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10 Replies to “More law abiding and rent paying Germans evicted to give homes to Border Crashers”

  1. This is treasonous and despicable, to toss German citizens out into the street to make way for folks who will be an eternal financial burden on the state. The ‘migrants ‘should be housed in tents, warehouses or many of the abandoned factories in the eastern part of the country. Here’s one better why not put the ‘migrants’ to work refurbishing their new quarters?

  2. The mayor has decided to force the German poor to become homeless people who may well turn into the next refugees. This is a act of ultimate stupidity.

  3. There are numerous reports right now about such stories… The Bundeswehr even had to move into tents to let asylum seekers live in their dorms. People are being evicted, schools are being closed with all but 15 minutes notice…

    And meanwhile in Sweden:

    In 1992, the “Threat and Risk Assessment Commission” established that the government should have the option to seize property, especially summer homes, from the Swedish people in a time of crisis.


  4. If I were forced out of my apartment to make room for a group of Muzrats I would bring in a large group of pigs and let them crap all over the place. There would be bacon hanging from the light fixtures and a large Israeli flag painted on the living room floor! This whole thing is outrageous and disgusting!

    • Pretty sure you would go to jail for that. They can make up any charges they want now. Rule of law is over. They make it up as they need to. Look what the did to Orban who tried to obey European law. they are crushing him for not breaking it.

      • The depths of German guilt knows no bounds. I see not a clearer explanation. But this guilt now exceeds all practical self punishment because it will result in ANOTHER AND GREATER HOLOCAUST once the migrant jihadists reach critical mass. Therefore Guilt is a weakness from which Hungary awoke, and Germany must yet, for it is serves nothing but vanity, and the enemy.

        Tell me if I’m wrong and how.

          • Not so much guilt remains to be expiated there.

            Russian friends tell me how the Soviets raped every female of any age when they moved in. Even concentration camp survivors described how the Russians settled that hash.

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