‘Refugees’ boozing it on way to Sweden

An original Translation by Liberty Dk.

From this Swedish webzine

To whom do we open our hearts? Vulnerable women and children fleeing from terror and war, or grown men celebrating with alcohol prior to their arrival in Sweden? Nils Eklund was on the ferry between Germany and Sweden and is critical of the media’s image of asylum chaos.

They looked like they were having a great time, he told “Fria Tider” about the partying asylum seekers.
Friday evening Nils Eklund was on the ferry M/S Sassnitz between Sassnitz in Germany to the Swedish town of Trelleborg. On board there were, according to ferry employees, about 300 illegal migrants on their way to seek asylum in Sweden.

At least 90 percent were men, or rather big young men between the age of 20-35. I only saw one family. A veiled woman with two children he tells Fria Tidor. He continued:
The men were very well dressed in the latest fashion. They had mobile phones which they were either using or that they were recharging. They did not lack money for neither food nor drink in the restaurant, nor for purchasing items from the onboard duty free store. They looked like they were having a great time, sort of what you’d expect from a class on a school trip.

Eklund says that he briefly got into conversation with some young Afghan men in the 20-25 age range who had provisioned themselves in the duty free shop.
I think it was a bottle of whiskey they were enjoying. They had small plastic shot glasses. And they were snacking on things like chips and cheese puffs, he says.
Eklund said that he didn’t think that they looked like refugees who had come through a rough time or who had suffered any sort of hardship. He added that quite a few of the Swedish passengers were offended.

The Swedish people should know who it is that is coming to our country. “I hope they send them all back”! one person on board exclaimed.

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    • This 1926 Eugenics Exhibit Sums up What the Elite Think about You and Your Family
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      You see, the eugenics movement — which steadily gained popularity for the first nearly 40 years of the 20th century and is the direct reason for forced sterilization laws implemented across America — sought to “breed out” people the elite that ultimately funded and promoted it (the Carnegie Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.) determined were genetically defective “riff raff” by way of pseudoscience parading as science.

      Victims of eugenics included minorities, the children of Caucasians who interbred with minorities, poor people, people with physical disabilities or who were considered “feeble-minded,” those who were deemed “delinquent,” and really, the list goes on and on (the slope got more and more slippery over time). Eugenics only disappeared from public view when the PR disaster of World War II forced it to. Guess it looked pretty bad after the Nazis began so heavily promoting it.

      Aside from the Eugenics Record Office set up at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, the movement would train and send field workers around the country to take family pedigrees and compile data used to argue who had good breeding or not and who deserved the right to reproduce or not. They set up exhibits at county fairs for “public education” on eugenic matters. They would even sponsor contests called “Better Baby” and “Fitter Family” at these fairs to judge “human stock” the way other organizations attending county fairs judged other things like prize pigs and heirloom tomatoes.
      Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/10/this-1926-eugenics-exhibit-sums-up-what-the-elite-think-about-you-and-your-family/#zPyaJgl6JuFPPKBb.99

    • OMG! I grew up in Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor. I graduated from CSH High School and went to summer camp at the labs. Several of my friends have worked at the labs as adults.
      The labs are probably best known for the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick.
      I had no idea that eugenics was orchestrated from there and I bet 99.99% of the people in the area don’t know that either.

      • The left suppresses all history that makes them look bad, In many ways the abortion mills are continuing the work of the eugenics movement, Their efforts are removing the genes of those stupid enough to go to them from the gene pool. And don’t forget that almost all Planned Parenthood officers are withing walking distance from the black neighborhoods.

    • The population is 300,000,000 not 270,000,000 aand the 270,000,000 million guns are only those the government knows about, many states don’t require registration so the number is really higher.All invaders do so at their own risk.

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    The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that 10 Islamic State positions in Syria had been attacked in the past 24 hours, including militant training camps in Raqqa and Idlib provinces. Russian strikes have broken “the management and logistics of the terrorist organization” and caused “significant damage to the infrastructure used for preparation of terrorist attacks,” the ministry said on its website. Laser-guided and concrete-piercing ordnance had been used, it said.

    The Russian military’s direct entry into Syria’s civil war last week in support of its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, has stirred anger in the U.S., Europe and Middle East, where leaders accuse Moscow of targeting western-backed rebel forces opposed to Assad as well as the jihadists of Islamic State.

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    He was speaking days after Russian jets, based in western Syria, launched air strikes against targets Moscow has identified as Islamic State bases, but which Assad’s opponents say disproportionately hit rival, foreign-backed insurgents.

    “The chances of this alliance’s success are big, not small,” Assad said, adding that failure would mean “we face the destruction of the whole region”.

    He said a campaign of Western and Arab air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria had been counterproductive and terrorism had spread both in terms of territory and new recruits.

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    For Russian President Vladimir Putin and his generals, the definition of “terrorist,” when it comes to the increasingly turbulent Syrian civil war, is simple: anyone who uses violence to try to topple President Bashar Assad.

    Assad is a dictator, but he’s Moscow’s dictator. Just as the late Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein was Washington’s dictator, for decades, before President George W. Bush turned against him and launched an ill-fated March 2003 invasion whose consequences are still playing out more than a dozen years later across the Middle East, from Syria and Iraq to Libya and Iran.

    For President Barack Obama and his top military aides, it’s becoming more complicated by the day to say just who is a terrorist in Syria.

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    The striking photographs were taken by Johnny Milano for his project The Hills of Pima, capturing the men’s 24-hour operation which sees them monitor the border, watch carefully for immigrants and stop cross-country criminals in their tracks.

    They look like soldiers – and some of them are veterans – but many are or were private security experts, Mr Milano told Feature Shoot.

    This means that they do not necessarily have the power to stop people attempting to make into the U.S., but this does not stop them from taking action.

    Technically speaking anyone can perform a citizen’s arrest, but illegal immigration and human trafficking are not day-to-day offences.

    ‘I think “authorization” becomes a complicated term in this sense, Mr Milano explained. ‘It becomes complicated because although the state may give legal authority to do so, this is actually an international policy issue concerning inter-country borders, not something like a bank robbery.’

    The men consider the gradual wave of Mexicans and others crossing the border as ‘an invasion’ – similar to many of their tours with the US Army.

  6. I have listened to the interview with a Slawomir Ozdyk on the Polish radio about the situation in Germany . Mr. Ozdyk is independent researcher, security specialist and journalist and he lives in Germany.
    First what he told is that the Germans have a phobia about Nazism and Nazi, whenever anyone says “you are Neo-nazi” the person stops talking, stops expressing his views. The policemen, journalists and politicians talk differently on the record, and differently off the record. So what one see and hear on the media is different from the reality. The German society as well as the municipalities and the boroughs, that take orders from higher ups regarding “refugees,” don’t know how to impelment these orders. Berlin is telling municipalities “we take”, “we accommodate” but the boroughs/municipalities do not know where, how, and how to pay for it. Most immigrants at the moment are accommodated in tent camps/cities which have to be removed. He and the journalists from Poland visited these camps. Although they have seen some women with children, but the majority were males, around 20-25 years old, wearing Nike shoes, shirts from Prada with i-phones in their hands, many of them had very expensive watches, so expensive that many Germans could not afford to buy them.
    Mr. Ozdyk thinks that most of the “refugees” are in reality economic migrants, but he also thinks that majority of them are people who were sent by ISIS to Europe. He thinks so because ISIS brags that among the migrants are many ISIS’s soldiers. .
    German and Austrian security found many ISIS propaganda men among the people waiting for asylum. In Berlin, asylum seekers get food not only from the municipality but also from Salafi people living in Germany. In Berlin’s Centre for Asylum Seekers Salafi distribute food quite openly, they even told people over there, that they are giving food only to Muslim males, not to women and not to non-Muslims. The people working there asked them to leave, however, notice, Salafis got food only for a Muslim males, for them women and children were worthless.
    In Germany, according to Mr. Ozdyk, there are two worlds, German world and Turkish, Muslim worlds. There is no multiculturalism. Muslims in Germany very rarely call the police or go to court, all their affairs, their problems with each other, are resolved by so called “justices of peace”. Justices of peace are usually older persons, experienced, highly esteemed in their community, and Muslims are going to them, not to secular, German, courts. There are also some Arabic clans in Germany, in Berlin. These clans are really so called extended families and they are very large, for example clan abu Chaka (abou chaker) counts 1500 members and clan kalmiri (could be al Miri, I could not figure out the name) have 13,000 members. So if some Arabic clans fight each other, they fight among each other on the street of Berlin with knives, blackjacks (clubs) and other weapons. Police try to ease situation but they can’t because there are more fighters than the policemen, so these kind of things are usually solved by “justice of peace.” Police can not act, can not take people to court, because there are no witnesses.
    The other problem with young Germans of Turkish origin, Mr. Ozdyk says, is that they usually have no good education, they speak mixture of two languages — Turkish and German– but they can not speak good German and as a result they can not get a job. In consequence they are very easily radicalized.
    He also mentioned one very interesting thing, according to him, there was a French research which said that 99% Muslim children in France refused to take part in minute of silence after 9/11, and terrorists acts in London and in Spain. That research, he said, was classified but got declassified in 2013 or 2014.
    (the interview was in a Polish radio WNET)

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