October last year – leaving behind military trainers working in a non-combat role.

The UK have also pulled out all their fighter jets – key assets which the Afghan security forces relied on without a strong air force themselves.

Thank you Del, M., Gates of Vienna, Richard, ML., Wrath of Khan, and many many more. More to come most certainly even if sporadically.

Post Script:

John Bolton: Germany’s Syrian Refugee Pledge Puts U.S. at Risk

(Wow! Its almost like he watched last week’s episode of Homeland where they said pretty much exactly that. Or was it the week before. Either way, another good reason to watch Season 5 of Homeland. Its actually a week or two ahead of reality as was last season’s Homeland on Pakistan)

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton warned that the large number of refugees going to Germany from Syria poses a terrorist threat to the United States.

Bolton cited the Lebanese education minister estimating that about 2 percent of the refugees could be Islamic terrorists.

“If you think of Germany, which said it would accept 800,000 refugees, 2 percent of that is 16,000 terrorists in Germany. Once they get into Western Europe, the path to this country is obviously substantially easier,” Bolton said at a Federalist Society event in Washington.

In Bolton’s view, the entire Middle East is “descending into chaos” past the point of a “series of crises” to boundaries being “erased.


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9 Replies to “The changing geopolitics of planet Earth and more gains by muslims via leftist thought: Links 1 on Oct. 27 – 2015”

  1. I would think the condom bombs would be more effective if they were using contact detonators and were tied in one spot.

    9 We will get the capability to defend ourselves and our allies fairly quickly ones patriots are running the country but it will take decades to regain the prestige and trust that Obama has destroyed.

  2. Oh, God, I would love to be Vladimir Putin right now. He has the opportunity to look so good with his every move – to be wise and strong and cautious and aggressive. He just can’t lose from this point in with the absolute mess Big Ears Hussein has made of everything Putin is poised to become sort of an international Don Corleone.

    Remember those Yazidi women and children sitting on that mountain getting murdered by ISIS while Barry sat back and did nothing? Well, Vlad won’t be letting stuff like that happen, will he? How about that doctor who led the Americans to Osama bin Laden and is dying in Pakistani prison because Obama won’t raise a finger to save him? The Putinator don’t play dat… Stay tuned as the United States of America gets taught a real lesson in humility by a vastly better player with, quite frankly, a more accurate moral compass. At this point in history, the USA is on the wrong side in everything. All hail the new Leader of the Free World…

    • Very well put I agree with you 100% . Barry Hussein should have been ‘thrown’ out well before his time he has been an embarassment !

  3. hey! Let’s not forget Justin Trudeau who said the solution was to air drop a few thousand parkas on them. After all, Canadians know how to cope with winter conditions better than anyone and that was a few better solution than Harper’s ide of actually fighting back don’t ya know.

  4. Don’t get so attached to Putin, he is doing this out of self interest and trying to become a major player on the world stage, underneath he is still the KGB officer who spent his time on collage campuses arresting kids that thought for themselves. He wants to remain in power in Russia so he is positioning himself as the protector of Russia and of Christendom. You also want to remember that he has done his best to block effective action against Iran.

    Having said that no he won’t let non Moslem people in that region be abused and murdered but that will probably be because he knows that they will make a very powerful militia to fight beside his Russian troops. He wants a base of supporters from that region to give him cover when he refuses to pull out. Since the only opposition to Putin is ISIS it is doubtful if the President that follows Obama will continue arming and supporting them. Granted Hillary helped al Qaeda in Lybia but I have a hard time seeing her winning.

    • All true. Even so:
      He wants to remain in power in Russia so he is positioning himself as the protector of Russia and of Christendom

      Christendom most certainly needs a protector, even if he turns out to be a KGB alumnus.

  5. #3.

    Playing on my mind all day is the reference about riding a horse. I think he does mean as a conqueror and under sharia of old when only muslims could ride a horse. A strange comment to make…..unless he was a syrian cowboy!

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