The veneer is peeling. Leftism becomes triumphalist about its real ambitions, the destruction of classical civilization: Links 1 on Oct. 4 – 2015

1: An interesting article about how the US and a series of bribes may be what is allowing for a nuclear Iran

Earlier this year the Qatar Awareness Campaign produced an extensive report on the Islamic infiltration of American public life, The Betrayal Papers (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6). The New Coalition of Concerned Citizens is an outgrowth of that earlier project. Its latest report investigates the corrupt process by which the American nuclear deal with Iran was put together. The authors deserve our gratitude for going public with their important research.

House of Bribes: How the United States led the way to a Nuclear Iran

“I think that the American companies will be welcomed in Iran… This is not a game for junior companies, and I call juniors anything below a billion-dollar market cap. This is a big-money game.”

— An American Portfolio Manager, July 2015

Executive Summary: […]

2. Cairo University bans teachers from wearing the face veil

Cairo University has decided to ban on Tuesday its academic staff from wearing face veils, also known as niqab, inside classrooms.

The controversial decision was made by Gaber Nassar, the chairman of the university, ahead of the start of the academic year next week.

“It is not allowed for the academic staff and their assistants in all faculties and institutions to teach in theoretical or practical classes or to attend laboratories or practical trainings while wearing the niqab,” the policy states.

Nassar says the decision was made for the sake of “general welfare” and is meant to “ease communication with students” and “advance the educational process”.

3. Germany: Suspected arson attack hits Thuringia refugee shelter

4. Extremist Muslim group to hold workshops at Deakin University

Islamic Peace Conference

Waseem Razvi speaks at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne. Source: News Corp Australia

An extremist Muslim group are holding workshops at Melbourne’s Deakin University this weekend based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians and violence against women.
5. Good video on Australian muslim who shot an accountant to death as his jihad.

6. Washington Times journalist Todd Wood is the latest to come out with what has been obvious to most of us for quite a while now about President Obama and his real agenda of fundamental transformation of America

7. I made this video a few years ago and post it whenever I get in a discussion with someone about Obama as this moment in 2009 actually should have been enough proof for anyone of Obama’s real ambitions and real sentiments about the American people. Had this been any other president and had the US still had a free press it would have heralded the shortest presidency of modern times.


Thank you Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, M., Oz-Rita, and many more and much more to come.


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  1. In Australia, seeds of Islamic radicalism sown early

    SYDNEY (Reuters) – The Australian government’s focus on national security and the war on terror to tackle Islamic extremism, rather than social cohesion and inclusion, has helped create an environment for radicalized Muslim youth to emerge in disproportionate numbers, experts say.

    Authorities in Australia are grappling with a rise in violence perpetrated by teenagers at home as well as battling to halt the flow of those who are attempting to travel to Syria to fight with Islamic extremists.

    The murder of a police accountant in Sydney on Friday by a boy of Iraqi-Kurdish descent is the latest in a spate of attacks linked to Islamic extremism. Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, 15, was shot and killed by police at the scene.

    “We’re punching above our weight,” Greg Barton, Chair in Global Islamic Politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute said of Australia’s Islamic extremist activity.

    Belying a population of 24 million, with just 2 percent Muslim, and the vast geographical distance between Australia and the Middle East, the disturbing trend of disaffected and violent Muslim teens in a nation known for social stability is perplexing.

    The government’s emphasis on dealing with national security issues and policing is a critical issue, however, says Anne Aly, associate professor at Curtin University.

  2. Germany faces logistical nightmare as refugee inflows hit record

    BERLIN (Reuters) – When Hesham fled Syria in early August with his pregnant wife and baby, he was sure all would be well once he got to Germany. Instead the hope has turned to despair after weeks of waiting to be registered at an overcrowded reception center in Berlin.

    The 26-year-old former chef is one of the hundreds of migrants who crowd around a small screen at the registration office every day, desperately waiting for their number to come up so they can go inside and get a certificate that is the first step in the asylum process.

    Some climb on top of barricades to get a better view while others lie out on the grass surrounded by suitcases and plastic bags which hold their few possessions. When volunteers hand out apples and bananas, scuffles break out.

    “I wish I’d stayed in Syria and not come here,” Hesham said through an interpreter. “I dreamed Germany would be better but it’s so bad. We’ve been sleeping in the cold. Now my baby is sick.”

    What was once a relatively smooth process for new arrivals has turned into a confusing nightmare for many as cities and towns across the country struggle to cope with a surge of refugees from the Middle East.

    A record 800,000 migrants are expected this year. More than 200,000 arrived in September alone.

    As the numbers have risen, registering the newcomers in a timely fashion has become virtually impossible.

  3. The left likes to talk about how they are against big corporations and corruption but are the ones that solicit the bribes and make platy for pay a government policy. As they build this attitude in the businesses they also destroy the idea of patriotism, thus you get corporations around the world bribing US officials to ensure that the Iran nuclear deal goes through so they can make money. This type of short term thinking is typical of the left and is prevalent in business because of the semi monopoly the left has on the educational systems and the entertainment industry. This is the type of thinking the public has been taught is the norm in business and will continue to be the meme use in business while the left has so much control of education and entertainment.

  4. FRANCE – STRASBOURG – Erdogan: Turkey taught world a ‘lesson in humanity’

    Turkey’s president says his country has taught Europe and the world a lesson on humanity by hosting 2 million refugees from Syria and Iraq.

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday accused European nations of “confining refugees into the depth of the Mediterranean” in a reference to refugees who drown while trying to reach Europe.

    He was speaking at a rally in Strasbourg, France, attended by hundreds of Turks, ahead of Turkey’s Nov. 1 elections. The speech was televised live in Turkey.

    Critics accuse Erdogan of organizing rallies in Turkey and Europe to drum up votes for the ruling Justice and Development Party, in breach of laws that require him to be neutral.

    Erdogan is expected to address the migrant crisis with European Union officials in Brussels this week

    Strasbourg Oct 04 2015 – -Huge crowd –

  5. 5. Good video on Australian muslim who shot an accountant to death as his jihad.

    The Good muslim who as his jihad shot an Australian accountant to death on video.

    Will the President and large corporations also invite his family to demonstrate the clock he made?

  6. CNN – Trump: Syrian refugees could launch coup

    John King, Sara Murray, Molly Ball, Jonathan Martin & Manu Raju on Trump’s remark on refugees: ‘this could be one of the great military coups of all time.’

    • God! I can’t stand it! All these lefties can do is invent stupid insults and throw them at Donald Trump, when there is every possibility that The Donald is right. Why do left-wingers always think that an enemy attack is such an utter impossibility? From what I’ve seen, the “refugees” are overwhelmingly young, military-age Muslim males, and as such should not be let into the country en masse, especially without checking them out first. This is the same leftist death-wish that drove them to downplay the threat of Adolf Hitler in the ’30s. Why can’t they see that? Why can’t they ever see that?

      • The left lives in a delusional world that never allows reality to raise its head. Yes the “refugee” could stage a coup, it would be the biggest mistake they ever made but it could be done.

  7. SYRIA – Armed Syrian militants surrender in droves to Daraa Governorate near Jordan border

    Over 450 Syrian militants and 250 criminals wanted by government have laid down their arms and return to peaceful life in the south-west of war-torn country.

    Roughly seven hundred armed militants and criminals surrendered themselves to the local authorities in the Syrian Daraa Governorate that is situated next to the border with Jordan in the last two days, national Syrian Arab News Agency Sana reported.

    Hundreds of militants and other law offenders decided to hand themselves over to authorities under the terms of a national reconciliation program.

    According to media reports, militants have surrendered their arms to law enforcement, including large numbers of machine guns, automatic weapons and sniper rifles.

    The brightest example of the reconciliation program’s success, which was started by the Syrian government, occurred in the city of Homs in the west of the country in 2014. Over 1,500 militants, who had seized the city center, yielded themselves to authorities that time.

    The program provides citizens with the opportunity to go through rehabilitation to start a peaceful life if they lay down their arms and stop fighting.

    A full scale war has been waging in Syria since 2011. According to UN statistical data, the conflict has claimed the lives of more than 220,000 people. Various militant groups declared war on the legitimate Syrian government, the most notorious being the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra jihadist groups.
    Over 450 Militants Surrender to the Syrian Security Forces in Dara’a; Nusra Leader Killed in Busra Al-Sham

    On Saturday morning, the Syrian Security Forces inside the provincial capital of the Dara’a Governorate were surprised by the huge line of militants from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that were preparing to surrender themselves to the state government in exchange for an amnesty hearing offered by a civilian tribunal.

    According to a military source inside Dara’a City, over 450 militants from the Free Syrian Army and another 250 people wanted by governmental authority have turned themselves into the Syrian Security Forces after an activist from the rebel group delivered a message, which specifically stated their intentions to surrender to the state government if they would be offered an amnesty hearing in exchange.

    The Syrian Security Forces complied with the request and on Friday; this led to the Free Syrian Army militants pouring into a checkpoint to deliver their weapons the checkpoint guards in order to turn themselves in per the agreement.

    Meanwhile, in eastern Dara’a, the Syrian Air Force struck the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and their allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) at the ancient city of Busra Al-Sham, killing a number of enemy combatants, including the emir (leader) of Jabhat Al-Nusra that was entrenched with his fighters near the Al-Sweida border

  8. 52 Saudi clerics, scholars call to battle Russian forces in Syria

    Fifty two Saudi inciters, both academics and clerics, have called on the public to “hurry” to Syria where they should be fighting Russian forces.

    The clerics, some of which are members of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, called on “all those who are able, and outside of Saudi Arabia, to answer the calls of jihad” and to fight alongside one of the extremist groups facing Russian forces.

    According to experts, by issuing this statement, inciters seek to implicate Saudi, Gulf, and Muslim youths in the fight against Russian forces, mirroring Al-Qaeda’s and the Taliban’s recruitment of young fighters during the Afghan-Soviet war.

    The statement also called for Syrian opposition fighters to “unify their front” and urged those with capabilities to fight and expertise to remain in Syria and not leave.

    The statement comes after the Saudi Ministry of Interior raided a house where its residents manufactures bombs in a residential area in Riyadh. The house was run by a Syrian man with the help of a Filipina woman who prepared and sowed explosive belts.

    The statement also comes days after authorities found and detained Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) cells, mostly comprised of militants who returned from areas of conflict.

    The invitation to join the conflict conflicts with a Saudi decree announced in March 2014 which listed ISIS and the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudi Hezbollah, the Houthi group, AQIP, and Al-Qaeda in Yemen and Iraq.

    The decree also criminalizes taking part in combat outside of Saudi Arabia, or belonging to extremist groups or groups designated as such by the regional or international arena.

    Some of the clerics who signed the statement previously issued fatwas on the events in Syria and providing guidance to fighters under extremist groups in the embattled country.
    A relationship with the son of Abdullah Azam

    The direct relationship between a number of the signatories to the statement without Abdullah al-Azam, who is the son of Palestinian Abdullah al-Azam living now in Jordan, was also noticeable.

    Al-Hazifa did not hesitate to show its direct relationships with the fighting factions in Syria and its attempts of making reconciliation between them. He even interfered to release the mother of one of the female broadcasters in an Arab channel in rural Damascus after it was arrested by the Army of Islam. He said: “If there was in any way a bypass from the Army of Islam’s side, I am ready to fix it and would provide any other service you might require from the Army.”

    Through the follow-up of one of the signatories, Dr. Mohammed Musa al-Sherriff, the size of the special relationship he has with one of the heirs of Abdullah Azam who was the professor al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden appears too.

    On the other side, the International Union of Muslim Scholars released a similar statement calling for “the support of the fighting in Syria and providing it with money and any other means of cooperation each according to his abilities and jihad spirit as support can be provided too with money and prayers.”

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