The Balkinization of the world due to islam continues. Pockets of resistance form. Links 3 on Oct. 3 – 2015

1. More grotesque media manipulation to fit the compulsory narrative. This time by CNN and about the most recent school massacre by a mulatto who selected against Christians as targets. In case there is anyone left who has not seen this 12 min. clip, here is Bill Whittle explaining exactly what the native is, how it is enforced and gives solid evidence of giant TV media doing it to the purpose.

2. Video of a few hundred Czechs protesting islam and its current hijra into the West.

(sent to translator. Will do if its anything worthwhile)

3. Afghani found Jesus after raping 14-year-old Swede

-In 2013 Mohamed brutally raped a Swedish girl

-He was then sentenced to deportation by Falu District Court

-Converted to Christianity in custody; will now receive welfare and permanent residency in Sweden because his new faith “can’t be practiced in Afghanistan”.

21-year-old Mohamed from Afghanistan was sentenced to deportation for a brutal rape of a 14-year-old Swedish girl. But in custody he claims that he converted to Christianity and was therefore quickly granted permanent residency because Christians risk persecution in his home country.

4. “Palestinian” Muslims launch fireworks, wave flags to celebrate brutal jihad murder of Israeli couple

(Israel may launch a few fireworks of their own)

“Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…” — Barack Obama, March 21, 2013

Fatah celebrates murder

4. International petition to show support for Hungary.

5. Palestinian kills two in Jerusalem, then shot dead

6. Enjoy this wonderful story of one Romanian hero’s triumph over Islam, leftist corruption and a mega mosque in a land famous for resisting Islamic invasion. 

(I am working on getting the video titled in that story)


My sincere apologies. I posted this before it was properly vetted. 

7. Check out this non-MSM datums about the Oregon shooter

(Click link to see full size)

And a great article on the pink washing of a 1/2 black islam sympathizing mass killer.



Thank you M., Krishan B, Wrath of Khan, and many many more, Its very busy, and I am losing track a bit today but know Im grateful to all.

There is more to come most certainly. A couple of very interesting videos. One from Romanian and one from the Czech republic.


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7 Replies to “The Balkinization of the world due to islam continues. Pockets of resistance form. Links 3 on Oct. 3 – 2015”

  1. (google translate)
    Clinics complain of burden of refugees
    The sheer number of asylum seekers and their partly pathetic health burden on hospitals. Concern are long since overcome believed disease and cultural differences.

    Hospitals see through the increasing number of refugees is increasingly under pressure. “In hospitals patients are increasingly presented with pathologies that already were considered resolved in Germany, such as scabies,” said Marc Schreiner, an expert on international relations of the German Hospital Federation. “These disorders have to be reliably diagnosed, that’s a challenge.” They also state that the appropriate medication in most cases are not available and would have to be only worried. In cases of highly infectious tuberculosis as it is very costly to accommodate isolated patients.
    In addition, there are also great communication problems between physicians and refugees. “The hospitals interact with the interpreter’s fees in advance and have significant difficulty getting their expenses are reimbursed by municipalities or provinces,” says Schreiner. Also cultural barriers to overcome: Thus Muslim men sometimes refused to be treated by a (female)doctor.

  2. “This time by CNN and about the most recent school massacre by a mulatto who selected against Christians as targets.”

    A television is static. It needs you to watch in order to earn money. Radio was initially wholesome entertainment and then in the 1960s it became shock-jock to compete with TV.
    TV started wholesome too, entertainment and news was news. Fascination however, has become the only way to grab your attention. It has polarized to shutting down either hemisphere: Watch Fox news you become a buddha of detachment, or CNN a Jesus of involved compassion. They both have The Narrative and will not let you be shocked out of a TV life existence by a little thing called reality. Fascism, Islam and Communism are about unconsciousness. Get your head out of whatever you get into.

    Television has become the informer, decision-maker, pacifier and permitted-sex rater. That sort of power, attracts people with the need to fulfill it – the inferior made great.

    Christians scorned, are again like Jews the centrally-targeted ” People of the Book”, those who actually have read it; and not those buck-dancing moon-shines leaping about in ecstasy because their ministers yet again reveal their own prophecies.

    Mulatto. It has become that word to describe the Nigger for Blacks and Trash for Whites. When someone’s existence becomes based solely upon the currency of their skin. Resentment of inferiority has become pride. It was not their fault because Whites/Men/Straights/Christians/someone took it away their collective-dignity in the first place. Circular reasoning.

    In each and every case, there has not been a man in the home. Those absent mummy-phobes or hanging around mummy-needers.

    They see the universe as dull, and simply “where no one has gone before,” whereas it is really exciting, “where no man has gone before.” These offspring of barter-sex are mama’s boys, the frustrated soulless computer-gamers, who communists stir up as dhimmi-socialists and keep perpetually outraged. When they become lower than the very dirt on their hated parent’s shoes, this is the time they will kill, for nothing is lost and everything by faith to gain.

    Islam is raising its armies in a morally weak and flabby America, and so are the communists. It is for those with the money to place their bets. Not easy for everyone in a polarized dual-mind world.

  3. 1.
    Reports are coming out that shooter in Oregon did not target just Christians, but rather everybody who believed in God and afterlife and his intent was to get them painlessly to heaven and join them there.

    If this is true, this was not an anti-Christian hate-crime but a religiously motivated love-crime by somebody who truly and honestly believed in a ‘better afterlife’ and rushed there, bringing a few friends along.

    • I want more reports then one before I will believe he wasn’t singling out Christians because of hatred. For this to have been done as a favor to the murdered kids would be a very sick and bastardized version of religion.

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