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3 Replies to “They weren’t Mormons…”

  1. Pauline Hanson, BRAVO! You spoke the absolute truth on this matter, thank you.

    If people want to live in peace and maintain their Western way of life they DON’T import any more Muslims. Their ways are not our ways; their ideologies are utterly incompatible with any other people. Not only must you stop bringing them into your country, you need to DEPORT those that are there now. Yes, take the courageous path and deport them.

    • Good for Hanson. She gets it.
      Islam’s political aspirations are seditious of Western governments, and its religious trappings serve to give it entree into liberal societies, while it bores itself in, grows, and finally topples our “miserable house.”
      It is a virus, killing the West, aided and abetted by the left.
      Hanson should reference Stephen Coughlin — get his name out there for people to learn more.
      Muslims should be deported; mosques should be razed.
      The multiculti meme is a lie intended to defeat our instincts for self-preservation.

  2. I loved the way Hanson cut the anchor off at the ankles when he tried to say that Christianity has violent verses also.

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