Citizens of the Czech Republic and neighboring states discuss forming militias, leaving EU etc.

This was inevitable as it is clearly necessary as it becomes obvious that the EU and US is attempting to destroy the nation state and create a Eurasia which will be predominantly muslim an certainly not culturally or legally or historically European nation states. I hope this small band of brave people succeed.

The translator added a few things I didn’t put in the video:

The signs do complement the speech to complete the picture.
Silesia is a nation that has been a bit squeezed and straggles the border between Poland and Moravia – yummy food in the extreme.
This is the first bit of Silesian nationalism I have seen in decades (apart from cooking shows) and the Silesian flag seems to have been updated and modernized.  Interesting development, to say the least…

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  1. The only way to save their nations is to exit the EU dictatorship.
    Under the pretext of the glories of economic prosperity, the EU has usurped absolute political power from every member nation. Those glories, of course, were tailor-made to advantage the elite, to enhance and cement both their power and their wealth, while impoverishing the man on the street (and his family); said impoverishment included the following: the theft of money (labor), the theft of culture, the theft of a reasonable expectation of security of your person as well as your home, and the betrayal of your race — yes race. You are to be extinguished for the glory of your masters. Because YOU are host they must devour to achieve their glory.

  2. The idea will spread, ironically the place where the formation of militias will be easiest is in the former Warsaw Pact nations, the use to be free west will resist the idea of people doing anything to defend themselves to the bitter end.

    I predict a thriving black market business in firearms and ammo in the very near future.

  3. You can not enslave a free man, the worse you can do is kill him. Robert Heinlein

    An armed man is a free man, the rest are slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on.

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