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8 Replies to “Orban speaks truth to madness”

  1. Excellent speech, in the main. One thing that was barely touched upon was the ejection of those many illegals already in Europe. If not repatriated, they at least must be moved out of Europe to a safe place where they can await lawful application and scrupulous vetting of their background and intentions.

    • I think events will provide for that, if I am right several years from now the Moslems in the west that remain will be running for Islamic nations.

  2. Just reported the migrant caught by Hungarian police for inciting the riot at the Serb border last week was caught in the Hungarian town of Gyor, some distance away. This Syrian national had a valid Shengen permit but for some reason chose to lead the attack against the Hungarian border.

  3. A great speech. However, unless I missed it, there is not one mention that this migration is an Islamic invasion on a massive scale. Our leaders are still afraid of calling a spade a spade. Even the Islamist are telling us that they are coming, that they will take over, that they will convert us all and that they will destroy the way of life of western civilization. The problem is much more than the fact that the European Union is failing in its responsibilities. At least Hungary is trying to protect its border.

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